Sep 17, 2007

School Update

Friday we did our first spelling test. To give a little background information here the school he used to go to did 15 spelling words for 3rd graders. They asked Jeremiah to do 3! This is because of his "handicap" that affects his legs not his brain. They didn't want to stress him too much. So last year we started homeschool and tried the 15 and boom j did great. This year they do 20. One of his words was pineapple so not only 20 but a little hard. This year I decided to do an actual spelling test. Friday was the first one.

Jeremiah missed 4!!! That's it! Yep that means he got 16 Right! I'm so proud of him. When I gave the 4 he missed again he only missed 2 of those. We yelled and wohooed and made a big deal about finishing his first week in school. He was so proud of himself.

Today we started week 2. I'm one proud teacher/mom.

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  1. Congratulations both of you!!

    Go J!!


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