Apr 30, 2017

Vacation Day #10

Today was our first day going to the parks finally. We went to Hollywood Studios (which will probably soon just be called Star Wars Land). Jeremiah kept asking Is it time yet? He is the most patient kid in the world so I knew he was just so excited. The last time we were here they didn't have a lot of Star Wars stuff. He has been following on YouTube all the new things they have been adding. So he was looking forward to it so much! We got into the park and our first impression was...
A parade of Storm Troopers. We had one happy little kiddo. He was all smiles all day. The parade ended at center stage and they did a little performance. We stuck around for the larger performance where a lot of different characters came out. Jeremiah's favorite was among them...
Boba Fett! Since Jeremiah was wearing a Boba shirt and was right in the front. Boba even pointed at Jeremiah and gave him a thumbs up. Again Jeremiah exploded with happiness. At the end of the whole show he did the I'll be watching you thing and Jeremiah freaked out again haha. He was so excited. He wasn't the only one excited...
My hubby has been a Star Wars geek since birth. So they were both fun to watch today. We got to meet Chewbacca, , Kylo Ren, and BB8. Also a Jawa tried to trade for Jeremiah's chair.
We also had a character meal so we got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.
We ended the day with the Star Wars firework show at Hollywood Studios...
It was unbelievable. What an end to the day! Now it's midnight and we are all exhausted. Time to go to sleep!

Apr 28, 2017

Vacation Day #9

We made it!!!! Not only the three of us but Fred made it safely too. Wohoo. No problems at all with his flights. He arrived about 20 mins after we did. Our travel day was okay. A lot of traffic!!! But we made it. This time around we are staying in a new to us Disney Hotel. It's called the Grand Floridian and it's GORGEOUS!

Here are a few pictures I found of the property online...
The black arrow shows our building. Sago Cay. One of 7 buildings other than the convention hall.

Here is a picture of the lobby I found online...
See what I mean? Gorgeous!! The other hotel we normally stay at was going to be more expensive than this beautiful hotel so we decided to stay here this time. Our room is really nice too. Here is a picture I found online of the room so our luggage isn't in the way haha...
Magic Kingdom is even out our window. So tonight we were able to watch the fireworks right out our own window. Love it!!

Anyway our park tickets start tomorrow so today we ate a lunch here at our hotel. Our room was ready at about 3pm so we got everything moved in and settled. We loaded up on the Disney buses that are just so AWESOME. No worry about traffic. No worry about Jeremiah being allowed. The last time we were here at Disney was 2 years ago. We've heard how of course so many things have changed. We used to enjoy Downtown Disney. It's a restaurant shopping area that you don't have to have a park ticket to go to. So today we planned to go down there and eat our big dinner in celebration of being here finally. We heard they changed the name to Disney Springs. Wonder why? Then a gentlemen here at our hotel told us we won't believe the changes there. Yep. We got off the bus and was just SHOCKED. It's almost completely different. It's really high class now. Expensive shops and lots and lots and LOTS of restaurants. We had a blast. Had to stop at the Lego store but I did really good and didn't buy anything. Then we saw they opened a new Star Wars store...
One happy kiddo stopped there and bought 2 shirts and a book. He is so glad they are doing more and more Star Wars stuff now. Even more is opening in 2019 so I guess we'll be forced to come back. Darn haha.

For our dinner we ate at T-Rex...
If you haven't heard of it it's a lot like Rain Forest Cafe only with dinosaurs. The food is CRAZY good. So we ate ourselves miserable. Now we are trying to rest our feet. Tomorrow starts our park times and believe me it's a lot of walking!!! Only time I wish I had a fitbit haha.

Apr 27, 2017

Vacation Day #8

Today we hit the road again. This time we stopped at St Augustine. They have a lighthouse that we needed to check off our list...
They also have a maritime museum so we had fun looking around and Jeremiah was forced to do some learning. They had some really neat interactive exhibits...
After that we headed about 45 miles away and found a hotel for the night. Tomorrow we head to the Happiest Place on Earth better known as Disney World. Fred will be flying in. I will be nervous till he's safe on the ground. I hate flying not only for myself but anyone I care about. So please send good vibes/prayers his way.

Apr 26, 2017

Vacation Day #7

We aren't the only ones that like watching the freighters. These sea gulls were lined up waiting too haha.
Waiting paid off. We got to see several more. Our count is up to 22 total now.

Today is a special day too. Even though I just can't believe it...It's Jeremiah's 19th birthday...
He got this awesome metal figure made out of springs and things. So cool!! We spent our last day here shopping along the river walk. We got a lot of souvenirs and of course more t-shirts haha.  We ate lunch at a fun place called Spanky's. Then tonight we went on a lovely dinner cruise...
It was really good food and they had a live band. They even did a shout out to Jeremiah for his birthday. So cool.
This is our hotel from the water. Such a neat building. One thing I really love about the Savannah area is all the beautiful architecture. We are so glad we had the extra time to explore this area more.  It's been a fantastic time. Tomorrow we hit the road again and move to another stop over place.

Apr 25, 2017

Vacation Day #6

Today we found a historical trolley tour. It was a 90 minute tour of the area and we got to learn all kinds of neat history while at it.
Mom and Jeremiah on the trolley. 3 actors jumped aboard during the trip too. One was a civil war soldier. Him and his brother were signed up on opposite sides of the civil war. They were fighting in their backyard before the war even started about which side was right. They ended up killing one another during the argument. He said it was too bad. His name wouldn't be remembered and he didn't even get the uniform before he died.
One lady was a Southern Belle and she told a story about raising her 6 kids and remodeling her home while her husband was out of town. The last was an African American woman to talk about how they brought so much to the US with recipes and culture. I loved her beautiful African accent.
Then we walked and walked and walked. Seriously it was 10 blocks along the river walk. Then through a hotel to the street level. Then several blocks away from the river. We found it no problem though...Paula Deen's restaurant it's called The Lady and Son's and yummy it was delicious and worth the walk. Nearby her restaurant is an area called City Market. It has some restaurants and a lot of art stores. So we enjoyed walking through there and seeing everything. We found some postcards and Jeremiah a t-shirt. Then we started the walk back.
Picture of the river walk area from the hotel we walk through to take the elevator up and down levels. We love the river walk area. See all the little stores along the right side. Lots of fun stuff you just can't live without of course.
This sign has some information on the waterfront area. On the way back we bought some t-shirts from Mom and me. Jeremiah found some civil war postcards he really liked. It was a long day but we really enjoyed it. Now to rest our achy feet. Tomorrow is our last day here in town. Plus it's Jeremiah's 19th birthday!!

As of this post we have seen 15 freighters now. So cool!!!

Apr 24, 2017

Vacation Day #5

This morning we had strong storms while we were getting ready to leave our hotel but after that it finally stopped and we had no problems getting here. We arrived safely in Savannah, Georgia. We are going to be here for 3 nights. We've been here before but only for a short day trip from another area. This time we found a hotel right in the thick of it.

Our hotel is right on the water and we had hopes to watch freighters go by. It's the 4th largest port for container ships in the US and the 2nd largest port on the east coast. We love watching freighters so we made sure to be on the riverfront. Guess what we got to see right as we carried our luggage into our room...
We walked a long long way today but we had fun. Jeremiah found a scary haunted Civil War story book so he's happy. We found a few other goodies but mostly walked to see what all we wanted to see. We ended up walking 10 blocks one way and then 10 blocks back. Lunch was at the oldest house in Georgia. They made it into a delicious southern cooking buffet and it was really yummy. Then we came back to rest. We went up to our hotel's roof. They have a bar, restaurant and pool up there. We ordered a nice dinner and enjoyed listening to a wonderful local singer playing guitar and another hotel employee playing a harmonica. It was lovely.
Then another couple told us another freighter was coming in soon.
As of me writing this post we've seen 5 now. They are so amazing. They are so HUGE it's hard to explain to someone who's never seen one. Just think those are semi containers and look at how many there is! So I'm very thankful our hotel is where it is. We are making lots of plans for our next two days here. So I'll be back tomorrow to share more.

Apr 23, 2017

Vacation Day #4

Today was another travel day. We had 4 and half hours today. 2 big cities. Lots of rain and traffic. But we survived. We only have a little over an hour to get to where we want to be tomorrow but our bodies were so happy to be out of the van finally we were really glad we stopped. Now tomorrow we will have a short drive and be able to start our fun exploring Savannah, GA. Finally I'll have a reason to use my camera haha. So stay tuned. Fun coming soon. Now I'm off to relax.

Apr 22, 2017

Vacation Day #3

Some of my readers have seen me post about the Myrtle Beach PALs Retreat I attend in October. I've went I think 7 times now. I've met some wonderful ladies. One of them is Gerri. She has a very sweet husband that just loves his wife and it's so sweet to watch them together. I've grown very close to both of them. So did Mom and Jeremiah. Since we are always at PALs together. They live nearby Mount Airy so when we were planning our trip I wondered if we would be able to meet up.

It worked out to get together today for lunch. They came to our hotel at noon. We sat in the lobby for a long time catching up and story telling. We went to eat and ended up sitting there until 5pm. What a fun visit. We sure never struggle to have anything to talk about. It was like visiting with family. They even paid for our dinner. What a treat.

Now we are relaxing and tomorrow we will hit the road again.

Apr 21, 2017

Vacation Day #2

Today we arrived in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It was a little over 4 hours but it's through the mountains. So we were very happy to get here safe. We didn't have any problems at least. A little rain but not bad enough to bother us. We also got to stop at the Tamarack which is an artisan center in West Virginia we love stopping at on our way through this way. It's way way overpriced things but makes a great stop for lunch and stretching our legs.

We made it here at about 3pm. We have stayed here multiple times but never went to the downtown area. A friend who lives nearby told us we can't miss it. When you check in at this hotel there is a sign that says Welcome to Mayberry. The first time we stayed here I had no idea why. This is Andy Griffith's hometown and the downtown area is where The Andy Griffith Show started to be filmed before they moved it to California. So they have the town all setup as a replica of the show.

We found this little museum that was in honor of Andy's life. Here is a picture of Mom and Jeremiah ready to explore the museum...
After that we found this tour that took us around town and showed us a lot more of the history of the area. We just LOVE doing these kinds of things because we learn so much and see places we wouldn't see without it. Today was no different except...
We rode in a replica cop car from the show for the tour. Right before this picture Jeremiah was handcuffed for stealing chickens. But then he was uncuffed and got to ride shot gun and be a deputy for the tour. We learned so much. I didn't know this is the Granite city. We got to pull in and see the huge open granite mine they have here...
The granite from this very mine has been used in 12 building in Washington DC. So many memorials, monuments, and many many other things. The list was so long. The one that really stood out to us was the Wright Brothers Memorials which we've seen in Kill Devils Hills OBX North Carolina one of my favorite places in the world. He said the granite runs under the whole town.

We were so thankful we found this fun tour. Jeremiah had a blast. We got to our hotel just in time for more rain. But we were already settled in for the night. We are actually staying here for two nights. Tomorrow we are getting to see friends we normally only get to see once a year. They live nearby and we are getting together for lunch.

Apr 20, 2017

Vacation Day #1

We survived our first day on the road. We loaded up and headed out a little after 9am. There was rain all around us but we lucked out. Just had a few drops of rain a little before we got here to our hotel. Then it cleared up for us to carry our luggage in. How nice of it. Severe storms behind us. No traffic problems though today so it was definitely a successful travel day.

This is a hotel we stay at every time we head this way. Mostly because it has my favorite pasta/pizza place next door. So I know what I'm eating tonight!! It's a delicious dish of spaghetti with pepperoni on top and melted cheese. Yum! No pictures to share today. Don't worry that will change in a few days.

Apr 17, 2017

Monday Update

I'm so busy getting ready for vacation. Don't forget this. Hurry do this laundry so I can pack it. What stitching to take. Ahhh only 3 days left!!! But guess what?

I finally finished my April Snapshot...
(7) April 16th, 2017
April Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Converted to DMC
Started Apr 5th. Took 8 Days.
I really wanted to get the April section of the Under the Sea SAL done but I'm sure that won't happen. I will totally be taking it with me and really hope to squeeze in some stitching time in the evenings when possible. But memory making and tourist stuff is always more important. Plus blogging to share our fun things with all the people who love traveling along with us. So stay tuned. We hit the road Thursday morning.

Apr 16, 2017

April Gifted Gorgeousness

The wonderful Jo yet again is gathering us together. This time it's for Gifted Gorgeousness. This is a fun SAL that we share on the 15th of the month (oops) either gifts we are stitching for others or things we have received as gifts. This year I'm working really hard on a gift for my Grandpa. It's our family crest. Here is where I was last check in...
I was able to put only 4 days into it this time around. My life is really starting to get crazy busy now. But progress is progress. Here is where I got on the top banner at least...
I do have a gift received to post. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway posted on Rhona's Blog.
I saw she was giving this chart away and I love dandelions so I entered. Plus the saying is just beautiful. I had no idea I would get an adorable card, fun floss, awesome charms, and a neat floss cutter necklace pendant. Now I just need to find time to stitch this fun chart up.

Apr 14, 2017

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

The wonderful Jo has gathered us together again for another fun blog hop. Today is the Easter Treasure Hunt. We hop around looking for letters to make a phrase. I don't know what the phrase will be but I know it will be fun. Hopping through blogs and see all the wonderful posts along the way. So let's get to why you are here...

First the letter you need...
That's a fun Easter themed G I found on image search. How cute. Now you need to know where to go next...

Last I have a fun Easter themed piece of stitching to share with you. I was encouraged by these fun blog hops to stitch something seasonal. I found this fun Easter piece in the Winter 2015 Issue of Stoney Creek Magazine. I stitched it up on 36ct ivory evenweave. I just love the way it turned out and I'm so thankful for the push to do a fun Easter piece. Here it is...

Enjoy hopping along the blog hop. Happy Easter!

Apr 10, 2017

Monday Update

Sorry for my not posting. We are busy busy. 10 sleepies until we leave for vacation and a lot to do. I did finally do some stitching. I had several days where I just didn't stitch. Then I finally made a few days of progress on the Family Crest again. Getting more and more close to another page finish so I will show a picture when I complete the page I'm working on.

Wednesday I got started on the April Snapshot. Here is what it will look like...
Here is my progress after 4 Days of stitching...
Another great one! I have finished 3 photo blocks and started the 4th. Hopefully it will be done soon. I want to get the April section of the Under the Sea SAL finished too hopefully before we leave. I will take stitching with me but I was really hoping to have these two done before hand. We'll see.

Friday we went to a fun craft sale during the day. I found several things I just couldn't live without of course haha. Nothing stitching related just fun decorations. Then we had a nice evening watching movies. We watched Arrival. It was a fantastic movie about how we would handle aliens landing on Earth. I thought the best alien movie I've seen personally. I think it's exactly how the world would react. Then Jeremiah joined us and we watched Hacksaw Ridge. It was about WWII and Wow...How hard to watch. My grandfather was in this exact spot during WWII. It was an amazing movie and very well done. Jeremiah was glad to watch it and see some of the hardships his Great Grandpa went through. He has my Grandpa's dog tags and he always appreciated them but knowing they were there during that horrible time made them even more special to him now. We were all in tears but thankful we could watch the movie and hear the story that definitely needed to be told.

Saturday we got 15 pretty flowering plants planted and 20 bags of mulch put out. It was a lot of work but it sure looks great now. After that we watched USS Indianapolis another WWII movie but this time on a battleship that was sunk. It was amazing too. Another tear jerker that's for sure. I can't imagine being there in either situation. Definitely makes you appreciate our service members.

Now we have shopping and Easter and packing and everything else to do on the list haha. I hope everyone has a great week. I'll be the one running around like a mad woman haha.