Apr 22, 2014

Day 6

Lazy Day. We got up this morning and walked over to our hotel's restaurant. They had a breakfast with a view...
We watched a dolphin and several pelicans. Jeremiah and me went back to the room. Mom and Betty went off to do some shopping. It was a gorgeous day today and it really got busy. They had a good time shopping and we had a good time doing nothing. After a bit they came back and we walked across the road to a place called Sting Ray's. It was a fun little bar and grill. I had a delicious cheeseburger! Then we came back to the room. Mom and Betty ran to the store to get a few things. Now we are waiting for pizza delivery. So it's a been a wonderful relaxing day. Just have to have those every now and then when you're on vacation. 3 sleepies until the Disney part begins and there will be walking, walking, and more walking going on haha.

Apr 21, 2014

Day 5

Today we went to Savannah. It was a day to explore. It's only about 23 mins from our hotel. We heard about tours you could take...
 We found out we could do the trolley tour and combine it with a dinner cruise. The trolley was 90 mins and it was really so interesting and showed us so much about the area and the history. I love the streets cause the trees are the big huge trees and there is Spanish moss everywhere...
Then we found one of Paula Dean's restaurant's...
It was SOOO GOOD!!! I ate way too much. But then we shopped and tried to walk it all off. I'm sure we didn't though haha. Jeremiah and I just kept saying How good every bite we took was. We even tried collard greens so we could fit in with the "south" way of eating. I had a fun chat with a local photographer. I just love photography and am trying to explore more than just snapping a quick picture of stuff. It was fun to see what he had captured. After we finished in that area we went down along the river to more shops. While we were down there we saw a HUGE freighter come by. Jeremiah said Great Grandpa sent it to us. (He passed 4 years ago and we miss him dearly.) It was a great moment. Then we went on the dinner cruise...
It was very nice. They had a group sing and a delicious buffet. (LOL it seems like all we do is eat haha). We got back to the dock at about 9pm and back to the room finally. What a long wonderful day full of sight seeing. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Apr 20, 2014

Day 4

Today was a long frustrating day. We left this morning and got here just fine. It was windy and cold today but we arrived safely in Tybee Island, Georgia. We knew we arrived at our hotel early but we hoped there was a chance at getting our room early. They said it wasn't ready so we left and went to Fort Pulaski. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We also had a really nice lunch at a fun place called The Crab Shack. We had a great time walking around and seeing it. It's a brick fort and the outside has huge cannon holes all over it. It's really amazing to see and think of what it would have been like so long ago.

We came back to our hotel at about 3pm because the lady at the desk said our room would of course be ready by that. Nope not ready. Now just my opinion but I would send the maids to our room to get it cleaned first. Since we were there waiting. On the paper I had the rooms were promised to be available at 4pm. 4 came. 5 came. Frustration totally sit in. We went to look at another hotel and it wasn't near as nice as where we already had picked out. Back to waiting. The lady finally gave us 15% off cause of all the trouble. Just before 6pm one of the maids came in. Our room was ready. A long time ago even. The computer wasn't showing it as available yet. Grrrr. So we got everything moved in. Went to eat at the restaurant at our hotel and settled in for the night.

Oh I forgot to mention the party going on by our hotel. There was a huge college party over the weekend. We even heard on the news that 24 people was arrested. We heard there were several colleges that basically take over the whole area. They were still hanging out in the public area. We witnessed several people call over to the front desk and complain. 2 people checked out even. Finally the police were called to the area. The good thing is by the time we got our room it had really settled down. Now hopefully they won't be back this week haha. *breath breath* Tomorrow will be a new day.

Apr 19, 2014

Day 3

Last night it started raining and didn't stop the whole day today. So it made for a wet drive but we survived. We arrived in Beaufort, SC. We've never been to this area. We could have made it to our first destination Tybee Island, GA (which is right by Savannah on this map) but our hotel was booked. They are having a big college party. Now we just heard on the news that a bunch of arrests are being made. Glad we aren't there.

We got here safely even though a little wet. We found a nice little seafood place to eat and got our room. It's right on a marsh area and it's really beautiful out the window.

I'm all caught up on my computer stuff. Guess I'll just be forced to go read a bit.

Apr 18, 2014

On the Road Again Day 2

We arrived at our next stopping point. Today seemed to take longer. We had a very nice stop at the Tamarack. We always enjoy stopping there when we at going down 77. It was another nice visit and perfect time for lunch. I'll include two pictures at the bottom of my message. One is the building and one is Jeremiah posing with a cute creature they had for sale.

After the stop we had 3 hours to go. We saw a sign that said congestion from mile marker 30 to 10. Boy was it ever correct. Sometimes we just barely rolled. But we survived. We are north of Charlotte, NC in a town called Mooresville. We got our dinner delivered from a local pizza place. It was yummy. Jeremiah is playing his Nintendo DS. The internet isn't too good here so Youtube doesn't want to cooperate. Hey guess what I did last night? I finally cracked open my book. I quickly fell in love and I'm already on page 30 I think haha. I sure missed reading. Well that was day #2.

Apr 17, 2014

On the Road

We started our vacation finally! This morning I had to swing by the doctor's office (only reason we couldn't leave till today). It was time to get my birth control injection. I told the lady hurry and shoot me so I can get out of here and get vacation started haha.

It was an uneventful day of traveling which is always nice. We made it through Ohio and into West Virginia. We've stayed at this hotel before so it's always nice to know it's going to be a good hotel. There was a Cracker Barrel within walking distance so off we went to eat. Now we are relaxing in the room. Jeremiah is on YouTube (which he does for hours and hours and hours haha) already. So nice to get the relaxing started.

Apr 16, 2014

Photo A Day

On Facebook a fellow friend posted this fun photo a day thing. I really like doing these kind of things but didn't realize how much I would like it. There is a prompt for each day and it's so much fun to try to think outside the box to come up with a photo for the day. I thought I would post them here too. Here is the first 16 days worth...
Something Purple and In my Hand - I missed the first day so this is actually day 1 and 2.
This is my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). I love this case. It's found in my hand a lot.
Shapes - My mom got me this cool artwork at a festival we went to.
It's all nails. They have a paper on the back to say how
many of what type of nails they used.
Good Together - My family. I love them so much!
Not Mine - This is my Dad and Bev's cat. I love her so much though.
Every time we go down to visit she likes to talk to me about what's been going on.
Taste of Spring - I always think of baby animals when I think of spring.
This is a new nest a bird has decided to build.
 Where I'd Rather Be - Disney of course. I can't wait to be there next Friday!
Hobby - My stitching of course! These are 5 pieces we finally got
hung up on my mom's wall. She loves them so much!
Dark - This was a hard one to come up with a pic. I've been
hooked on playing Diablo 3 with Jeremiah lately. I said Oh my Jeremiah
this will work for the photo of the day. It's a very spooky dark game.
Fav Part of the Day - When I can put my lazy pants and fuzzy socks on.
3 of a Kind - Jeremiah decorated these too cute eggs for Easter.
On My Left - My dog Izzy enjoys laying beside me on the couch.
More Please - We had our Easter meal last weekend. This was just some
of the yummy things we had to eat. Yum!
Dirty - It was time to change my guinea pig cage. They
definitely like to be dirty.
I'm Reading This - I love reading but never take time for it.
I packed these 3 books for during vacation. Can't wait to make time for reading again.
My Vice - This was another fun one. I had no idea what a vice was.
So I did some research and found out it's basically what's your bad habit.
I have a few...chewing my nails, not doing enough weed pulling, but
I got to talking to my family and they said my farming game. It's called Family Farm Seaside
They have timed missions sometimes and I'm funny about checking in a lot
so I can complete it. So yeah it's my vice.
It's been fun to play along. Today is the crazy packing day. I hate trying to remember everything you might need. The right cords with the right electronics. Meds. Clothes. But tomorrow is the hit the road day. We are really excited. We have all our hotels booked and mapped out until it's time to come home. We were worried about having a hard time finding something because of Easter weekend but we didn't have too much problems. Now we can rest and be at ease about that part at least.