Sep 20, 2019


This weekend is the 3rd full weekend of the month which means it's time for
I'm hoping to squeeze in some time today on Beer Dragon and then I'm taking 99 Bottles of Beer with me to work on this weekend at the cabin. Hopefully I'll find some time to put some X's in. So grab your stitching and join in. See ya Monday. I've been making a lot of progress this week on a few different pieces. I can't wait to share it with ya. Marking things off my September acrostic list.

Sep 16, 2019

September Gifted Gorgeousness / Giveaway

On the 15th (or soon there after haha) we are to participate in a wonderful blog game/SAL. The purpose of this is to share the love our stitching community has.

We are to share things we are stitching that is a gift for someone or something we have received as a gift. As most of my readers know my family supports my addiction hobby and I'm lucky to receive a lot of my stitching as gifts from them. Plus my mom steals is gifted anything that is nautical that I might possibly stitch. So I sure never have a hard time participating.

Stop over to Jo's blog to see who else has joined in this check in post.

Let's take a quick look back at my stitching since August 15th.

You've all seen the Nautical Year I'm stitching for mom. I finished up the September piece for her the beginning of the month. Other than that that's the only real gift stitching I've done right now.

So I can't make a post that lame can I?

No I can't! I'll just have to help someone have a reason to post another time in the future. I'll just have to host a giveaway or why not two?!

Please comment if you are interested and make sure it's clear which one you want or if you want to be entered in both. I will have Jeremiah pick a name on my next Monday Update post on Sept 23rd. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. I will open this giveaway up to those overseas too.  Good luck to all those interested!

First Pattern is Lucy Beam Thankful Pumpkins...
I stitched up this beauty in November 2018. This is not my finish just yet though I really hope mine turns out like this. This is the model photo. It was a fun stitch.

Second Pattern is Celtic Pumpkin from "The Sunflower Seed"...
I have not stitched this one. It's not quite my taste. This is the model photo. I can't find a link to where you can purchase this currently so it might be harder to find now. I sure hope someone enjoys it.

Both patterns are very clean and in fantastic condition.

I hope they can both find a happy new home. Good luck!

Monday Update

Hey I finally found my stitching time again. I stitched every day last week. Even though it was only a little over an hour a few days at least it was progress. Finally!

I shared with you already how I finished Mom's September pillow last Monday when I posted Tuesday for the FFG SAL. After that finish I got started on my Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamp for September. Now I have to be honest. Since I didn't get a lot of stitching time in August other than my two pillows. Plus now I was back to working on them again. They both just seemed to take FOREVER. I think it's because I wanted them finished so bad. I wanted to work on something else for crying out loud. I did work on it though every day of the week and finished the front panel Friday right before cabin time. I could have took it with me to finish up but I wanted a break from it.

We went down to our cabin Friday night. We stopped at Walmart and I found a new chair to take to my October stitching retreat. My old one just wasn't comfortable any longer. Here is what my new one looks like...
I loved the bungee cords. It gave the chair a lot of cushion instead of being so firm. Perfect for long stitching time...I hope. We tried several different ones and this one felt the best. Plus it folds up a lot better so it will take up less room in the car we take. Space for stitching is a lot more important haha.

Saturday morning when Dad and Bev got there we helped peel tomatoes again. This time I actually remembered to take photos...
This time Bev was making salsa and some more spaghetti sauce. We sure made fast work on the tomatoes. She really appreciated the help. She said that part always takes so long. Fred and Dad worked on fixing the gates that had settled a bit and then we had a lot of nothing planned for the rest of the day. So we took the time to put up our Halloween decorations and lights...
Of course I forgot to get a picture of it all lit up at night so I will get one this weekend and make sure to share with you next Monday update. Trust me it looks great. I love Halloween decorating. Now we need to work on our house and get it all decorated too. What a pain but so worth it in the end.

After we got the decorating done nothing else was on the list so that meant stitching time. I got an hour and 33 minutes added to the Halloween Mini Monster Face. Here he was last time...
Here he is now...
More green blob haha.

Sunday Fred had a radio event he wanted to attend. So we packed up and headed home early. We have been stealing his weekends so he was happy to get to attend the event. Plus that meant I could finish the September Lizzie Kate finally...
(Finish # 30) September 15th 
September Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamp
Stitched on 14ct Oatmeal Aida
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Sept 9th. Took 6 Days.
13 Hours 23 Minutes Start to Finished.

After that I was excited to pick up another project from my September goal list.
Seaside Sampler kit from Mill Hill. I worked on this one for the Longest Weekend Marathon SAL in June this year. I picked it for one of the R's in the acrostic this month. Since the right side border was Red and white. Here it was after the Longest Day SAL progress...
I had added the little sailboat square for the goal during the marathon. Now I have the right side added other than filling in the anchor rope as you can see in the finished photo above...

So finally I had some exciting stitching time again. I'm looking forward to trying hard to finish marking off my acrostic letters this time. The acrostic for this month was SHORTER DAYS. I have both S's and one R marked off now.

Next up is some time on Adjust your Sails. I had the boys pick the project for me last night. My goal is at least longer than 24 minutes. Maybe just tonight I'll work on it. I know I really want to spend a few days on Beer Dragon before the end of the month so I might switch projects tomorrow. Mark off another letter. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sep 10, 2019

September FFG

This year Rachel started a new SAL that I sure needed. It's a kick in the bum to finish those pieces that hide away in our box of shame. I know I had a tendency for a long time to finish the stitching on a piece and then hide the piece away in drawer. I don't know why I would do that. Part of the fun of stitching should be enjoying the beautiful work on display where it deserves to be right?

So on the 10th of each month we are to post our finished pieces.

Stop over to the check in post to see what all beauties people have finished this month. She said people have reported over 300 finishes this year already! So evidently I'm not the only one that needed this SAL.

Let's see what I've finished since last check in...

Right after the last check in I finished my August Lizzie Kate...
Since then I finished a piece but not fully finished. I've had no time. As always for me this time of year. But yesterday I did finish something new to report...
 (Finish #29) September 9th
  September from Sand, Sea and Cross Stitch Book
Stitched on 14ct White Aida Fabric
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Sep 4th. Took 5 Days.
  8 Hours and 53 Minutes Start to Finished.
So only two finishes in this span. It's okay the months will hopefully be slowing down a bit. (Of course I think I say that every month haha.)
Let's recap my year with the push from this SAL though...
February -- 5
March -- 6
April -- 5
May --  2
June -- 4
July -- 2 
August -- 6
September -- 2
Total of  32 Now!!!!
Even with my 2 finishes this time I'm still pretty happy. I'm working on my September Lizzie Kate now. So I better get back to it. Have a great day!

Sep 9, 2019

Monday Update

I remember I asked for prayers and thoughts for my dad in a past post. I figured I would update everyone. He got the all clear. They put him through every test possible and said he's fine. The only thing they can figure is that he might have had a small blood clot and it caused pain when it passed. Luckily his heart, lungs, and everything have checked out fine now though. So thankful for that news!

Wednesday I got started on Mom's Nautical monthly piece. I worked on it Wed, Thu, and Fri...
Wednesday I got 1 hour 15 minutes. Thursday was a laundry/stitching day so I got 3 hours 44 minutes. Friday was only 42 minutes in between packing and some other stuff.

Hubby helped me upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 because in January they are not going to support Windows 7 any more. Just takes a lot of time to get everything back the way you want it. What a pain but honestly I'm thankful I was forced to change. Windows 10 has a lot of changes I really like a lot. Now we just need to upgrade the desktop and we'll be okay.

Saturday we had a nice day at the campground. We peeled tomatoes. Bev makes her own spaghetti sauce. She boiled the tomatoes until the skin cracked and then we peeled them. She was going to finish them up at home Sunday but it was a big help for all of us to help with the peeling at least. Something I've never done before. Jeremiah enjoyed it. He kept calling it skinning the tomatoes haha poor things. Then Fred and Dad moved dirt and filled in some holes that needed filled. It was a beautiful cool day so we didn't rush and just enjoyed the time. We ended up having a nice fire and some friends stopped to visit. One couple brought two truck loads full of wood for future fires. That was sure nice. We watched a movie together when it got dark. The new Men in Black. I didn't enjoy it near as much as the first two movies.

Sunday we thought we would be rushing home since Fred had some plans but it was moved to next weekend so we decided to stay and watch another movie together. Jeremiah really wanted to watch Detective Pikachu. So I pulled out the Halloween Mini to work on while watching. I leave it at the cabin just in case I have time. I've been working on the green monster which is the 3rd one down on the left...
Here is my green blob so far haha...
I've put 2 days into this one now even though they are shorter cabin days. Sunday I was able to squeeze in 1 hour and 5 minutes while we watched the movie. After we got home I worked on the Nautical Year piece again and finished up the front panel and started the back panel. I'm hoping to finish it later today. Then I'll get to work on the Lizzie Kate September piece so I can get to my other stitching on my acrostic goals list this month.

Hope everyone has a great week. 

The People's Choice -- Bees

The first Saturday of every month the lovely Jo came up with a fun idea for a blog game/SAL. She gives us a theme and we are to make a post with whatever we feel fits that theme. This month the theme is Bees! Stop over to the check in post to see who has checked in for this one.

I'm allergic to bees. Not as bad as my dad. But the doctor said every time I get stung it seems to get worse. I haven't been stung in a long time. I'm very careful. I was stung by a little sweat bee in the back of my knee in high school and my whole knee got so swollen I couldn't bend my leg. So who knows what will happen the next time. One time my dad and I was walking along a path and we heard the buzzing. A horse had passed us and kicked up a ground hornets nest. The bad thing about hornets when they are mad they sting multiple times just for the fun of it. Ouch. We were stung so many times. I remember my Grandma put medicine on me and I looked like I had chicken pox again.

So when it comes to stitching. I looked through all my pieces and guess what.....I have only this year stitched bees.
The Lizzie Kate set I'm stitching this year had bees on June and August. So finally I can say I stitched bees.

I did decide that wasn't enough to share so I looked on 123stitch for some patterns to share with everyone.

Here are some cute ones...

Those block party designs from Hands on Design are so cute. I have the dog one to do....sometime haha.

Well I will see you next month when the theme is Cats. Hopefully I'll have a little more to show for that one. Even though I'm a dog person.

Sep 8, 2019

Summer Postcard Blog Hop

The lovely Jo has yet again hosted a fun blog hop. This time it was a Summer Postcard Blog Hop. Throughout the summer months we have sent Jo an international themed postcard to share with someone else. She emails us a picture and the story of the piece to share with everyone on our blogs.

You should stop over to Jo's blog to see what fun thing she will host next. My image was shared on Aimetu's Stitching blog here if you are interested in seeing it.

Now it's my turn to share the last postcard for the summer...
The message is:
This is a Michael Powell pattern I had found in a Cross Stitcher magazine years ago.
I have stitched this twice. I first stitched it as a gift for my American sea glass friend Marabeth who had invited us to the States some years ago. As our first trip was cancelled just a week after booking the flight (the Hungarian air company Malev got bankrupt) I kept the gift till we found well priced tickets to book again. That took us two years and I had already fallen in love with the gift hanging on my wall so I stitch it again for my friend.
Ariadne from Greece

Thank you Jo for hosting and for Ariadne for playing along. It's been a lot of fun to see what each person has picked out to share with everyone. Here are the other people who have posted according to Jo's blog...

Sep 4, 2019

Smalls SAL

The last Friday of the month is check in for the Smalls SAL. Yes Yes I know I totally missed it but the check in is still open so I'm jumping in before it's too late. Stop over to Mary's blog to see who stitched up what cuties this month.

I started this fun SAL a few years ago with an excuse to stitch up small monthly pieces. This year I'm doing two. One Nautical set for my mom and one Lizzie Kate set for me. My goal is keep up and so far I've done good with that goal. I know I've posted them a thousand time this month but here they are again haha.

Mom's Nautical set is from the Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch booklet. I love how each one has turned out and will be starting September hopefully today.
My set this year is Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamps. I love how they have worked in 3 little buttons to each design.

The other thing I finished this month that is considered small is a Hinzeit piece called Love2Stitch...
(Finish #28) August 29th
Love2Stitch from Hinzeit
Stitched on 28ct Lavender Jobelan from PolStitches
Threads are Suggested DMC
Charm Came with Pattern
Started for Longest Weekend Marathon June 24th
Took 4 Days. Total Time 5 Hours 36 Minutes.

Now to start the September pieces to keep up with my goal. This is the time of year I start to wonder what I will work on next year for this SAL. I have several choices and pick a different set depending on the day haha.

Sep 3, 2019

#24HOCS September Challenges

Here are the #24HoursofCrossStitch September Challenges.

My favorite is the acrostic challenge. This month the acrostic is SHORTER DAYS. So let's come up with a plan...
S -- September Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamp
Goal: Finish
Connection: S in September
H -- Halloween Mini
Goal: 24 Mintues
Connection H in title.
 Working on 3rd one down on the left side.
O -- Wish Upon A Starfish
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: Find Starfish in the Ocean
R -- Cabin Fever by Mill Hill
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: Work on the Right Side of the Design
Hopefully finish the fire pit section.
T --Salt Water Taffy
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: The T in Title
E -- Dragon Eye
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: The E in Title
R -- Seaside Sampler Mill Hill Kit
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: Work on Red and White Border at least.
D -- Beer Dragon
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: D in Title
A -- Adjust Your Sails
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: A in Title
Y -- 99 Bottles by Ink Circles
Goal: 24 Minutes
Connection: Yeast is used to make Beer
S -- September Nautical Year
Goal: Finish
Connection: S in September

If you are keen eyed you will notice I lowered my overall goals. Instead of 4 hours on each project I want to at least get 24 minutes on these. I already know it will be a busy month. So I'm starting my goals low. If I make more progress that's great of course. 

2nd Challenge is the Holiday Challenge. Here they are for the month...
You are supposed to stitch at least 24 minutes or 120 stitches to connect to 12 different days to complete the challenge.

Last is the empty calendar. The goal is to track stitching at least 24 hours throughout the month.

#24HOCS August Challenges

Well August I failed 2 of the 3 challenges but like I said that's okay. I sure had a ton of fun. Let's look back on what I attempted...

The acrostic for the month was XSTITCH DAY:

 ✅ X -- Nautical Year August from Sand, Sea and Cross Stitch
Goal: Finish
Connection: I seen this set on Instagram stitched by @Xstitch23
That's why I purchased them.
Goal Met!
Actual Time to Finish: 7 Hrs 55 Mins
👎 S --  Beer Dragon by Paine Free Crafts
Artwork by Stanley Morrison
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: Artist has S in his name.
No Progress
Almost T -- Salt Water Taffy by Joan Elliot
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: T in Title
Actual Time: 3 Hrs 2 Mins
 ✅ I -- Love 2 Stitch by Hinzeit
Goal: Finish
Connection: I love 2 stitch!
Goal Met!
Actual Time to Finish: 5 Hrs 36 Mins
👎  T -- Wish Upon a Starfish by Designs by Lisa
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: Starfish can be found in Tide pools along the Ocean.
No Progress
👎 C -- Cabin Fever Mill Hill
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: The C in the Title
No Progress
👎 H -- Halloween Mini
Start the next monster face the 3rd one down on the left
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: H in the Title
Actual: Little Over an Hour
👎  D -- Dragon Eye by Eva's Design
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: D in Title
No Progress

👎   A --Adjust your Sails
Goal: 4 Hours
Connection: A in Title
No Progress
 ✅ Y -- August Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamp
Goal: Finish
Connection: Year Long Set
Goal Met!
Actual Time: 11 Hrs 22 Mins

 The Monthly Challenge Calendar I only met 5 of the 12 required Days...
7th National Lighthouse Day -- Salt Water Taffy (Lighthouse on pattern)
9th World Cross Stitch Day -- Love2Stitch (Has to do with stitching)
17th National Honeybee Awareness Day -- Lizzie Kate August Flip-It Stamp (Bee on piece)
23rd Ride the Wind Day -- Nautical Year August Piece (Sailboat on piece)
30th Frankenstein Day -- Halloween Mini (Frankenstein one of monsters)

Last Challenge was an empty calendar with the goal of stitching 24 total hours and that goal was met. I stitched a total of 30 Hours and 59 Minutes.
Next post....September Challenges.

Tuesday Update Labor Day Fun

Well I know it's not Monday but it sure feels like it. Fred took Jeremiah and I down to the cabin Wednesday after he got off work but then he had to come home since he had work Thursday and Friday. It was the first night for just the two of us to be there alone. We watched a movie together and enjoyed our time. Thursday Dad and Bev came over to visit with us and we went to visit my Grandpa. He's been having a lot of health issues so hasn't been around at the campground since beginning of June. It was nice to see him but sad. He's sure showing his age. When we got back to the campground we had a little lunch and then Dad and Bev had some things to do. So Jeremiah and I went to our cabin to watch a movie together again. So that meant I got some stitching time. I worked on Hinzeit's Love 2 Stitch. I started this one during the Longest Day Marathon. I did the outline during the marathon. I had worked on a few other times while down at the cabin. I was able to finish it up Thursday though other than the charm...
I will get that added and it will officially be marked off my list. Dad, Bev, us and another close family friend had a delicious meal of steaks on the fire Thursday night. Friday everyone else started to arrive. Fred was finally able to get off work and join us. Daryl and Damein showed up. It felt great to see them both again. Saturday two other close friends shocked us by showing up. Dad was so happy to see his campground sure getting a lot of use. Let's see we had 3 tents, 5 campers, added to our normal cabins and Dad's room. So that made a total of 30 people who camped out. There were other visitors throughout the time too. It was a lot of fun and lots of memories made.

Sunday night Daryl, Damein, Fred, Jeremiah, and I played another round of Dungeons and Dragons. Here is our table full...
Damein had brought these new plastic boards and he could write up maps for us to really see where we needed to go. It was a fun touch and we enjoyed our time a lot. We ended up staying up till 2 am haha.

Now it's time to try to be normal again. Back home last night. 4 sleepies till we go back for the weekend. This coming weekend should be a lot more calm with a lot less people haha.

I will be back with a few other posts. I want to update everyone on my #24HoursofCrossStitch challenges.