Feb 14, 2016

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm joining in a fun Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop. Hop over to Jo's blog to see what hidden goodies everyone is sharing. We hop around the different blogs to find a love related piece that we submitted to Jo. Where oh where will we find our piece? Maybe we'll find some new friends along the way.

Here is the gorgeous piece I received to show you guys...
I wonder who made this wonderful wall hanging? Love the saying! So very true. Please stay tuned to my comment section to find out who did it.

I hope everyone feels lots of love today. Fred got me a stack of Heart Sweet Tarts so I'm a happy girl. We plan on being lazy and watching TV together. Tonight Walking Dead starts back up and we can't wait!!!

Feb 11, 2016

Spring Bell Pull

I finally have enough to check in. I wanted to start the Spring Bell Pull Monday. I got all my chores done and started organizing my thread. For some reason it took forever. I had several to wind on bobbins and I was sitting at the computer to do it. The internet kept catching my attention instead. After that I was having a HUGE problem figuring out where to start on the fabric correctly so that it fit. I did calculations and found a starting point. I got probably 30 stitches in a found out I was WAY off on my count and had to restart it. Then I got busy in the evening and only ended with a few stitches in. So Day 2 I made a redo of Day 1. Yet it still just didn't take off. Finally yesterday my needle said Oh you want to stitch on this? LOL So I'm going to spend one more day on it and then switch to something else. It's a typical Stoney Creek....lots of color changes in the purple. So I know it will be a little slower going. I love the cute little bee even though I'm allergic. I asked him to please not sting me.

Feb 8, 2016

Year of Whimsy - Jan Finished

I finished the January design out of the Year of Whimsy leaflet. I started him Day 1 for the DUCJC. I was really surprised how long he took (6 days) but there was a lot of color changes and the backstitching took me forever. I love how it looks now though! I thought for sure I would be done yesterday early and be able to pick up another piece but no luck. Instead of making him into a hanging ornament I'm going to stick him to cork board by my calendar. I think he looks cute that way!

Saturday I ran out and got the few floss I needed for the Spring Bell Pull design. Fred got the mail Saturday and my goodies arrived. So today I'm going to put the first stitches into it! I can't wait. Well we have school and I have some chores and then it will be started haha. I told my other pieces don't worry I'll be back to them soon (hopefully).

Hope everyone has a great week! I'm linking up to the Stitchery Link Party. I love seeing what others have been crafting lately. Stop on over and see and if you've been doing a project go ahead and share so others can enjoy it too.

Feb 4, 2016

Finished Page 7!

I finished page 7!! Only 2 pages left to go. For those new to my blog. This is Hold on to Hope from HAED. I'm doing her on 28ct evenweave 1 thread over 1 thread. The fabric is a sparkly pink color. (I know it doesn't show up very well.) This is 25,311 little x's. I have 85 days into her. Of course that is here and there. I started her in August 2012 according to my blog so it is definitely time for her to earn her place on the wall. My goal is to finish her this year!! Page 8 has 5,113 stitches and page 9 only has 852.

I posted the other day about how I ordered the new project. It was a little pricey for everything but I was excited about using the special threads and the cute little buttons to add to the finished piece. Plus the hardware for the bell pull hanger. So I knew it was worth the cost. In the afternoon I got an email that I won $250! So it will pay for all 4 seasons. How perfect!! Definitely meant to be if you ask me. Now to stalk my mailman. Like I don't have enough projects right? LOL

Feb 2, 2016

Missed Me?

Did you miss me? It was really weird last night. My nightly routine for 31 days was at 9pm to put my stitching down pull out my laptop and update my blog. I missed updating you guys. Then this morning I didn't have near as many email to go through haha. I missed you guys too. LOL So I figured I would pop in and let you all know what jumped on my Q-Snaps yesterday...
This is my HAED Hope. I only had 670 left to finish this page. Now I only have 470 left. Then I'll have 2 pages left. I think I will stick with her until I finish this little column. She was really upset she had to hide in the tote the whole month of January.

I also wanted to share with you my reward for completing the DUCJC...
I have a subscription to Stoney Creek magazine. When I got the latest one I saw this beautiful Seasonal Bell Pull. I got to looking and I had the whole set of patterns since I've subscribed all year. I've never done a bell pull and I just can't wait. I'm going to order Spring and then when I get to the last block I will reward myself with the things for the next season. Sound good? Just what I need....another project right? LOL

Jan 31, 2016

DUCJC Day 31

Day 20 I started this cute beach chair from Noteworthy Needle. The comments showed that people really liked it. They enjoyed the fun way of finishing into the beach chair. Here is the other one that I started today...
The Day 20 chair was a specialty stitch design. This one was designed at an exclusive for those attending the retreat. The above picture is the display picture of the chair at the Noteworthy Needle booth with the little beach pin cushion I started Day 6. Won't they look fantastic together?? Anyway here is my progress...
So close to a finish! The main thread is Caron Wildflower called Mediterranean. Love how it looks!! The nun stitch border is DMC 996. When I get the border finished you just trim it right up to the nun stitch and then backstitch it onto the chair.

Guess what....I made it to the end of the challenge!! I had so much fun. Only one day where I made almost no progress. I will definitely be joining in again next year. Yes I'll probably have a lot of beach pieces next time too haha. Let's see the theme breakdown from this time...

Beach -- 16
Seasonal  -- 12
Patriotic -- 2
Fantasy -- 1

I still don't know what I plan to work on tomorrow haha. I might have to do a random number generator. I might take a break and work on another WIP since I know they feel left out haha. We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. So many wonderful choices and I love it!! I know one thing....I shouldn't be bored for a long long time haha. Thanks to each lovely comment you've all made. I've really enjoyed reading them all!

Jan 30, 2016

DUCJC Day 30

Today's pick is back to the beach. Here is another PALs Exclusive...
This was the 2014 Hands on Design exclusive. Here is my start on it...
We did some errands today so my time was shorter than normal. I really needed my haircut. Ended up we had some other errands to run so Fred took me out. I went to the teacher store and got several new Math work books for Jeremiah's school work. We've been finishing our other books up. The new ones look fun but very educational so I'm glad I found them. Fred even had fun helping me pick them out.

Tomorrow is the last new start. It's another fun beach piece with a neat way of finishing....Hmm enough teasing?! I keep thinking Ohh what will I work on Monday. I'm pretty sure my brain is going to explode. I have so many wonderful choices. It's torture to decide.

Jan 29, 2016

DUCJC Day 29

Today was the last of the 3 sleds in the Snow Grateful set. Here is a reminder of them...
Here is the new finished one...
I sure loved working on these little sleds. I think next year at PALs I will definitely have to look at the other ones closer and see if there are any others that need me to buy them haha. This makes my 5th finish of the 31 new starts. Wohoo!! Tomorrow is another fun PALs memory. Yes I know I know another beach piece haha. Forgive me.

Jan 28, 2016

DUCJC Day 28

Today's pick is another fun snowmen piece...
It's called Jolly Snowmen from Imaginating. It's designed by Joan Elliot. Here is my start...
Didn't get a lot done today. But so glad I got one little face begging me to keep working away. The fabric is a pretty hand dyed blue sky type of evenweave. Of course it doesn't show up very well in the picture.

Tomorrow is the last of the little sleds. Hopefully I'll find enough time to even finish him like the other two.

January Smalls SAL

Today is my first post ever to the Smalls SAL. I enjoyed seeing people post last year about the Smalls but I don't normally do things that are small. This year I wanted to change that. I'm hoping to work on these guys through the year...
Since I've been starting all the new starts for January I haven't been able to finish the 1st one up just yet. Here is where I am now...
I'm stitching them on perforated paper and then I will hang each one up for the month the are for by my calendar. I have a few other small finishes to report though this month...
These are new starts for the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge that ended up being quick finishes. 3 of the 4 are even finished finishes Wohoo!!! So hopefully I'll be back Feb 25th with even more Small finishes. Thanks for stopping by.

Jan 27, 2016

DUCJC Day 27

Today was another tiny beauty and I fell in love with it. Here is what it will look like...
It's called Seaside Squared from Erica Michaels. Yep I know another ocean themed piece haha. I love everything about this one. The cute little mermaid. The lighthouse. The whale. Every little piece. I also LOVE it's done on 40ct. So tiny!! Here is my progress...
See I told you little. Hope you overseas ladies can understand my US ruler. It's 2 inches but with my ignorance of the metric system I don't know how it converts....little haha.

Tomorrow is a fun snowmen piece. 4 more starts.

Jan 26, 2016

DUCJC Day 26

Today was the last new Ursula Michael piece (for now)...
This one is called Let's Be Proud by Ursula Michael. Here is where I got today...
I just wasn't in the mood today. I showed it to Jeremiah tonight and said Look I finished it. He didn't quite know what ERT meant haha so I guess I'm not finished after all.

Tomorrow is another tiny Erica Michaels piece. Hopefully I'm more in the mood.

Jan 25, 2016

DUCJC Day 25

Today's pick is another Erica Michaels piece. Here is what it will look like when finished...
It's called Beach Blessings. There is a little bit of a difference in the one I'm doing. There is a border with Myrtle Beach and 2015 in it. I'm sure you won't bet where I got the pattern haha. Yes Yes I know it's another ocean themed one. I'll try to do better next year picking not ocean stuff haha. Anyway here is my progress...
I'm doing mine on 36ct hand dyed Molino evenweave. I also bought thread pack so I'm using GAST threads. I'm really enjoying them so far. I didn't get a lot of progress today because it was catch up on chore day haha.

Tomorrow is my last Ursula Michael new start (for now haha). It's a patriotic one this time.

January WIPocalypse

Yesterday was a full moon so it was time for the first WIPocalypse post of 2016. I really enjoyed participating last year so I'm glad it's going on again.

Question of the Month

Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

For those new to my blog I want to say Welcome and Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your visit. I'm Katie. I'm a stay at home mother. I have a 17 year old son named Jeremiah. He has cerebral palsy which means he can't walk. We also made the decision to home school since the local school system just wasn't working for him. We've been doing that since he was in the 3rd grade and I have never regretted it for a second. I'm married for 15 years this year. We bought a house with my mother. I love cross stitching and traveling. That's what I tend to blog about. I write this blog like I'm a talking to a long time stitching friend. At the end of each year I print out my blog with a company that turns it into my own book to forever cherish. I just love looking back over my past books and seeing what I did and what I've worked on. Wow how tastes change and yet some things stay no matter what. I've been at this blog since 2007!

Let's see now onto my goals and my projects. This year I joined in the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge. I've been starting a new project every day. I love it! I'm also glad it will be over soon so I can get back to all of them and make more progress. Some of them are very close to finished. My main goal is to finish my 31 new starts. I also have a HAED called Hold on to Hope that I would LOVE to finish this year. At the top of my blog is my Goals and SALs page. It lists all my current WIPs that are in my tote (and now tub) waiting to be stitched. I'm definitely not a one at a time stitcher. I'm a stitch whatever screams loudest stitcher. If I want to start something I do. No stress. This is a hobby and I want to be happy.

Well that's it for my first check in. I'm sure the rest of the year will be a little more interesting. Right now just scroll through and see what I've been starting so far this year. I've also had 4 finishes already. Have a great month. See ya next check in Feb 22nd!

Jan 24, 2016

DUCJC Day 24

Today is a pick I was really looking forward to. I not only love the pattern but I love the fabric. Enough teasing about it...let's see what it is...
This is Elegant Squid from Ink Circles. She was setup at PALs 2014 and for some reason this pattern just screamed Buy me. Then I found this fabric and I just had to stitch it on. So here is my progress...
The fabric is a Hand Dyed by Stephanie. It's a 28ct Jobelan evenweave. The color is called Glastonbury Tor. It's a bit darker than the photo. You know how photos never do our stitching justice. I'm using DMC 501 and 504. I really enjoyed working on this one and look forward to getting back to it.

Tomorrow is another Erica Michaels piece but not a tiny one this time. I'm actually not using DMC so that will be a fun change.