Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just had to pop in and say Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a fantastic lunch. Here is our dog Izzy waiting patiently or not so much for her food...
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Nov 25, 2015


According to my calendar today is WIPocalypse. So it's time to check in and see what I've been stitching on since the last check in. So let's see...

Let's Be Wicked -- Worked on 2 days. Finished!
Always Thankful -- Started and worked on 8 days. Finished!
Christmas Pals Ornaments -- Started and Finished #5 and #6 with 10 Days of work.
HAED Hope -- Worked on 4 days. (Just did an update on her scroll down.)
Life w/o Snow -- 1 Day. Will update after more time.

You can see the 4 finishes on my 2015 Finishes page if you would like. So how have you been doing? What have you been working on?

Today is Thanksgiving prep day in our house. Our plans are small but perfect for us. We just have our own thing here. No one extra comes over. So we just do what we want to do which is nice. My mom loves ham instead of the traditional turkey. We get a DELICIOUS ham from a local business. We also get a small roasted turkey breast cause I love the taste of it. I will make deviled eggs and our veggie dip. We need to get all the yummies into the fridge somehow. I look forward to having green olives and sweet pickles. Those are something that definitely make it a holiday since we don't have them that often. If you have a moment please tell me....what makes the holiday a holiday for you? I guess the people over the pond don't celebrate like we do. So I guess for you guys it's just any other day. I think it's funny we are supposed to take a day and be thankful. I'm thankful every day so I just plan on eating myself miserable instead. Well I'm off to get busy in the kitchen.

Nov 23, 2015

IHSW Update

So it was the 3rd weekend of the month which means IHSW or International Hermit Stitch Weekend. I did my best to be completely lazy and do nothing other than stitch. I worked on HAED Hold on to Hope. Here is where I was on her before this weekend...
I had finished the 6th page and was ready to start another page. Here is where I got after the weekend of stitching...
Love how the wing is being finished off. I definitely got a lot done this weekend. Here is the main reason why...
We got a beautiful snow storm. We ended up with about 3.8inches here. I just LOVE how it hung in the trees. So I snuggled under a blanket with my stitching and watched a ton of TV shows off my DVR. Today Fred had another day off work to use up his vacation days. Mom and me went shopping for our Turkey Day meal. We also did some Christmas shopping. We have determined it will probably take several days to open all our gifts haha. Fred and me went out this afternoon and was hoping to get some things taken care of. One of things I want is a new camera. We were shopping and I was so confused on which one was the right one to get....we just took notes and we plan on doing more research. So that didn't go as planned. But oh well at least there is still time before Christmas.

I'm also linking up to the Stitchery Link Party. Pop on over and see what beautiful things have been done this week.

Nov 19, 2015

Christmas Pals Ornaments Finished

(21)  November 19th
Part 6 of 6 Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions
Used kit threads and 14ct Aida
Changed French Knots to Beads of Similar Color
Started kit for CJC Day 1. Took 4 Days.
All 6 Together. Took 25 Days total for all of them.
Wohoo I got them finished!!! This means another project marked off my 2015 CJC list. I guess I should have done them individually instead of as 1 project. Still they are done! Tomorrow starts IHSW or International Hermit Stitch Weekend. It's a great excuse to get some X's in. I'm going to bring out HAED Hope and start another page on her. Come and join in with me!

Nov 16, 2015

Monday Update

I got the 5th ornament from Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions finished yesterday. I really like this one. Now I just have one left to finish. I'm pretty sure he will jump onto my Q-snaps as soon as I take this one off.

I'm going to link up to the Monday Stitchery Party again. I just love seeing what beautiful pieces each person who checks in has been working on. She has opened it up to anyone that does any type of hobby with needle and thread. She also gives a beautiful embroidery type pattern each week. Something I wouldn't know how to do but I know a lot of people who do.

Saturday we started Christmas shopping. Mom and me hit the stores and shopped till we dropped. Our whole bodies hurt after we were done. So yesterday we took a day to recover. Fred (hubby) volunteered at a Ham Radio event both weekend days. So I settled on my couch and finished up the ornament while watching TV. When I got it all finished I started something new but not stitching related. I'm sure you've heard of them or you live under a rock haha.....the new coloring books. I always loved to color as a kid. Now it's "cool" to do it again. Santa Claus is bringing me a few coloring books but Saturday I found one while we were out shopping and somehow it followed me home for now haha. (I hate waiting for Christmas!!) So after finishing up my ornament I decided to try it out...
How fun!! I know it's not "perfect" but I had a blast. Just what I need....another hobby to scream at me to Come Play! Today Fred had the day off work to use up leftover vacation days. So he had a long honey do list and also put up the Christmas lights (which we won't turn on till the day after Thanksgiving). So Mom, Jeremiah, and me loaded up and went to do more Christmas shopping. So now I really really can't wait till Christmas. We have just a few more things to get but we are mostly done. Feels great because we found some fantastic things. I can't wait for Jeremiah to open his gifts now. He's so spoiled haha. Yeah like I'm not haha. Well now I have to go rest. Shopping till you drop.....hurts!

Nov 12, 2015

Christmas Pals Ornaments

I've put 3 days into the 5th ornament in the Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions set. It's slowly coming along haha. When I have so many things yelling for me to stitch on them it's hard to have something go slow haha. I've been busy though so I'm not stealing as much stitching time. I've been getting things ready for the Crazy January Challenge. I have 16 pieces all kitted up and ready to go. Of course now I want to work on all them too haha. It's torture to have such a wonderful stash to pick projects from I tell ya haha.

Nov 10, 2015

Always Thankful Finished and Turtle Trot

(Finish #19 for 2015) November 9th
Always Thankful by Erica Michaels
40ct silk gauze
My first ever 40ct silk gauze piece!!
Used suggested DMC
Started Oct 29, 2015. Took 8 Days.

I got it finished!!! Loved every stitch. Today is also the 10th which means it's Turtle Trot Time! I had added Always Thankful to my Turtle Trot list so I get to take that off now. The only other pieces I worked on since Oct 10th was my HAED Hope at the stitching retreat and I started another Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions yesterday. I only have 2 left to do till I can mark it off too. Hopefully now that it's Fall my Turtle Stitching time will grow. 

Nov 9, 2015

Monday Update

Stitching update first. I got the background finished. Now I'm doing the border. It's finished on the left hand side so you can see what it will look like. Love how it just gives it a little finished edge. Not much longer now at all.

I'm working on setting up my Crazy January Challenge new starts. I have officially decided to do the full 31 new starts. Now the getting them ready part begins. I'm also going to join the Smalls SAL next year. I have a cute little monthly series I want to do for that one. So slowly but surely it will all come together. Sure getting excited about the new starts though.

I'm linking up with the Monday Stitchery Party. Pop on over and see what everyone has been working on lately.

For those here for the stitching I'm done with that part. Now onto my fun geocaching weekend...
It was in a little town in way southern Indiana called Santa Claus. We headed down early so we could do some shopping. They had this adorable Christmas store that had at least 4 million different ornaments. I found 3 that had to follow me home and a few other cute things that I of course couldn't live without. Then we waited for our friends to show up. We stayed at Santa's Lodge and it was all decked out Christmas...
Too cute. Friday evening we went over to the campground and attended an evening event. We got to see some friends we don't see very often so that was really nice. Saturday we spent the day out geocaching. We went over to Evansville, IN. My favorite cache was at Willard Library...
I guess it's the oldest library in Indiana and it's reported to be haunted. The gentleman working there we talked to said his personal experience was if they push in all the chairs at night and lock up, when they open in the morning the chairs will all be pushed back out. Very We really enjoyed touring it. We ended up with maybe 12 caches for the day but we really enjoyed ourselves...
That's my hubby Fred and me right by the Ohio River. It was such a fun day. We went back to the campground to another 2 events too on Saturday. The night one we sat around a campfire. It was perfect. Since we shared the room with 3 friends we had a fun slumber party and really enjoyed getting to know one another better. It was a fantastic mini vacation.

Nov 5, 2015

Getting Closer

I've been busy but I'm getting closer and closer to a finish slowly haha. I thought I would stop in and share my latest progress. Just the last part of filling in the background to go on my Always Thankful by Erica Michaels. Then there are a few lines of backstitched border.

Tomorrow Fred (hubby) has the day off work. We are going down to Southern Indiana to a cute town called Santa Claus. I haven't been there in forever and a half so I'm really looking forward to it. We are going to a geocaching event. If you case you haven't heard of geocaching it's basically a high tech treasure hunt type of game. You play with a handheld GPS unit and find hidden things. When you find them you sign your name on the logbook and get a point. We have been to so many fantastic places and met countless people because of this hobby. They are having a large event which is basically a gathering for people who enjoy geocaching. Several of our group of friends will be there. One of my closer friends said something about going and we said why not. What a fun excuse to get away and enjoy our weekend. I know it will be a great time. Jeremiah is going to stay home with Grandma and have a fun weekend full of Xbox. Hope everyone reading this has a great weekend as well.

Nov 2, 2015

Always Thankful Update

I've got 3 days worth of work into Always Thankful now. The 2nd day I finished the words and the motifs at the bottom. Now I get to fill in the background. It takes more time since there is a lot more stitching but I LOVE how it is making everything stand out better. Also all the counting is done so it's fun to just mindless finish the piece off. After I fill it all in there is a backstitch type of border and it will be complete. Still loving it!

We had a very nice Halloween. Fred (hubby), Jeremiah (son) and me went down to visit my Dad's side. They purchased a very nice woods property and they have made into a campground for family members. We are having Jeremiah's big 18th bday party there in April. We helped cut down some trees and pile up the wood for the fire pit. Better to get it out of the way now when we have time. My grandparents got an adorable little cabin and they are getting it all fixed up. It will be perfect for them to join in the fun too. It was a very nice visit. I also gave my Grandmother and Step Mom their bead birds I had finished earlier. They both loved them! It's always fun to give stitching as a gift but of course makes it extra better when they appreciate the work you put into it.

I'm also linking up to the Monday Stitchery Link Party. It's a wonderful place to share our love of needle and thread hobbies. Stop on over and see what lovely things people have been working on this past week.

Oct 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Blog Hop

Happy Halloween!!! You might be stopping by on the Halloween Blog Hop. If you've never been to my blog before Welcome! I'm Katie. I'm a stay at home mother of a wonderful boy named Jeremiah. I would say I home school him but I'm pretty sure we home school each other haha. I'm also lucky enough to be happily married to Fred my soul mate. I love traveling, camping, my family, and cross stitching.

If you have a second leave me a comment. I would love to see what you have to say. Maybe I'll find a new blog to enjoy.

So if you are here for Jo's Wonderful Blog Hop. Let's get to it...
Your letter is H.
Now that we got that out of the way. I love Halloween stitching but I don't seem to make time to stitch it very often. Here is my favorite Halloween finish...
This is Fright Night Friends from Stoney Creek. I really enjoyed stitching it. I hope you have a very Happy Halloween! Thanks for haunting by.

Oct 30, 2015

Always Thankful Day 1 Progress

I spent yesterday working on Always Thankful by Erica Michaels. Here is where I got...
I finally got it to be bigger than the dime haha. It's still so tiny. I just LOVE it. I already added 4 more of her charts to my wish list. She did these too cute seasonal pieces. It does give my eyes a work out but I'm really enjoyed it a lot over all. It really goes fast! I do have to be careful so I don't have to frog. Frogging this is very difficult I learned. So I'm being extra careful with counting.

Life: Our neighbors across the road moved out of their house. We heard rumors they were going to be tearing the house down and building another one in a different spot on the property. Yesterday we heard all this noise outside...
It was really neat we could watch it get tore down. Here's what it looks like this morning...
Just a pile of debris being put into dumpsters. Jeremiah sure enjoyed watching the chaos. We won't appreciate the noise for awhile but it's going to be neat to watch a new home be built. Our neighbors behind us put their house up for sale. It's scary because we share a driveway and the house is right in our backyard but we haven't had a good relationship with these people for a long time. So hopefully we will actually get along with the new neighbors!

Tomorrow is Halloween. I will be joining in a Halloween Blog Hop so make sure to pop over for that. We are going down to my dad's to help him cut wood. I'm looking forward to it.

Oct 29, 2015

Always Thankful

So yesterday I wasn't clear enough with my new start Always Thankful. It's done on 40ct gauze. It seems more stiff but the holes are actually really easy to see. The idea is to stitch it over 1 with 1 thread. The finished pieces are very tiny and adorable. Since it's so little you just do a half stitch instead of the whole X because it wouldn't fit to do the whole thing on this material.

Evidently at one point I thought it would be fun to try so I bought Always Thankful and it just sat there. I was nervous to try it. When I attended the PALs Retreat the designer Erica Michaels was setup. I was glancing over the gorgeous little tiny pieces and realized who it was. She had two ocean related pieces so of course I had to get them. I asked some questions and it finally made sense. Still made me nervous but it at least made sense to me finally haha. Last night I got a start so I could share the details better...
So the whole design finished is going to be 2.9 inches high and 2.3 inches wide. But there is 115 stitches high by 93 stitches wide. The tiny T is 14 across and 13 high and yet it's still smaller than a dime.

I'm excited to say I loved it. It's not near as hard as I was worried it would be. I probably won't be very fast after each little part I just sit there and stare at how tiny it is haha.

Oct 28, 2015

Let's Be Wicked Finish

(18) October 28th
Let's Be Wicked by Ursula Michael
Fabric 28ct Lavender Evenweave
Used Suggested DMC Threads
Started for CJC Jan 14, 2015. Took 7 Days.
Another CJC start finished. That makes 6 of the 15 now. I should have known better to pick so many large projects haha. I'm already throwing around ideas for the 2016 CJC and I'm even considering doing 31 instead of 15 since I'm totally insane. I just keep thinking about how much fun I had starting the new 15. We'll see though. There is still time to reconsider.

Since I have this finished I'm allowing myself to start something new (like I need another project on the go haha). I said something in my last post about being nervous to stitch on 40ct. I'm going to do just that. Here is the project...
It's called Always Thankful from Erica Michaels. I've had it in my stash forever since I have no idea where it came from. I was just nervous to start. After hearing advice from the designer and several ladies at PALs I can't wait to try it. So cross your fingers (or your stitches) for me please. I bought two more 40ct patterns so hopefully I don't hate it haha.

Oct 27, 2015

October WIPocalypse

Today is a WIPocalypse check in. I've been so busy I haven't checked in for a WIPocalypse since JULY!! So let's take a look what I've worked on since July...

Snow Drifters -- 5 Days
HAED Hope -- 5 Days
HAED Selkie -- 4 Days
Ghoul School -- 2 Days
Summer WordPlay -- 5 Days and Finished
Christmas Pals Ornaments -- 5 Days. Finished 4th of the 6.
Embers -- 4 Days
Let's Be Wicked -- 4 Days
Foxwood Crossings Bead Birds -- 4 Days

I'm not going to even both with counting up the no stitching days because there have been way more than I can count easily haha. With camping and vacations and what not I always lose time those warm months. Now it's cooling down outside which means hermit mode a lot more often. Vacations are done until May other than little mini vacations for just the weekend here and there. So hopefully my stitching will take off again.

Measi has thought up awesome questions for us to talk about with our check in's. Here's this month's question... Are there any fibers or materials used in stitching that you’re nervous to try?

I'm nervous about stitching on 40ct gauze. I have 3 Erica Michaels pieces in my begging to be stitched pile. I got a lot of great advice from the designer and a few other wonderful ladies at PALs and now I'm really looking forward to trying it. But it definitely makes me nervous. As far as fibers they don't make me nervous really. I enjoy working with silks the only thing that makes me nervous about them is running out and needing more since they are expensive.

Well hopefully I'll have a better check in for November. Better get to stitching.