Oct 29, 2014

Vacation Day 22

Today we went to the Wright Brothers Memorial Park. I was really expecting to be bored off my gourd. I'm just so not into flying. We did some of the outside stuff first and then went into the museum. I heard on the speaker they were going to be doing a presentation. We sat down to listen because I thought it would be educational for Jeremiah. I was surprised that I enjoyed it! Jeremiah did too of course. She really made it interesting and explained in it terms we could understand.

When we were done we went back down to Hatteras. We found a bunch of nice shells on the beach right by the lighthouse. Funny thing is there were a lot of crabs that blended in and almost got on my feet a few times. On the way back to the hotel I remembered seeing this neat house I just had to get a picture of...
I got out to just take a quick picture. There was a board with information on why it's here and stuff. I was giggling about how cool it was and noticed the door was open. Then my mom said she saw someone inside. This guy popped out dressed like an alien. I really enjoyed the giggle. Jeremiah had to jump out so we could pose for a picture. This is a Futuro house. The guys lives in a real house in a town nearby this is just an out of control hobby of his. It was really interesting and we had a nice visit. I'm so glad we happened to be in the right place at the right time. We seem to have that happen so often. Tomorrow is our last day here.

Oct 28, 2014

Vacation Day 21

This morning we were treated to dolphins out our window again. We've been so lucky to see so many each time. We bet over 50 again today. We also got to see a lot of fish jumping out of the water. It was really neat to see.

Today we went north on 12 and saw Currituck Lighthouse. It was in a cute little village area. We also found a cute book store and got some Christmas presents. It was a warm day and just beautiful out. We went to eat at a delicious restaurant on the way back. Mom and Betty went down to the beach here and found a bunch more shells.

3 more sleepies here.

Oct 27, 2014

Vacation Day 20

Today we went to see another lighthouse. This is Bodie Island. The area was just beautiful. They had a really wonderful boardwalk that went to this gorgeous marsh area. We got to see crabs, fish, and lots of ducks. Since we were up in a look out tower we could see the fish swimming around. Then these ducks came over to the area and went fishing right in our view. It was really neat to see! On the way back out we saw this big dog and I asked the guy what kind he was. He was 96% wolf. He was beautiful! He had beautiful gold eyes too. We didn't expect all the fun here and a great experience.

Then we finally hit the souvenir stores. We had stopped at a few but didn't find any t-shirts our size. We stopped a few places and no luck. Then we finally stopped at the right place. We all got stacks of new shirts! Love them. I even found some tie dye OBX shirts. So happy!!!

We stopped and ate then headed back to the room. I needed to get our hotels booked for on the way home. We are going to take 2 nights so we can have 3 less than 5 hour days of driving. That makes it perfect cause any longer your bones start to get upset. Last night during the pay per view we had so much fun Skyping with Fred. What a neat technology. It was like watching the pay per view together. The pay per view was fantastic too so that is always nice. Skype is fun but I saw my wonderful hubby and my beautiful dog and I miss them both so much. It is Day 20 ya know. But we have 3 more days of fun planned here. Looking forward to that too. I also did some shopping for stitching supplies from 123stitch. They will hopefully beat me home so I have a new project to start when I get home (like I need that haha). I got a pattern a new friend from PALs was stitching called Seaside Stitches and I just fell in love with it. So I ordered it and can't wait to start it!!! Here is what it will look like...

Oct 26, 2014

Vacation Day 19

Today we went to Jockey's Ridge State Park. They have huge sand dunes and they hang glide off them. We were hoping to see them but it's all sand and no way to get Jeremiah there. But we did get a beautiful overlook of the Dunes and a trip to the very well done nature center. I told Jeremiah since it's Sunday he shouldn't have to learn anything but he said he accidentally did haha. This hang glider was setup and we just had to pose for a picture. Only hang gliding we will be doing any time soon. When we were driving down the road he were able to see some of the hang gliders from the road so that was neat.

Since Jeremiah is finally feeling better we were able to go out on the beach. We found some nice shells and had a blast but boy that's a lot of work walking through the sand. If I lived here and did that everyday I bet I would be healthier haha. After getting all exhausted and worn out we went down to a BBQ and it was so delicious. Now we are back at the hotel. Tonight there is a WWE pay per view event and we can watch it online since we have the WWE Network. So we will watch it and Skype with Fred at home. It's a way of watching it together even so many states apart.

Oct 25, 2014

Vacation Day 18

This morning Jeremiah and me stayed in the room. His ear is still really bothering him unfortunately. So Mom and Betty went down to Hatteras area again to get some delicious chocolates and some pastries. Today was Betty's birthday so it was a great way to celebrate. This afternoon we went to Dirty Dick's. I have been to the one in Myrtle Beach and just LOVED the crab legs. We didn't get time to go this year while there. When we got here to Outer Banks it was neat to find out there was one in Nag's Head by our hotel. So today we went there to eat. It was DELICIOUS!! I ate way too much crab but it's all you can eat so of course you have to right?! LOL

When we got back to the hotel I put more medicine in Jeremiah's ear. A little bit after the medicine I noticed a large ball of icky in his ear canal so I figured I would try to get it and out it came. No wonder his ear was hurting. We icked and yucked over it awhile and was able to throw it into the trash instead of keeping it inside his ear any longer. Hopefully with that all out it will really be able to heal now. We hooked my laptop up to the main TV in the living room and watching some TV shows we all like. That was fun. 2 more shows deleted off my DVR at home. Poor thing is about ready to blow up without me being there to watch stuff haha.

Oct 24, 2014

Vacation Day 17

Today we went to North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. We had so much fun! Of course I made the worst mistake ever and forgot my camera today!! I was so mad. I had my phone but of course it's not a very good camera so I only took a few photos. This one came out really good. LOL

This aquarium is probably one of my favorite aquariums I've been to. There was a lot of interactive exhibits. We went to two different special presentations. One was about snakes. Mom of course didn't come far into the room for that one. She is terrified of snakes. I was really really proud of Jeremiah cause after the lesson we were able to pet the snake and he did right away. It was a rat snake and so pretty. The presentation was really neat. The other was about Sea Life and was on a DVD and we really learned a lot and was so thankful we sat through it. The aquarium had two sea turtles they were rehabilitating. Right outside that they had this really really amazing room where you play doctor on these rubber turtles...
It took you step by step of what they go through to treat the sea turtles. Jeremiah LOVED it. I loved it!!! haha. This really made the museum so amazing and fun. They also have a touch tank with sting rays and Jeremiah and me played in there for at least 20 mins. There really wasn't much other people around so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves most the time. Jeremiah loved the sting rays and I was up to my arm pit in the water to play with a shark on the bottom haha. We laughed and just had a blast. If we had an extra day in the next week I would go back. It was so neat....hopefully next time with my camera haha.

Oct 23, 2014

Vacation Day 16

Today Jeremiah was feeling a little better. We've been eating our complimentary breakfast at a wonderful restaurant nearby. Today was our first day eating at our hotel's restaurant. This time of year it's only open a few days. It was exactly what I figured a complimentary breakfast would be. Not good! Jeremiah got milk which wasn't included in our what we were allowed to have. After we ate what we could the lady took our plates. We sat there and waited. We finally asked if we would be getting a check. She said Yes for the milk! Guess how much it was $3.50!!! For a small glass of milk that he finished and had to drink some of my pop because she never asked if he needed a refill. So needless to say we won't be going back....complimentary or not. We all voted to go to our fav little restaurant instead. I forgot to say that yesterday the lady who owns the restaurant gave my mom this awesome lighthouse poster cause she knew mom liked lighthouses. She also gave Jeremiah a limited edition shirt. So she definitely not only earned our business cause the delicious food but the great service and kindness.

After breakfast we headed back down to Cape Hatteras. We wanted to go to the Graveyard of the Atlantic a shipwreck museum. It's free but we donated some money cause it was very interesting. The neatest part is they had a treasure hunt paper for Jeremiah to fill out and it made it really fun to look for the pictures and read the information...
He really enjoyed it a lot and again accidentally learned something haha. After that museum we went to visit Cape Hatteras lighthouse...
We had seen it from the road but this time we got close. This one is very pretty. The wind was still roaring today which made the waves beautiful! We stopped along the road and watched countless windsurfers and kite surfers. It was so neat to see...
Tonight we had dinner at a brewery and I felt bad and really wished Fred was there. He would have loved to taste the local brews. Yet another wonderful day.