Jan 18, 2019


It's the 3rd full weekend of the month which means it's IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend). We have a Winter Storm Watch for 4 to 7 inches of snow, 35 mph winds, and extreme cold temps maybe even below zero. Perfect weekend to curl up under a blanket, watch Netflix (The Punisher Season 2 just happens to be dropped today), and stitch.

This good old WIP is coming out to play again...
Here is Day 17 progress as of yesterday morning...
I did get a little bit of progress yesterday but not much. Plus it takes too long to get a new photo and I want to go stitch haha. So watch Instagram for quicker updates haha. See ya Monday with a new progress picture. Go stitch!!!

Jan 15, 2019

Sea Turtle and January Gifted Gorgeousness

Guess what...
Sea Turtle Mill Hill Kit
Spring Collection 2016 MH18-1611
Using Kit Materials
Stitched on Perforated Paper
Finished as Magnet
Started Jun 22, 2017 for Longest Day SAL with Jo. Took 2 Days.

I put some thin cardboard on the back to strengthen the piece and attached the magnet that came with the kit...
So this is another finish and another finished finish and another line marked off my YOW list. This time from my YOW Extreme Challenge. Do I need to tell you again...I love the winter months and all the extra stitching time!!! I'm going to stick with the Mill Hill theme for now and gave Jeremiah a choice between the other Mill Hill kits on my YOW lists. He picked out Cabin Fever which we want to display in our cabin. Here is where I was with it last time this is Day 2 on this one...
Here is what it look like again...
Also today is the 15th so it's time for Jo's fabulous Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. For this SAL we post about things we have received as a gift or are stitching as a gift for others. I always have a easy time for this one because so many of my projects were gifts from my family since they support my habit addiction haha. So let's see what I've stitched as a gift since January began. I did this one for my mother...
She loves all things nautical and when I found this nautical yearly set I knew she had to have them. I'm hoping to stitch them each month this year. It's from the book Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch. Hard part is waiting till February to start the next one.

Jan 14, 2019

Monday Update

My Monday to-dos are finished. This post is the last thing I need to do before I can get busy stitching on the Sea Turtle Mill Hill SAL with Amanda from Cross Stitch Angel. So let's get this posted.

Last week was another great stitching week. I love these winter stitching months!! I showed you my progress on the Dragon Eye WIP from Monday and Tuesday already. Then Wednesday I got started on the Lizzie Kate January Flip-It Stamp. Guess what...
Finish #2 January 12th
January Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamp
Stitched on 14ct Oatmeal Aida
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Jan 9th. Took 4 Days.

It's another finish! Plus Rachel it's another finished finish. WOHOO! 2 for 2 right now. By the way the snowman shows up better in person. White on Oatmeal doesn't photograph well I noticed. I think it looks great on my shelf unit I'm trying to decorate for each season. I told Mom I was going to steal her Nautical January pillow for the picture and she said No haha. Anyway here is my shelf right now all decorated for January...
Sunday I put another day into Wish Upon a Starfish...
For those who happened to catch my YOW list grew to 50 haha. Let me explain I had 2 pieces that we haunting me wanting to be added to the list for my focus pieces this year. I wasn't about to have 42 pieces on my list haha that didn't seem rounded enough. Plus I will have 24 finished pieces if I finish only the two monthly sets. So if I had 50 things on my list I would have to finish 25 to call it a successful YOW (Reminder the goal is to finish at least half your list by December). So that's totally achievable. I also noticed a few others in the YOW challenge used the Under the Sea SAL each section as a WIP. So I spread those out to 5 WIPs instead of 1. Added Ocean in a Bottle, Salt Water Taffy, 2 more Durene Jones 3D Oraments like the one I finished before Christmas, and 2 Hinzeit Tiny pieces I got at the PA Retreat in an exchange. So that made it an even 50 and I was finally happy with my list. I got the album uploaded to the Facebook group before the 18th deadline and I'm ready to mark off those WIPs!!! So hopefully no more pieces will haunt me. They will have to wait till next year's YOW list. Thanks for following along with my insanity haha.

Saturday we ended up getting 4 inches of snow. Better than getting missed like what happens most time for me. I'm a snow lover. It's just beautiful outside. Supposed to be coooold all week so we are staying inside safe and warm. Sounds good for my stitching time. So I'm a happy girl. Plus we got some good news this morning. Fred (hubby) got time off approved for our end of April vacation we are taking and he got a bonus. So that will be unaccounted for money to put toward our vacation. Double Wohoo!!! It's a good day and hopefully a great week. Hope everyone reading this gets some good news too. We all need it every now and then don't we? Have a great week!

Jan 10, 2019

Progress and New Going Ons

It's finally my lazy time and boy I've been stitching up a storm. Monday and Tuesday Dragon Eye came back on my QSnaps and I added 800 more stitches. Now I have 1,000 in...
Hubby and I thought it looks like the Cheshire Cat smile showing up haha. Yesterday I got started on the January Lizzie Kate Stamp...
I'm using 14ct oatmeal Aida for the Lizzie Kate Stamps that I got at a flea market with my mom. There was a lady from a nursing home selling all her cross stitch things. I got a table full of Aida and Mill Hill kit for $100 and should have been $300 plus easy. This oatmeal aida was a 2 yard piece. Love the way it's turning out so far.

I also wanted to tell you about a new SAL that I just heard about. The lovely Rachel over at Ten Hour Stitcher is going to host a new FF(Fully Finished) SAL. The idea is to finish some of those pieces we have hiding in a drawer. According to my side bar I have 53 things I want to finish!!! So pop over to Rachel's blog to find out more about that. It's supposed to start February 10th and then run the 10th of every month after that.

Also I received an email from Amanda from Cross Stitch Angel about a mini SAL to stitch up the Mill Hill Sea Turtle. We are going to start working on it Monday together though miles and miles apart. If we don't finish it Monday we will hopefully finish it Tuesday. So I'm looking forward to that. Here is where I am with that one right now...
I started this one for Jo's Longest Day SAL in 2017. I only have the 1 day of progress on it so far. So about time to finish it off. Plus it's on my Extreme Challenge 1 list. So we'll see how that goes starting Monday.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend. We might get snow this weekend and I can't wait. I love snow! Stay warm and safe.

Jan 7, 2019

Monday Update and Extreme Challenge

Hey it's a normal Monday where I'm doing Monday type things. Must be time to get back to normal routine finally. So I'm here with a Monday Update. I've sure been posting a lot lately. Hope you're not sick of me. Last week I had 3 new starts to talk about...

Dragon Eye for New Start New Year - Only have the 1 day progress on it so far.
Mom's January Nautical Pillow - Started and finished it. She already has it on display.
4 Seasons Winter - I showed you the picture of the new Erica Michaels piece I was ready to start Saturday remember...
Here it is after the weekend...
Saturday I started and got the little bird and the first tree to the right of it. The background had 2 suggested colors. I tried the first one and it was just way too dark. You couldn't see the tree at all. So guess what I got to do. Unstitch it all. Let me tell you 40ct over 1 tiny little stitches do not want to come out. Took me FOREVER to get it out. Luckily I didn't break the gauze. I got the bird and the first tree to the right back in with the lighter blue background. I really like this color and glad I took the time to change it out before I went any farther. That sure took all my stitching time though. Saturday evening Fred's company paid for us to go to a local hockey game. We hadn't been to a hockey game since high school so just a few years ago. It was a lot more fun than we thought it would be. Even though it took away stitching time haha. Sunday I was able to get the rest in the picture stitched and then got a really bad headache so no more stitching tiny for the day. Fred took down most the outside Christmas lights. It's sad to see them go but we still have several winter time lights inside we leave on so that makes it okay. It was a nice weekend overall.

I seen an announcement on the Soulful Stitching Facebook group. It was a new event called the Extreme Challenge that goes along with the YOW I have already posted about. She released the information and boy it is a challenge indeed. You add a 2nd album with the same amount of WIPs as your day your birthday is on. I first thought no way I'm not adding any more. Then I remembered there were several I had wanted to add to my list but already had my 40 picked out. So I got to looking this morning and I'm joining in. I came up with 13 other WIPs very easy. Yep I'm crazy. But this are all from my WIP totes and I'm really trying to get that number (71) down. So let's try it. What's it going to hurt? Right? So let's see which 13 WIPs I picked to play along...
If I finish any of these I will be happy. We will see. I hope everyone has a great week. We are supposed to get rain, wind, and snow this week so that should mean lots of stitching time.

Jan 6, 2019

Intro to 2019 WIPocalypse

Today is the first kick off for the 2019 WIPocalypse. Head over here to find the first check in post and hear more about this fun SAL.  For this SAL we are working on all the WIPs we can before the world ends. I personally think since my stash is so HUGE the world could never end. That just wouldn't be fair now would it? I need time to stitch it all of course. Let's be honest with my ever growing stash I'm pretty sure stitching it all will never happen but I can sure try.

I personally like to use this SAL as an excuse to write down what I work on each day. I keep a planner beside my stitching area and just keep track of what I worked on that day. It helps when someone asks how long a project has taken me. I also use my YOW (Year of WIPs) list from the Soulful Stitching Facebook Group where the goal is to pick a list of WIPs and finish half at least to be entered into drawings. Last year was my first year joining that and I enjoyed it. I picked 20 projects and finished 12 of them. So since I knew it had to be posted soon I've been worrying and worrying about what to put on my list. I swear I've changed it a million times including today right before this post. Here is my final plan....I think.....

My list of 40 Things I want to Focus on this year:
1. 4 Seasons - Winter
2. 4 Seasons - Spring
3. 4 Seasons - Summer
4. 4 Seasons - Autumn
5. 99 Bottles of Beer
6. Beer Dragon Page 2
7. Beer Dragon Page 3
8. Beer Dragon Page 4
9. Cabin Fever MH
10. Christmas Celebration
11. Christmas Jars
12. Dragon Eye Page 1
13. Dragon Eye Page 2
14. LK Stamp - Jan
15. LK Stamp - Feb
16. LK Stamp - Mar
17. LK Stamp - Apr
18. LK Stamp - May
19. LK Stamp - Jun
20. LK Stamp - Jul
21. LK Stamp - Aug
22. LK Stamp - Sep
23. LK Stamp - Oct
24. LK Stamp - Nov
25. LK Stamp - Dec
26. Nautical Month - Jan
27. Nautical Month - Feb
28. Nautical Month - Mar
29. Nautical Month - Apr
30. Nautical Month - May
31. Nautical Month - Jun
32. Nautical Month - Jul
33. Nautical Month - Aug
34. Nautical Month - Sep
35. Nautical Month - Oct
36. Nautical Month - Nov
37. Nautical Month - Dec
38. Spring Bell Pull
39. Under the Sea SAL
40. Wish Upon A Starfish 
It's not as crazy as it seems. 24 of them are my two monthly sets. I just finally did it right and actually used a WIP number for each one like suggested. Last year I combined too many into one WIP and that didn't help my number of finishes look right. That's why I only took off 9 things from my WIP list and yet I finished 33. It will still happen with my major WIP list but not my YOW list which will make me feel better just trust me haha. I have also added some page finishes for my full coverage pieces. They are supposed to be a WIP too for the YOW. So I think I did it right this time hopefully.
I have so many other WIPs that I could finish up quickly in my totes too. I will hopefully work some of them into the year as well. These are just my focus pieces for the year. See you at the next check in January 27th with what I've worked on. If you joined in I look forward to seeing what your goals are too.
If I still have your attention I would also like to encourage my readers to go check out a new blog that a friend is doing. Her name is Janet and her blog is Janet Jabber. Please stop by and Welcome her to the blogging community.

Jan 5, 2019

The People's Choice -- New Starts

It's the first Saturday of the month. This means it's time for a post on the Let the People Choose Topic of the Month. This month the theme is New Starts.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm all for new starts. Hence why I have 71 pieces in my WIPs totes haha.

I love the feel of a new start. Fresh new fabric. You create something from nothing. Blank becomes something beautiful.

Debbie was a favorite blogger of a lot of people and she really loved her new starts. I enjoyed following her blog and she would do new starts every day for most the year I think. But she really loved a challenge called Crazy January Challenge. So in 2015 I joined in. There were two versions. One you could start something new the first 15 days. So in 2015 I started 15 new pieces. I enjoyed it a lot. Debbie passed away one morning when she took her dogs out for a walk very unexpectedly. So in 2016 in her honor I started a new piece every day in January. It was crazy but yeah it was fun. Then I realized I just had too many new starts and needed finishes so I quit joining in.

I still do new starts though don't worry there. In fact this year already I've had 2 new starts...
The top one is Dragon Eye from an Etsy store called EvasDesignsBg. The bottom set is from a book called Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch. I'm doing them individually as little decorative pillows though. I finished up the 1st one in my last post. Scroll down and have a look if you haven't seen it.

So since I have a finish on the 1st January pillow and today's theme is New Starts what better reason for another new start today...
You've seen me stitch these little pieces before. This is another Erica Michaels Petite called 4 Seasons Winter. I'm hoping to finish all 4 seasons this year. The stitch count is 105 wide x 105 high but will end up being 2.6 inches square since it's stitched on 40ct silk gauze.

See ya back on my blog tomorrow for the opening WIPocalypse for the year. I'll finally reveal my goals for the year.

Jan 4, 2019

First Finish of the Year

January from Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch Book
Picture is Front and Back Photo Together
Stitched on 14ct White Aida Fabric
Threads are Suggested DMC
Jan 2nd. Took 3 Days. 
Mom's first monthly pillow is all finished and put together. So not only a finish but a finished finish.
I need to take a moment now to honor my dear friend. I got the call Thursday morning at 2am that my dear friend had lost her fight with cancer. We met this family through our hobby Geocaching. We met in 2006 and for some reason we just clicked. Throughout the years we have became family practically. Their son who is 16 now is Jeremiah's best friend. He's the one in the photo I shared of Jeremiah and him swimming together in October. She was told in October she had 2 to 6 months to live. We luckily got to see her two times before she left us. When Bernice passed Damein wanted to call his Aunt Katie and I'm so thankful he knew he could call me no matter the time of night. We will miss her so much. She was a wonderful mom, wife, and friend. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Jan 3, 2019

Blog Fun

I thought I would make a quick post to share all the fun blog things I will be joining in on this year.

On the 1st Saturday of each month Jo is hosting the People's Choice SAL. You can go to Jo's Blog to post your link up if you join in. Each month will have a theme and you make a post with whatever you feel comes to your mind for that theme. Right now the upcoming themes are...

January -- New Starts
February -- Hearts
More Coming Soon

On the 15th of each month Jo is again hosting the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. You can go here to sign up. Jo will post a link up on the 15th if you would like to join in you can just link up. The idea of this SAL is to share all things you have either received as a gift or are stitching as a gift for others.

International Hermit Stitch Weekend or also known as IHSW is the 3rd full weekend of the month. The link up for this one is now located on a Facebook group and the Wonderful Jo posts a blog link up on her blog for the bloggers who don't Facebook too. The idea of this SAL is to warn your family grab your stitching and stitch the weekend away. Post your before and after progress to show how much you were able to get done. Great excuse to avoid chores...for just one weekend a month.

On the last Friday of each month Mary's Thread is hosting the 2019 Smalls SAL. She has taken over for Heather who started this wonderful SAL. The idea for this SAL is stitch up something small each month and maybe even get it finished off. Then at the end of the year you will have 12 finished finishes. I use this one as an excuse to stitch up a small monthly design all year to display to represent the months throughout the year. This year I'm doing two sets. One for me and one for my mom. I'm trying to do them in the month they are for and keep up which we all know is the real challenge for me.

On the last Sunday of each month is WIPocalypse on Measi's Blog. Go here to sign up. The idea for this SAL is to finish all our WIPs before the Apocalypse. I think the more we have the more it holds it off. I've noticed a lot of different ways of participating in this one. Some people pick a list of 19 projects for 2019. I use this as an excuse to keep track of how many days I've spent working on what WIPs. I have 71 WIPs in my tubs waiting to be stitched. My goal as always is to finish as many as I can throughout the year. I tend to add new ones throughout the year to make sure the number never gets to Zero just to be safe.

I'm also participating in Soulful Stitching Facebook group's year long challenge called YOW which stands for Year of WIPs. There are some rules but basically you pick more than 18 projects. Post a photo of the starting progress by Jan 18th. There are some goals throughout the year like you get entered in a drawing if you finish 3 by April and 6 by July. At the end Dec 18th if you have done everything correct and finished more than half of what you picked you get entered into more drawings. It's a great push to finish up some WIPs that you want finished. Last year was my first year joining in. I finished 12 of 20 I picked out.

The only other thing I can think of is the wonderful Jo (who as you can tell is a pretty awesome blogger to follow) also tends to post really fun blog hops on her blog throughout the year. She will post information about them before it's time to join in. I would definitely suggest watching her blog if you don't already. They are always so much fun to participate in.

So any fun blog SALs that I missed? Please share if you have a different one. I love blogging. I started blogging in 2005 and here in 2007. I write my blog like I'm writing a letter to a friend that stitches. If you read it Thank you. I love all the great comments. I count many of you as real friends even though we've never met. We are a great community.

Jan 2, 2019

WIP Wednesday

It's that weird time of the year where I have no idea what day it is.....well to be honest I'm like that most the time haha....but with Fred having this day off and that day here off I'm so confused. But I looked and today is Wednesday. So instead of a Monday Update you get a WIP Wednesday sound good?

In my last post I said I was working on Beer Dragon. I put 600 more stitches into this one in 3 days. This finished up the 1st page...
Beer Dragon from Paine Free Crafts
Finished Page 1 of 30
Stitches in 4,800 now which took 11 Days
Fabric 32ct Lambswool Jobelan 1 Thread Over 1 Complete X
Reminder of what it will look like...
I had a New Start for the New Year planned but I wanted to wait until the 1st to start it like I was supposed to.....for once haha...So anyway Monday I pulled out an old WIP that wanted attention...
Wish Upon A Starfish I'm stitching on 25ct Soft Pink Lugana since it's fully covered. I started this one for the January challenge in 2015. Here I am with it now on Day 7...
This one will be finished this year....hopefully.

It was finally the 1st and time for my New Year New Start. Here is the one I picked...
Let me introduce you to Dragon Eye from EvasDesignsBg on Etsy. This one is a Christmas gift from my hubby 2018. I'm stitching it on 32ct Lambswool Jobelan 1 thread over 1 complete X. Here is the first 200 stitches in...
We were watching movies and went out to eat and get some groceries so my progress wasn't as much as I wanted of course. But it's a start at least. It will be back on my Q-Snaps soon.

Today though I want to start one of my new monthly sets. Hang on I'll have Jeremiah pick which one.....he picked out mom's Nautical Year set.

I know I haven't posted my new plan for 2019 but there is a WIPocalypse update on the 6th where we talk about our plan so I figured I would just wait and do one big post. Hang in there. Plus honestly I keep editing my plan anyway. Have a great rest of your week. I'll leave you with a picture of us ringing in the New Year...
Mom, Jeremiah, Me with Fred in front taking the photo. Let's make a great 2019!!

Dec 30, 2018

December WIPocalypse

Today is the last Sunday of the month. It's also the last Sunday of the Year. The WIPocalypse SAL is a fun one with the purpose for us to finish all our WIPs before the Apocalypse. I'm pretty sure I will hold it off forever with the stack of WIPs I have.

In January I had grand plans. I always do at the beginning of the year. But I really stuck to it pretty good. I picked out my list of 20 projects for the Soulful Stitching Group and wanted to get as many of those finished that I could. I finished 12 of them! So I'm very happy with that. I also didn't start a lot of unplanned pieces throughout the year.

Let's see which unplanned projects I couldn't avoid...

Ocean in Bottle I bought and started in March. It was too cute to pass up. Beer Dragon had to be in my life along with 3 seasonal pieces (Snowy Visitor Foxwood Sleds, Thankful Pumpkins, Turkey Time Freebie from Erica Michaels) in November but I did finish up the seasonal pieces. 2 pieces (Durene Jones 3D Ornament, Please Santa) popped up this month that I hadn't planned but again I finished both of them. I've finished 33 projects this year. So I'm happy with that!

So let's see what I've worked on since November 25th the last WIPocalypse check in...

Beer Dragon from Paine Free Crafts -- 4 Days. I'm back on this one right now. So I will wait and update this one later with a hopeful page finish.

Christmas Celebration Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin-- 2 Days. Just couldn't get into this one. Hopefully sometime in 2019 I will finish it off. Here is where I'm leaving it right now...
Snowman Cubed Ornament from Durene Jones -- 7 Days Start to Finish...
Durene Jones December Calendar -- 4 Days Start to Finish...
Please Santa Stop Here by Rovaris -- 6 Days Start to Finish...

Before last year I counted all my WIPs in my tubs. I had 75. I marked off 9 from the list. I have added 5 new ones to the tubs so now I have 71 going into 2019. No I haven't counted the tote of things I have in my stash that could be started. No I'm not going to either so shush haha. I've picked 36 pieces for my new YOW 2019 list. But I did it right this year (mostly). The Lizzie Kate and Nautical year count as individual pieces. So does full coverage pages like Beer Dragon. I will be back to reveal my choices I picked out beginning of 2019. I can't wait to see what lovely comments I get in 2019. Thanks for reading my blog. I love writing it!

Dec 28, 2018

December Smalls SAL and 2019 Smalls

The last Friday of the month is a check in for the Smalls SAL. Even though Heather (the host) hasn't been around several of us are still continuing because we love this SAL. I really hope Heather pops back on soon and hosts again next year. If not I think several of us will just keep posting anyway haha.

This year I decided to do another year long monthly type design. I picked Durene Jones Calendar which Rachel stitched last year and I fell in love with. I got December all finished up this month...
Here are all 12 finished now...
I finished all but one on time and that one the stitching was finished just needed to assemble it the next day. So I definitely call that a success. I just love how they turned out.

Next year I'm sticking to a year long monthly design but this time I'm not doing one set I'm doing two!

First up is the Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamps...
I'm also doing a set from Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch Book for mom that I will call Nautical Year. This photo is one I found online to show what it will look like...
I'm going to do each set into individual pillows like I did with the Durene Jones Calendar.