Sep 18, 2017

Halloween Camping

We decided since this was our last family camping weekend at The Barn we would have a Halloween party. I just LOVE Halloween! Here is our home away from home...
The 4 wheeler is Jeremiah's "electric wheelchair". It's not a real 4 wheeler. It's one of those kid power wheels. It's perfect for Jeremiah to use to get around the campground. Here was our site at night...
Loved all the fun lights. Here is our fun outfits...
LOL My Tutu and Unicorn rainbow wig. Jeremiah was dressed up at Deadpool in case you don't know who it's supposed to be. Here is the barn all decorated...
Fred helped my Uncle put up the new barn doors. The old ones didn't work any more. Now we've got new ones on both sides. So glad we are able to help out. Normally this time of the year we have to worry about how cold it might be. It was HOT. Crazy. But we had a blast. The memories we are making getting to spend so much time with family and I just can't be thankful enough. We look forward to more camping trips next year.

Sep 11, 2017

Hey Look Stitching

Yep guess what I can still cross stitch haha. Remember this cute set?
I worked on it again over the weekend. I finished the one in the bottom right corner July 19th remember...
After that I started on the one in the top right the pincushion. Now I have 4 days into it...
One side to go now. Can't wait to see this one come together when finished up.

Saturday hubby and I had planned a movie date to see the new It movie. So Friday we watched the old one so we could refresh our memory. What a great movie it was. So Saturday we went to see the new one and Wow. I was very impressed. It had a few things that were just like the first one but really it was worth treating like a whole new direction for the idea. They definitely did the story justice. Several times I jumped and both hubby and I was really glad we went to see it. I bet Stephen King was happy with the new movie indeed. After the movie I had seen a preview for another scary clown movie that I found out was on Netflix. So to continue the theme we watched it haha. It was very scary and another we really enjoyed. If interested it's called Clown. It's about this guy who puts on a clown outfit for his son's birthday party and it ends up being a demon and he can't take the outfit off. It was a really neat idea and spooky throughout the movie. We enjoyed our creepy clown day haha.

I wanted to share something else I finished last night...
We always see these kits in hobby stores especially when we are traveling. This one is from a company called Metal Earth and was for sale at Disney World since it resembles the monorail. Jeremiah always loves riding the monorail so we bought it and I've bought several others now because I figured I would enjoy them. This one my first try. I'm not that good at them yet. The piece connecting the two parts in the middle is bent and boy once you bend them wrong you can't unruin the part. So I will definitely need to be more careful about bending them in the future. I did overall enjoy it and will enjoy doing the next ones. Hubby didn't enjoy them as much. He's got big fingers and they are delicate like I said and some of the pieces are very tiny to deal with. So he said he wouldn't be getting more....right now haha. Like I always say when I enjoy something....Great another hobby haha.

I hope everyone has a great week. We have another camping trip coming up this weekend.

Sep 6, 2017

The Blur that is Life

We arrived home safely Tuesday the 29th after an uneventful trip home. Hubby and Izzy (dog) were so happy to see us. Friday Fred (hubby) had the day off work. So we left in the morning to go on our Labor Day camping trip with friends. Jeremiah decided to just stay home with Grandma which is good because the weather was pretty chilly which felt great after all the vacation heat we dealt with.

Several friends ended up having to cancel so it was a quiet camping weekend with the couple who hosted and it made it a very nice relaxing weekend. Saturday we did a fun kayak trip with 3 others for a total of 7. We got a late start so it ended up being an evening kayak trip and it was really fun until it became too dark but that was only the last little bit. We helped them with some yard work which was a great way to pay back being able to camp for free on their beautiful property by the river. It ended up being a very wonderful calm rejuvenating weekend just what I needed.

Now I have the typical HUGE pile of clothes since I had no time to do it after we got back from vacation and before our camping trip. We also went to Walmart today to load up on groceries because it was looking so sad in our cabinets and fridge. Life is just blurring by but at least it's full of great happy things and wonderful memories. So yeah I've only stitched two days in a month but these memories will last forever and ever. My stitching will wait for me. Hang in there stitching will be shared hopefully soon again.

Aug 28, 2017

Vacation Day #15 and 16

Yesterday was our last day in Gatlinburg. We walked over to our pancake place to eat breakfast. We talked about walking down to a pizza place. After all the walking at Dollywood the two days before I decided it was time to go on strike haha. Like everything else in Gatlinburg it was going to be up and down a mountain to get to the pizza place. My hurts hurt so I took the day off. We got food delivered to our hotel and just rested. I didn't even remember to blog that's how bad my strike was haha.

This morning we actually started the van and hit the road. Mom said she almost forgot how to drive. Here is where we made it to today...
Georgetown, Kentucky It's about 8 hours total to home so we drove 4 today and we'll do 4 tomorrow. We hit some rain today but it wasn't too bad. There was a Big Boy restaurant close to our hotel. So we grabbed food and got our room for the night. Hopefully we will be home tomorrow. I know my hubby and Izzy (our dog) will be glad to have us home.

Aug 26, 2017

Vacation Day #14

Today we headed back to Dollywood for the last time. We started our day riding the coal train. We enjoyed it a lot. Then we ate at a delicious buffet we tried Friday and liked so much. After that we got to watch another music show that did a great variety of country music. We were singing and clapping along a lot. We also played some carnival games...
Jeremiah ended up winning big. He even won another one after this picture. It was a cute stuffed dog the size of the unicorn. Jeremiah had a blast. We ended our day with the musical show I loved so much the first day. It was a Dreamland Drive In show and again I would have paid full ticket price just for this show. They are fantastic singing and dancing plus the show is so well put together. Love it!!

On our way today we told the trolley lady it was our last time on the trolley's. So this evening she was hoping to run into us one last time. We were waiting for our red trolley and heard she was on the blue trolley. It was coming behind ours. First the purple one pulls up and the lady knew us from another few times. She jumped off her trolley and said I heard it's your last day on the trolley's and gave Jeremiah a HUGE hug. She said it was so nice to meet you guys and then got back on her trolley. How crazy to think we had affected her so much. Then we were loading on our red trolley. The guy helping load us said Sandy will be really upset if she doesn't see you guys. I said she's 3 minutes away. He seriously said there will be time and took his time loading Jeremiah onto the red trolley. Sandy pulled in but had to turn a loop before she could park behind us. She waved and pointed for us to wait. How do we make a trolley full of people wait? She then got on the radio and told the driver of our trolley to wait. He said Serious? She said Yeah I have people who need your trolley. By the time she pulled up her selt belt was off and she was jumping off her trolley to run to ours. No people needed our trolley she just literally gave us a reason to wait. She got on ours and gave Jeremiah a crazy big hug and kiss on the check. Then hugged Mom and Me and told us have a safe trip home. It was so sweet. She is the manager and has been involved with our entire trip so it was really neat to get such nice treatment from her. I know for a fact they aren't like they with everyone. We've heard so many comments about how Jeremiah's smile just brightens their days. How they are glad to have met him. How they enjoy just knowing he's who he is. I'm so thankful. Jeremiah loves life and we love each other. After walking around dealing with countless people who are just tired and grouchy it's sad to think we are the minority. I guess I'm glad we are different because I love being this way and couldn't imagine being any other way. How amazing to see how you have affected people in a positive way. Believe me I'm tired, hot, hurt from all the walking, have now caught Jeremiah's head cold, and totally sick of dealing with stupid people but I smile and treat others how I wish I was treated. Why be any other way?

Aug 25, 2017

Vacation Day #13

Today we headed back to Dollywood. It was finally a little cooler. Like 10 degrees lower. I still sweat horrible of course but I didn't feel like dying all day haha. Jeremiah has developed a head cold but we toughed it out and still had a great day. We started the day at the park with a fun car ride...
Jeremiah always loves doing these car rides. He drives like a crazy person though haha. He said he'll stick to the cars on tracks they are a lot more safe. We also got to see a wonderful gospel quartet show with Kingdom Heirs. They were fantastic and reminded mom of her dad and Uncle singing in their quartet so many years ago. We did a ton of walking and played some fun carnival games. We won a arm full of stuffed animals...
We even went back after this picture and won several more. Jeremiah got an awesome air brushed shirt. Mom said I always had them growing up so it was time for him to have one too...
Then we got to see a show called Wings of America. They are a foundation that raises awareness on birds of prey. It was a wonderful show!!!
Let's see. Top to bottom captions...1. The Show 2. Our great seats 3. Screech Owl 4. Barn Owl 5. Black Vulture 6. Bald Eagle. There was more but these are my favorite pictures to share. It was a great show. This group is responsible for so many different birds. I think they said they had 72 birds right now. They have also released 159 bald eagles back to the wild. Wohoo! At the end of the show they had a cute way of collecting donations...
His name was Tuck and he would take money out of your hand and put it in the box. He is a African Pied Crow. The money goes toward the care of the many birds of prey they take care of. We donated $20 and Jeremiah got an awesome t-shirt and bag. Fun but a great cause indeed. We really enjoyed the show. We headed back to hotel after another great day.

Aug 24, 2017

Vacation Day #12

We started our day with plans. Since Dollywood isn't open today. (They close on Tuesdays and Thursdays this time of year.) We planned to eat breakfast and go over to Pigeon Forge to do some shopping.

We ate a delicious breakfast at our favorite pancake house. It's getting cute because Jeremiah is a celebrity now there and they all come over to say Good morning to him. It's a Hi Honey. Here Ya go sweetie. Kind of place. When we got ready to head over to Pigeon Forge mom started to not feel well. Her diabetes isn't appreciating all the activity and not just walking but hard up hill mountain walking. So she decided to rest instead of walking more today and irritating it even more since we are going back to Dolllywood the next two days.

So Jeremiah and me snuck out so mom could rest. Jeremiah really likes this restaurant chain called Johnny Rockets. It's like a 50's diner. They play oldies on the radio and sometimes the waitresses dance. We've been to several different ones across the US. Jeremiah even has a Johnny Rocket t-shirt. We saw there was one in town while on the trolleys...
They make cute faces and other things in the ketchup dish. Too cute to put your french fries in. The waitress flirted with Jeremiah and I mean really sweet hey cutie type of flirting. It was fun to watch and yet I can't believe he is old enough to be flirted with. Jeremiah and me got to talking I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ate at a restaurant just the two of us. We had a really nice time. We stopped and did some shopping on the way back to our hotel. Mom is feeling a lot better since she rested so hopefully we can have a great day tomorrow back at Dollywood.

Aug 23, 2017

Vacation Day #11

Today we finally got to head to Dollywood. It's a theme park owned by Dolly Parton...
We were here when Jeremiah was 1 year old so only 18 years ago. I didn't remember anything about it other than one theater. Mom loves Dolly Parton and was so excited about coming to the park again. We got to go through this one museum type display of all her beautiful dresses and awards. It was really neat.
Just one section of the awards she has won. Amazing! She is very talented for sure. Then we saw this one theater was getting ready for a show so decided to see what it was about...
It was a time travel through music show. From the 50's through the 70's. It was so well done I would honestly have paid the full ticket price just to watch this show. I was very impressed by how they made all these different songs into a full length story and it was really Broadway quality. Jeremiah really enjoyed it a lot. I even shed a tear. What a moving story and show. Amazing. We got to watch another movie about Dolly's life. Then we watched another performance that featured several members of Dolly's family like cousins and nieces. They sang beautiful music and it was really neat because there was a movie screen behind them with Dolly Parton and it was almost like it was live because she sang with them and watched them and clapped along. It was very well done.
It was a very nice day but we are very glad we bought the 3 day park pass because we hardly did anything according to the park map.

Aug 22, 2017

Vacation Day #10

Today we ventured back out hoping the area would be a lot less busy and it seemed to be. Still a little busy but not near as bad as it had been the last few days.

So we ate a quick breakfast here at our hotel and then ventured out for some souvenir shopping here in Gatlinburg. We walked down to the main street which is close to our hotel. There are shops and restaurants everywhere. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the T-shirts we found but luckily we finally found a store that had ones we liked and looked like they would last longer than the others we had seen. We also found some goodies for Christmas presents. Jeremiah and me like finding souvenir stickers and postcards. We found several nice ones to add to our collection.

Mom and Jeremiah went in this neat Star Car Museum...
Jeremiah really enjoyed it. Here are some of his favorite pictures...
The top one is The Rock's Harley from Fast and Furious. The bottom one is from Ghostbusters. They also had a car that Dolly Parton had owned that was mom's favorite...
Here is another picture I got today...
I'm not that good at getting us in selfies but this one was okay. It was still a hot one so we shopped till we dropped and then ate a delicious late lunch at a Mexican restaurant...
We caught the trolley back to our hotel for the rest of the evening.

Aug 21, 2017

Vacation Day #9

Today was the day of the Great American Eclipse. If you don't know you have to have special glasses that look a lot like the 3D glasses you get at movies. They were sold out everywhere. That's all we kept hearing. When we were going to the Dixie Stampede the other night the lady at the gift shop just happened to open a new box to sell. I figured I would buy a pair if not to use just to say we found one haha. They were going for $5. This morning I heard there was one place in town you could still get them and they were $20!!

The map above is kind of hard to tell but Tennessee was one of the places to be for the eclipse. We heard a lot of people talking about how many thousands and thousands of people had come into town just for the eclipse. Here is a more close shot of just where we are and surrounding areas...
We are in Gatlinburg right above the shaded part in the middle. So we officially got to 99.9% coverage of the sun. I have to admit. I'm impressed with how neat it was to watch. It was one of those things that I thought Oh really who cares? But...I was surprised and intrigued. It really was a neat experience and as everyone kept saying "a chance of a lifetime". Jeremiah even looked and enjoyed it more than he thought he would. He was so nervous because of all the warnings that he didn't think he wanted to look. But now he's glad he did...
Guess it ended up being a good thing our vacation just happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was eerie how dark and weird it felt which is really hard to explain how weird feels. The air felt heavy. It was a very warm day that even got a weather warning for how bad you needed sunscreen to be outside. There wasn't really any wind. And as busy as it was no one was really moving or making noise. It was like the whole world stopped for a moment. Very eerie and weird. See what I mean? As quick as it started it was over and the sun was back out. Everyone was talking about how we experienced something so amazing and we all went our own ways. Back to scheduled vacation after we finish the rest of our lazy hanging at the hotel day.

Aug 20, 2017

Vacation Day #8

We took a vacation from our vacation today. Mom always wakes up at like 5am when we are at home. She always wishes she could just sleep in but her body just won't let her. This morning I woke up at almost 9am which I never sleep past 8am. I noticed Mom was still in bed too. I was shocked. When she woke up I said I guess you need to stay up till midnight more often. She couldn't believe she slept that late. It sure felt fantastic for both of us.

We took our time and walked over to our next door pancake house that we are in love with. It was BUSY. We had to wait probably a half hour but it was really worth it. We noticed the line never died down either. I think it actually got longer by the time we left. We walked to a little store next door to get our own breakfast things for in the morning. We are going to hopefully sleep in again and eat in for breakfast. Breakfast in bed sure sounds good to me. Since it's just so busy and with the eclipse tomorrow we are planning on just sticking right around here to be safe and sound.

When we got back after the run to the store I had one chore to do...
With the heat we've been having laundry could not be put off any longer. Fresh smelling clothes is a must haha. I told mom I want to have more than one set of washing/drying machines at home. It goes really fast when you can do two loads of laundry at the same time haha.

We ordered Dominoes Pizza delivered and relaxed the rest of the day. We had several TV shows we needed to catch up on since we've been out so late having fun the past week. It was a very nice very relaxing day.

We have been glancing out the window and watching the crazy crowds of people walking down the street. It's so busy out there! They are doing some free concerts nearby and with the eclipse tomorrow and tourists it's busy busy busy. Unfortunately we've heard so many sirens. We are so glad we decided to stay in for the day. Now to see if we all survive the eclipse tomorrow haha.

Aug 19, 2017

Vacation Day #7

We started our day with a breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast room was packed and I heard our hotel is completely sold out. We had tickets for a show and one goal today. To find a TV Guide. My hubby has to setup our DVR at home for the week and it's a lot easier if we can find a TV Guide to see what will be on each day. So I started with a walk down to a Walgreens nearby. I decided to get some pop/soda (whatever you call it haha). Of course it was an easy walk down the mountain but not so easy back up with the pop haha. Oh well I made it but no TV Guide.

We left the hotel at about lunch time and started the 4 trolley trip over to Pigeon Forge again. Beside our show for tonight was a new to us Paula Deen restaurant. We have eaten at the one in Savannah and figured it would be just as delicious. We had about a half hour wait but we had time. Unfortunately we were disappointed with our food. I don't know if they were going too fast to serve all the people because of how busy it was but just didn't taste very good at all. Other than the creamed corn, which brought back memories of my Grandma's cooking, and dessert. We got done and walked over to our show for tonight...
They are a clean comedy show. They have been here for 25 years now even though they were told they would never be successful being a clean act. I've seen the show before back when Jeremiah was 1 but remembered it was just fantastic and couldn't wait to see it again. Boy I wasn't wrong. It was the best show! Juggling, Clogging (kind of like tap dancing for those who don't know), singing, and all the comedy was just the best. We laughed so hard. Plus they had a too cool parrot act where a bunch of different parrots did amazing tricks. Jeremiah LOVED the show and was just all smiles the whole time.

So on the way back we decided I would jump off the trolley at the Walmart to find our TV Guide. They always have them. Mom and Jeremiah stayed on to go to the hub in Pigeon Forge rather than have to get off and load on another time. I ran into the store. They had the TV Guide but the one from last week that is old after tomorrow. Not next week's that we need. Um. Weird. So guess what that means. I get to jump off at another place. Luckily there was a Publix grocery store down the road. I jumped off there and they had it...Wohoo! Crisis averted haha.

When I jumped on the trolley to get back to mom and Jeremiah the lady remembered me. She wondered why we were separated from each other. It's cute...we are recognized. Of course after so many days of using the trolley system they pretty much know us. She made sure to hurry and get me back to Mom and Jeremiah. Then we started our final 3 trolleys 10pm. The lady on our 2nd trolley was talking on the radio to tell the Red Route trolley we are on the way. The lady on the radio said Do you have Jeremiah? We couldn't believe it. Our driver said Yes I do. We were the only ones on the trolley. She asked permission to just go ahead and take us to our hotel. The lady on the radio said Yes just go ahead so they don't have to transfer again. How perfect. She told Jeremiah to have a good night and asked Would she see us tomorrow? We said No we are hiding in our room because of how busy it was. She said Okay see ya guys when you come back out. How awesome! What treatment. I love this area and this trolley system for sure. Yes it's a pain to have to take so many different trolleys but we have really enjoyed our time using the trolley system. Jeremiah feels like someone famous that's for sure.

Here are some pictures to explain how busy it is. The top picture is a Ripley's Aquarium. The line to get tickets was over an hour long. It's just so busy. The traffic is insane too.
Tomorrow we aren't going far at all. Time for a vacation from our vacation. We all need it.