Oct 9, 2015

Day #10

Another educational day but we got to do some shopping too. We drove to Beaufort, NC today. We heard about a maritime museum and knew we wanted to check it out. It was a very nice little city. We noticed a double decker bus tour...
It was awesome! We got to hear all about the local history. It was a 50 min tour and boy did we learn a lot! Beaufort is one of the first 4 cities in North Carolina. The lady joked about how they all claim to be 2nd but according to a lot of history they are really 2nd just in case to be honest she said she would just say first 4 haha. After we got done with that tour we found a delicious restaurant on the waterfront to eat. We found several shops and I had to feed my t-shirt addiction and get some new shirts. Jeremiah found a sticker he really wanted it said "Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories" on it. He has several scars on his legs from his surgery on his tendons so he really thought it was perfect. Then we went through the maritime museum...
It was really nice. A lot of stuff! It had a lot of Blackbeard stuff since they found the shipwreck close by of his Queen Anne's Revenge ship. Jeremiah really LOVES Blackbeard so he really enjoyed it a lot. Here is a few of my favorite pictures while there...
Another wonderful educational day with lots of walking. Our poor feet. Tomorrow we are loading up and moving to another location a little more south.

Oct 8, 2015

Day #9

What a day! First we went to the 2nd of the 3 North Carolina Aquariums. After falling in love with Roanoke Island Aquarium last year I couldn't wait to see the other two that they own. On our way into the aquarium we had a coyote cross in front of the van. This is a pretty populated area so that surprised us. What a way to start the animal part of the day haha.
Just from the outside it looked like a nice place. Boy my first impression was right. This is now my new favorite aquarium and that's saying a lot since I love so many different aquariums. When we walked in we were told it was national octopus day. They gave us each this little picture with a type of octopus and we had to search through the aquarium to find info on our octopus. They had put information signs throughout and it was so much fun to look for our type of octopus and learn everything we could along the way. All the exhibits were very well done and the signage was fantastic. It was just fantastic after fantastic. Jeremiah fed a tank full of trout. We got to listen to a speaker and did a lot of learning. We also go to talk to a diver in the large living shipwreck tank...
I can't even explain everything we got to see and do. We ended up being there for 4 hours! It was a wonderful time!! After all that fun we went to Fort Macon...
It was very educational and we really learned a lot. They had a fantastic movie that told all the history of the fort. We watched it and then walked through the fort to see everything in person. What an amazing educational day. Feels like we walked 30 miles but it was so worth the pain to have all the fun we had. What a day!

Oct 7, 2015

Day #8

We moved to our next destination. We are staying here for 3 nights. I fell in love with the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island last year. They also have two other aquariums they own. So we planned to visit them this year. Pine Knoll Shores is the first one our way to Myrtle Beach. There is also a fort here for Jeremiah to visit and learn about. Mom might have been here before but Jeremiah and I have not so it's always nice to see a new area. The weather was gorgeous this morning for our trip here. It was almost a 4 hour drive but it went without any issues.

We arrived and ate a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant. The area isn't as touristy as Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach but it's nice. Our hotel is across the road from the ocean but we can still see it from our room window. We did notice a few spots of flooding but nothing major. We walked across the road and found a nice place for us to walk out to the beach. The waves were finally settled down. So we could put our feet in the waves...
It was cold at first touch but felt fantastic. Jeremiah had a playing around in it. It's a lot of work for him but so worth it. We also got to see several boats including a shrimp boat...
Also the pelicans were busy eating away. Mom just LOVES watching Pelicans.

Oct 6, 2015

Day #7

Today we finally got to venture out without rain. The wind is still really strong but we could tough that out. We ate breakfast out at our favorite restaurant here Jolly Roger. Then we finally got to go shopping...
We found some nice antique stores and had a lot of fun looking through them. Then we went out to Jeanette's Pier...
It's a fishing pier that the aquarium owns so since we had an aquarium membership we could walk out there free instead of paying. It was fun to experience the wind out there. The waves were gorgeous too. No luck spotting any sea animals though. I think they went somewhere safe instead of being thrown around in the waves. Even the fishermen weren't out today.

We stopped a few other places had a nice pizza dinner and then headed back to the room. We are getting everything packed up since we move places tomorrow. It will be fun to be to somewhere I've never been before.

Oct 5, 2015

Day #6

We braved the wind to make our way to Roanoke Island for the Aquarium. We went last year and I just LOVED it. It was really busy today since it was the perfect place to spend a not very nice day. Jeremiah and I just LOVE the touch tank. On our way out we could hear the pouring rain again. So we put off our shopping plans another day. We ate a delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant and then ran back to the safety of our room.

We played our board game that we got here last year. It's an Outer Banks board game. How perfect to play it here right? We also played Skipbo. I love that game.

Tomorrow is our last day here in Kill Devil Hills before we move on. Hopefully our route will be clear. Boy the weather south of us has just been crazy. We really want to do some shopping so it would be nice if the weather lets us.

Here is a picture of the 3 of us playing our game...

Oct 4, 2015

Day #5

Our luck ran out today. This morning the wind picked up and they were predicting storms in the afternoon. Last night when we stopped at the grocery store we picked up stuff for breakfast here at our room. So we just kind of laid around this morning and watched the waves out the safety of our window. At lunch time we went out and went to this little BBQ place. We had a delicious lunch and brought some for carry out back to our room for dinner so we wouldn't have to go back out if we didn't want to. When we left the restaurant the storm really started to pick up.

When we got back to our room the wind was really blowing hard. Mom and me tried to walk out to the "beach" by our hotel...
The top picture shows how the walkway was sandbagged and you could see the waves coming through. They said they winds were about 50mph. I believe them since I could barely make it through the walkway. It created a wind tunnel too which made it worse. I finally forced my way through and got the bottom picture...the "beach" behind our hotel. The piece of wood near the camera wasn't there and then a wave poked it right into the sand. I was glad I wasn't standing there when it did. I got some video of the amazing waves and then we ran back to the safety of our room. After a little bit the rain started pouring down.

So we've had a nice day of relaxing instead of anything else. We watched some TV shows together on my laptop. Now Jeremiah and me are looking forward to the Fear the Walking Dead finale tonight. We are hearing about a lot of closed roads around us so hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get where we want to go.

Oct 3, 2015

Day #4

Boy we lucked out today. We woke up to a beautiful day. So we decided to head down to Hatteras area. Along the way we saw a lot of flooding...
The tractors spend the whole day putting the sand back where it goes. Guess what they do the next day? Put it back again. What an endless job. With sand on both sides of the highway the water has no where to go. There wasn't any spots we couldn't pass by though so we really lucked out. Kill Devil Hills was definitely lucky in all this flooding lately. We actually couldn't go to the Hatteras Lighthouse. They had the road closed to get right up to it. But we stopped along the way and watched the kite surfers in the sound where the water was safe. When we got down to Hatteras the waves were AMAZING...
Pictures don't do them justice at all. They were 10-12 feet tall. They were just breathtaking. We got caught in a quick downpour but Jeremiah and me just laughed and laughed. Sometimes you just have to play in the rain. Otherwise it was a nice day. We came back to our room and cleaned off. Then we went out to a restaurant that has DELICIOUS crab legs. So I was happy! Jeremiah had some too. After that we stopped at a grocery store and got a few things. Right now tomorrow's weather sounds not so lovely but we'll just have to wait and see. Today was a great day.

Oct 2, 2015

Day #3

We finally arrived at the coast! It was a long WET travel day but we arrived safe.

They are getting a really bad storm that's not connected to the hurricane out in the Atlantic. The weather guy it's basically considered a nor'easter. The waves are AMAZING. I think I saw 9-11 feet waves right now. There was a lot of flooding on the roads but we were safe and took our time.

We are here now for the next 5 nights. We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant right here called Jolly Roger. Then we got all settled in our home away from home. Tomorrow we'll start the sight seeing finally and not just traveling.

Oct 1, 2015

Day #2

We hit the road this morning and Mom and Jeremiah were very happy since we got to stop at the Tamarack. It has a delicious food court. Jeremiah looks forward to the chicken tenders. Mom looks forward to the apple crisp. Luckily it's right in time for lunch when we stop there. It was very good and we looked around at all the beautiful pieces done by the local artists. They had a lot of different things this time so that was interesting.

Unfortunately we hit a lot of traffic today. We saw a sign that said there was construction ahead. We never saw the construction but for some reason traffic stopped for over an hour. Here was our view...
This was when our side had finally started rolling but boy look at the north bound side. We survived the trip but it sure went longer than we had planned. But we arrived...
Our stop tonight was Mount Airy, NC. This is where Andy Griffith was born. Tomorrow we will head over to the coast. The weather people still have no idea exactly where the hurricane is going. Sounds like we will have a wet few days for sure. But we are ready. At least we'll get to watch that gorgeous ocean out our window haha.

Sep 30, 2015

Day #1

Hello from the road. We headed out this morning. This is a route we have traveled so many times now we knew right where to go. That's always nice. This hotel is a perfect distance from home. I'll tell you what though I swear Ohio grows when you are trying to get out of it. It takes forever to get across it haha. It was a little over 5 hours and we were all sure glad to get out of the vehicle. Jeremiah even said he hurt. It's so weird since all you do is ride but it still tightens you up.

We got here and ordered my yummy Italian that I like so much called Napoli's. They have this delicious spaghetti dish with pepperoni on top. It's so good. I look forward to it every time we stop here. Tomorrow it another travel day. We are sure watching the news. There is a hurricane they are watching closely and of course they keep talking about it could hit right where we are going. Here's hoping it's not as bad as it could be!! Today we had just a few sprinkles so it was a good travel day. Let's keep it that way tomorrow.

Sep 29, 2015

Christmas Pals Ornament Finish

Part 4 of 6 Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions
Used kit threads and 14ct Aida
Changed French Knots to Beads of Similar Color
Started kit for CJC Day 1. Took 5 Days.

Just in time. Got him finished up last night. We hit the road tomorrow so it's the last day scramble. I have lots and lots to do but wanted to pop in and show off my finish. I love how the backstitching changed the drab design to an adorable snowman. See ya from the road. Hope you travel along with us.

Sep 28, 2015

Monday Update

Here's what I've been working on. I started the #4 ornament in the Christmas Pals Ornament kit. All I have left to do is white and backstitching. Just have to steal some time.

Linking up to Stitchery Link Party. Stop on over and see what it's all about and what the participants have been working on.

It was another crazy blur of a weekend. Saturday we went to a geocaching meal with friends. It was really fun to visit with everyone. Then two of our close friends came over to the house to visit for a bit. It was very nice! Sunday Mom, Jeremiah, and me went down to our hometown (Wabash, Indiana) to see Mary Poppins play. One of my mom's cousin's daughters was Mary Poppins. I LOVE musicals so it was a great excuse to attend. Jeremiah really enjoyed it and I just loved it. I hadn't seen Mary Poppins as a play. It was very well done. It was very well done for a very small community theater too. Now we have two days to get done since we leave Wednesday. So much to do! But hopefully I'll find some time to finish up this snowman in there too.

Sep 23, 2015

Summer WordPlay Finish

Summer from the Seasonal Wordplay book by Leisure Arts.
Fabric 28ct Antique White Jobelan
Used Suggested DMC threads
Started for CJC Jan 15, 2015. Took 6 Days to Finish.
Wohoo a finish to report. Now I only have Autumn to finish from the Seasonal Wordplay booklet. This makes 5 of the 15 CJC starts now finished. That's my fault for picking mostly big pieces haha. I think I'll pick more small ones for 2016.  Wonder what will jump into my Qsnaps next?!

Sep 21, 2015


I had a very busy weekend but I still stole some stitching time. Here is where I got on my Summer WordPlay...
I got all the blue done. I agree with a lot of the comments on my last post. I love DMC 995 too! Now I just have the boat part which is done in 321. I'm going to stick with it since it shouldn't take me much longer to finish. Just need stitching time haha.

Now on to my busy weekend. Friday we went down in the evening to my mom's old church. They were having a 100 yr old celebration. It was really nice because they had a lot of old photos, including several of my grandparents. It was really nice and we got to see some old friends too. Saturday Fred and me went truck shopping. If you remember his truck quit working and wasn't worth fixing unfortunately. We had been out shopping for trucks and it was sure a wake up call. We wasn't able to find anything we wanted and could afford. So Saturday we went to several more lots and looked high and low. A lot of nope we can't afford those either. We were worried we would have to settle with not being able to get a truck and that's what my hubby really really wanted. One last stop before heading home and guess what?!?!?
We found our new truck!!! It's a beautiful 2004 Dodge Ram. Fred is a happy little boy haha. Everything we wanted except for more miles but at this point we couldn't find anything better that's for sure. So we very excitedly signed the millions of papers and we are now the proud new owners. We traded in my van since I gave up driving. Now we just need to find a home for his old truck. He has a guy looking into it so hopefully he'll get it. Then Sunday we went down to visit my family. We hadn't seen them for awhile but we also of course couldn't wait to show off our new truck. They were very happy for us. So it was a busy weekend indeed.

Sep 17, 2015


According to my calendar this weekend is IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend). I have some things to do this weekend so I'm starting my IHSW after this update. I'm going to see what progress I can make on the Summer WordPlay. Here is where I am now...
It was one of my CJC starts. Here is a reminder of what it will look like when finished...
So let's see what I can get done in between the other things I have planned.