Jul 20, 2015


Saturday was a busy day but I found time here and there to work on Life without Snow by Stoney Creek. I had the song These boots are made for walking....stuck in my head the whole time wonder why haha.

I'm linking up to the Stitchery Link Party. Stop on over and see what lovely pieces have been worked on this check in.

Life Update: Friday when Fred was on the way to work the truck broke down yet again. He was able to fix the part no problem. Then he went to start the truck and it wouldn't start. We got it towed to the mechanic. Mom and me woke up early Saturday to go shopping. She needed new shoes so we went to Meijer cause around here they have a lot better shoe selection than Walmart. I even found me a bright bright new pair of shoes. We also got our groceries for the week since I'll be gone. Fred got the yard trimming done before the heat advisory went into effect. After noon our heat index was 105 to 110 which for around here is not normal. After Mom and me got home Fred and me ran out. We needed to go the pet store to get Izzy (our dog) some treats and we went to Best Buy. We were hoping to make the move to smart phones. We were all ready to sign the bottom line and she said we would get a gift certificate if we came back the next day. Of course it was worth waiting. After I stood up and thought more about our decision I was like wait a minute. We were going to pay more than double a month to have a smart phone. Yeah we could afford it but here we are with a vehicle in the shop. Fred dropped me off at the movie theater and Mom came and met me. We went to see Jurassic World. It was really good. Finally after all that we were done running around and I got more stitching time.

Sunday we all decided it would be a lazy day. It was so needed. Then today was a whirl wind day. I started writing this entry this morning.....yet here I am at almost 10pm trying to finish it. First we were really getting stressed about our truck. No word. Still in the shop. Then the call. It was going to be $875 and no promise it would work. Our truck is a 98 and has 218,000 miles. It's barely been holding together. Is it really worth it?? So it's been a long stressful day. We made the decision to call it done. Good thing we didn't get those smart phones right? So we loaded all our camping gear into my van and we will sit off tomorrow with it. When we get home....we will start truck shopping. Sorry for rambling. Thanks for sticking with me this long. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming relaxing camping trip to just relax and breath for a bit.

Jul 16, 2015

Life without Snow

During CJC (Crazy January Challenge) I started Life without Snow. It's the one in the upper left of this pattern booklet. I already finished the one in the upper right last year. I started it on Day 13. So when I put Embers down I figured might as well pick up this cute snowman. We are supposed to have high heat warnings this coming weekend and he hopefully will help me feel cool. So I might just have to keep him out for IHSW this weekend.

Here is my 1st day progress on him...
Here is where I got after working on him yesterday...
Now to get back to work.

Jul 15, 2015

Embers Update

I finished the 1st page of 6 on Embers. I just LOVE this fabric and design. Only problem is when I work with one thread color I get bored quickly. So I'm moving to another project for a little bit. She will be back soon though.

We finally got our new tent in the mail. We decided to wait and purchase one we really liked rather than rush into it. So yesterday it arrived. Which is a really good thing cause we have our big camping trip next week. Now just cross our fingers for no big storms while we are gone camping haha.

Jul 13, 2015

Monday Update

Here it is Monday again. Thought I would pop in with a weekend update. Friday I reached the rocks on Selkie. So here she is finally with more than blue...
I literally said Wohoo out loud when I started the new section. What a not blue thread FINALLY?!? Of course the confetti stitching will slow me down but it will be so worth it in the end. Friday I also got exciting mail. My two FireWing Dragon designs that Jo forced me to buy haha. So of course I just had to start one. So Saturday I started Embers. Here is what she will look like...
I was hoping she would help show off my gorgeous fabric that I received from Heather and guess what...
It's PERFECT!!! Exactly what I hoped for. A gorgeous pattern but it's not covering up the fabric too much. I'm using DMC 550 over 1. The fabric is 28ct. I just LOVE how it's looking so far. Every stitch I just smile and Thank Heather for the fantastic giveaway she hosted.

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Saturday our local festival was going on. Fred's Ham radio group walked in the parade. He offered to take us with him but being up at 5am wasn't something we wanted to do haha. But it was neat because we watched him on the TV since they televised the parade. Mom had fun going down to the festival to the flea market area. She found some goodies she couldn't live without of course. Jeremiah and me were just lazy. Felt good of course. Now it's a new week. Time to get some chores done. After these strong storms roll through. It's dark as midnight out right now at 10am.

Jul 10, 2015

Turtle Trot, WIPocalypse, and HAP SAL

Today is the 10th so that means it's Turtle Trot Time. (I found this awesome sea turtle made out of bottle caps on Bing Image Search.) I also missed a check in for WIPocalypse and HAP SAL so I'm including those here too. Let's see what I've been up since the last check in on June 2nd...

HAED Hope - 5 Days
Christmas Pals Ornaments - 3 Days (Finished and Started # 3)
HAED Selkie - 7 Days
Spring WordPlay - 6 Days (Finished!)
Advent Animal SAL - 3 Days (Started and Finished Day 9)
Wave Dancer - 3 Days (New Start)
None - 10 Days (Not bad!)

Now let's go through my Turtle Trot list.

1. 99 - No progress this time.

2. Advent Animals SAL - You can go to this post to see the first 8 I stitched last year along with the new one I just finished # 9.

3. Christmas Pals Ornament - You can go to this post to see the latest finish. Now I only have 3 left to complete.

4. Cut Thru Ship - No progress this time either.

5. Hold on to Hope HAED
She is really moving along.

6. Mill Hill Kits (Do one a month) - I missed getting one done in June so hopefully I'll be able to finish 2 this month.

7. Seasonal Wordplays - I finished Spring!! Just need to do the other 3 seasons.
8. Selkie HAED - Here she was at the beginning of May...
Here she is now...
Actually yesterday I finally got to some new colors. I reached the rocks!!! But I don't want to take her out of the Q-Snaps yet so you'll have to wait to see that update. I literally said Wohoo out loud though haha.

9. Snow Drifters Leaflet - No progress this time.

10. Wave Dancer - I started this one and here is where I got...
For the WIPocalypse we get questions to answer too.
What type of things do you like to stitch Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract?

If you have been here long you know I love Fantasy. I also love animals. I seem to stitch them more than anything. Thanks for hanging in there for my thrown together SAL post. Now off to stitch more for the next update.

Summer Post Card Blog Hop

Everyone's favorite blog hop host Jo from Serendipitous Stitching is hosting a Summer Long Blog Hop about our Pets. I LOVE having pets. Right now I have a wonderful dog named Izzy and a guinea pig named Porkchop. So I just had to join a Pets Blog Hop. We were asked to share a photo of stitching that is pet related. I received 2 beautiful pictures...
These are from Vickie from A Stitcher's Story. Pop on over to see her beautiful blog. Here is what she attached with the photos...

"I think pets are a true gift  from God. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I just adore dogs, most especially poodles. ;) They bring me such comfort and joy. Dogs love you no matter what. They are such devoted, sweet companions. Mabel and Henry definitely enrich my life."

Oh I definitely agree. Nothing in the world loves you more than it loves itself other than dogs. I couldn't imagine my life without dogs in it. I've always been a dog mother since I was even a little kid. We are hoping to find another furbaby to add to our home soon. Thank you Jo for hosting this fun blog hop!!

Jul 9, 2015

Long Time No Post

Oops it's been a long time since I posted. First I was busy busy getting everything ready for my 4th of July party. We found a tent we really like but it wouldn't be here in time for our camping event. So we just roughed it inside haha. The backyard didn't dry out but the front yard worked perfect and we talked about just setting up there next year. We had neighbors on both sides of us spend WAY too much money on fireworks and we just sat and got a free show haha. It was a wonderful time full of laughs and smiles. We are so lucky to have some fantastic friends that's for sure. I just spent time talking and relaxing so no stitching for almost 2 weeks! But sometimes it's nice to take a break. I missed the HAP SAL post and I missed a WIPocalypse update but I'm just going to wait and combine them tomorrow for my Turtle Trot post. Sound good? If not oh well you have to wait anyway haha.

I did do something that I just had to stop and show off. Yesterday I finished page 2 of Selkie. Here she is again to show you what she will look like...
I'm working on her from the top left and going down in columns instead of across in rows. So here are the first two pages of BLUE...
34 Days of work on her so far. 15,440 stitches in. 275,260 left to do haha. Okay let's not talk about that part haha. Working her on 32ct 1 thread over 1 thread. I've looked ahead and there are finally some different colors on the next page down. I think I'll be getting to the rocks soon!!! At least there seem to be different shades of blue haha. The first two pages have been a combination of about 7 different shades of blue. Lots and lots of new symbols on the next page. So we'll see what happens. My ONS (Online Needlework Shop - House of Stitches) was able to get the dragon patterns I wanted and they are in the mail on their way to me. So I will work on Selkie until they arrive. I can't wait to start them!!!!

Jun 29, 2015

Wave Dancer

Well this weekend didn't give me as much stitching time as I would have liked. But here is my progress on Wave Dancer. I'm working on Band 10 with the dolphin so it's taking longer.

I'm linking up to Super Mom Stitchery Link Party. Stop on over to see what lovely handmade pieces have been worked on this week.

Hubby's weekend was very eventful. We started getting rain Friday. It was just a miserable rain that wasn't going to let up. But he was able to get setup and was dry since we put up a canopy over our tent. We went to bed here at home and Izzy (our dog) woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me it was storming. I looked out the window and could hear the wind and pouring down rain. Mom woke me up Saturday morning and it sounded like we were getting a hurricane outside. The wind was blowing so hard when we opened the front door it took a lot of strength to get it shut. I heard reports of 55 to 62 mph wind gusts with 35 mph steady wind. Plus we had a river running through our yard which we have never seen so high. I think they said we got 4 inches of rain in a just a few hours. So Fred finally called and my worries were confirmed our tent had been destroyed. Luckily he was okay and other than our tent everything else was okay. So it could have been worse definitely. He was wet and cold so he packed up and came home. Not exactly how the weekend was supposed to go for him.

We are having friends over this weekend for a July 4th Camping event. Hopefully our yard will dry up a little bit or we might have to camp in boats. Plus I guess we will have to figure what we will be sleeping in. So wish me luck. I have a lot to do and a little time to do it in. Hope everyone has a great week!

Jun 26, 2015

Wave Dancer

This is Wave Dancer by Dinky Dyes. I'm pretty sure it's the first band sampler type pattern I've done. It's really fun. It uses silks, Kreinik, and beads. I finished up bands 1 thru 6 yesterday. There is 20 bands total. I figured I would share a picture before getting back to work on it.

Jun 25, 2015

Found them!!

Jo from Serendipitous Stitching is to blame for my excitement. She was "helping" with suggesting ideas for the 2 gorgeous evenweaves I received from Heather in an earlier post. She reminded me of FireWing Designs. I have a few in my stash but I got to looking and think I found the perfect pair to do...
I personally think I would leave the words off. But these would leave so much of the beautiful fabric showing. I have an email in to my ONS to find out if she can order them. If not looks like they are available at Picture This Plus. What do you think? If I stitch them over one they will both fit perfect on the fabrics. The trick will be finding the perfect DMC to use so they show up well.

Hubby is going away this weekend with his Ham Radio group. They are doing a weekend challenge to see how many contacts they can make. He is really looking forward to it. They are camping and will stay up most the night playing on the radios. I can't even make fun of him since I go to stitching retreats and stay up most the night stitching with other ladies haha. Since I had a finish I'm treating myself to a new start. I'm going to work on the dolphin piece from Dinky Dyes called Wave Dancer.

Jun 24, 2015

Advent Animal SAL

Last year I finished up the first 8 of the Advent Animal SAL. Here they are...
I hadn't worked on them since December. So it was about time to get another one marked off the list. So here is Day 9 all finished up. His name is Kenny Kangaroo. How fun these little animals are...
Life Update: Jeremiah is still doing very well. Yesterday was 4 weeks since surgery. The wound is really closing up well. It just amazes me what the human body is capable of doing to take care of itself.

Jun 23, 2015

Wonderful Box Received

I have to take a moment to share what I was lucky enough to receive in the mail yesterday. I just LOVE the online community of stitchers I've been lucky enough to get close to. I know we've never met but I look forward to seeing updates on their blogs. What they have been stitching. What they have been up to. Every now and then there is a giveaway and I enter of course with the hopes to win but not expecting anything. It's just something fun to get a little excited at the thought of winning. Well Heather from Fantasy Cross Stitch has a beautiful blog. She does GORGEOUS stitching pieces and I just love following her progress on the pieces she picks to stitch also she does absolutely breathtaking hand dyed fabrics for her own pieces. She had a giveaway and I won!! Here is what came in my mail yesterday...
The fabrics are too beautiful to stitch on. I just LOVE them. I just keep screaming about how gorgeous they are. Jeremiah said Oh Mom What could you stitch on those? I said well anything. He said But you would cover up the fabric. I said I know!! I have to find just the right piece. The puzzle is awesome. The cat is a good luck charm which we sure need with Jeremiah and his healing. Some yummy colors of floss. Too cool Disney charms from Hong Kong Disney!! Thank you so very much Heather. You spoiled me absolutely silly.

Jun 22, 2015

IHSW spent on Selkie

I spent my IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) on HAED Selkie. I admit to cheating and starting Thursday afternoon after I finished the Spring WordPlay but I just couldn't wait any longer haha. So with Thursday through yesterday I got in 2,180 stitches!!  I now have a total of 14,660 in.

For a reminder I'm using 32ct evenweave 1 thread over 1 complete X. I started in the top left corner and went down to page 7 instead of over to page 2. I'm thisclose to finished with the 2nd page. The 3rd page looks like I will finally get to something other than blue haha.

I'm linking up to the Super Mom Stitchery Link Party. Stop on over to see what the ladies who check in have been up to.

Jun 18, 2015

Spring Finished and IHSW

 Spring from the Seasonal Wordplay book by Leisure Arts.
Fabric 28ct Antique White Jobelan
Used Suggested DMC threads
Started for CJC Jan 5, 2015. Took 7 Days to Finish.
I was finally able to get it finished up today. Just couldn't steal more time the past two days or it would have been done sooner. I really enjoyed this piece. Now I have 2 seasons done and 2 to go. Plus this is another finish off my CJC list. So 4 out of 15 are complete.

Starting tomorrow is IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend). So get out those pieces and stitch stitch stitch. I'm going to work on the endless blue of Selkie for the weekend. What are you going to work on?

Jun 15, 2015

Spring WordPlay

Over the weekend I decided to bring out the Spring WordPlay design. I have the 4 seasons on my Turtle Trot list. I have Winter complete. I had only worked on Spring the one time during the Crazy January Challenge where I started 15 new pieces the first 15 days of January.

Here is where I was after the first day...
Now here I am after 3 days on the project...
These go so fast even though I make mistakes a lot. I seem to make a lot of weird counting mistakes since it's not just the standard X.

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Jeremiah update: His follow up Friday was fantastic. The doc said the wound looks great and is healing perfect. Maybe 3 to 4 more weeks until it's fully closed. He made another appointment for a month away but said if there isn't a reason to come in....don't. So we were really happy with that news. He also went last week to get his eyes checked. So after the doc appointment we went to get him new glasses.