Nov 24, 2014

Weekend Progress

Thursday and Friday I worked on my HAED Hold on to Hope piece. This picture is after 57 days of working on her. I just love her so much. I finished a column and started the next one. Saturday I picked up a piece I hadn't worked on since March and got a few more strands added. Here is where I got on it...
You can find the finished piece here All I need is love...and a dog by Rovaris. I'm using 154 for it. I've really been itching to start a new piece. Seaside Stitches by Jeannette Douglas Designs. I got the threads all sorted out finally. I ordered the thread embellishment package for it. It calls for so many gorgeous threads I've never used before. A lot of silks. I can't wait! Fred is making me working copies today. I think I will start it on Thanksgiving as a holiday gift to myself if I can wait that long haha. What do you think?

Nov 20, 2014

Patchwork Stocking

Well that didn't take long. I would have had it finished in one day but the evening got busy. Too fun to work on.

Design Info: Holiday Pins XI kit from Mill Hill. Called Patchwork Stocking from 2001.

I finished it with red felt on the back that is like a sticker so you just cut it out pull off the paper and done. I made a string ornament hanger and will also include the pin back in case the person wants to wear it as a pin.

Mom is going to a family get together for Christmas and will be using this as a little giveaway.

I think my Hold on to Hope HAED is screaming loudest so I will work on her for a few days.

Nov 18, 2014

Finished Have a Ball!

I have another finish to report. My snowmen finally get their little noses!! They look much better now.

Design Info: Stoney Creek booklet 444 called Snow Drifters. Design called Have a Ball! Fabric 28ct Summer Sky Evenweave. Used suggested DMC and 3 Stoney Creek Extra Small Carrot Button noses. The snowflakes are done in Pearl Cotton # 8 White.

I started this one on January 4th, 2014. Took 10 days to finish according to my records. I keep track for each day what I work on in a little calendar. So just a rough estimate not hours or anything like that.

I'm going to work on a little Mill Hill kit for my mom to give away at a family Christmas party. Here is what it will look like...
It's little so it won't take long at all. I just love those Mill Hill Kits. I've noticed I have a HUGE stack of ones I want to do. I need to work on them! There is one of the Thanksgiving ones hanging in our kitchen and I just love it so much when I glance at it. Makes me smile. So I need to get more of them stitched up.

Nov 17, 2014

After IHSW

I finished the 2nd sled piece I bought at PALs. These are from Foxwood Crossings. They go on the 7 inch sled. I really loved working on both of them. I just LOVE how when you finish the stitching you cut them out put them on the sled and they are done and ready to display. The ACME one had some special threads which I hardly ever use so that was extra fun.

After I finished these I stuck with the snowman theme and worked on another snowman piece I started the beginning of this year from a Stoney Creek Leaflet called Snow Drifters. Here is where I was on the Have A Ball one...
Here is what I got done this weekend...
The picture is better at least haha but you can't see the little snowflakes as well as the top one. The snowmen look so funny without their noses but they get these adorable little carrot buttons and I have to wait until it's finished. I have 5 snowflakes and some words and it will be finished. So I'm going to keep working on this one.

It was a fantastic lazy weekend. Fred had his HamFest to attend Saturday. He volunteered to work so he gets to go free instead of pay for parking and entrance. He had a really nice time and I got to watch a ton of TV shows off my DVR. Saturday we watched scary movies and I just LOVE those. One was about a clown and was called Stitches so that was a perfect match haha. Sunday we watched TV shows and got through so many. I kind of like waiting and watching a bunch in a row cause you don't have to wait to see what happens the next week. Well another week has started. Hope everyone had a great IHSW.

Nov 14, 2014


According to the IHSW blog this weekend is IHSW. I will gladly accept the challenge to stitch this weekend. First things first is to finish my 2nd Sled piece from Foxwood Crossings. I just need to finish the blue thread on the top to make the sled shape. I keep going through my head to figure out what I will work on next but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Too many things are yelling at me to Stitch Them!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. We woke up yesterday to snow on the ground. It was gorgeous. North of us they got surprised with 12 inches. It was where my retreat was so if only we had waited we might have been snowed in haha.

Nov 11, 2014

Finish to Report and Retreat

I put the computer down and finally stitched haha. In just a little bit I had a finish. This is from Ursula Michael put out by Imaginating called Let's Cross Stitch. I changed a few colors to changed the numbers in the stitching. Loved working on it!! I'm thinking of making it into a fun little pillow type finish.

So my local retreat started Thursday. We arrived at 3pm. It's at a church camp type lodge in South Bend Indiana this time. The downstairs has a HUGE kitchen and the upstairs has the dorm room type setup. There were 14 of us. We split up the meals and each are in charge of one meal. I was in charge of Saturday lunch. We had delicious meals. Things like soup, casserole, lunch meat sandwiches, and yummy desserts of course. We also had a huge snack table with the important things like chocolate. Friday my friend and I ran to House of Stitches which is my favorite stitching store in Laporte Indiana. It was only 20 mins away. I got a few things and I needed a few threads. Thursday I had started the sled piece and of course didn't have the threads I needed for it. After that trip out we did nothing else. I literally woke up took a shower and put my lazy pants back on and sat and stitched the entire time. One night we stayed up till like 2am. I just love laughing and sharing with my stitching friends. Saturday I finished the sled and picked up the butterfly to work on. I got a lot done and picked on my hubby for picking me up before I could finish it haha. Saturday evening we did a grab bag exchange and it went fantastic. I got this really cute Halloween pattern that I can't wait to stitch. It was a fantastic relaxing weekend. Now I'm ready to stay home for a little bit haha. No overnight stays planned till December haha.

Nov 10, 2014

November Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse

Today is the 10th so that means it's time for Turtle Trot. The 6th was WIPocalypse and since I was heading to my local stitching retreat I figured it could just wait until today. For Turtle Trot in case you don't know we picked 10 patterns to work on and update the progress on the 10th of each month. Let's see which ones I worked on from my list...

4. Cut Thru Pirate Ship -- Worked on 1 Day at PALs Retreat
Before Pic...
6. Ghoul School by Glendon Place -- Worked on 2 Days at PALs Retreat
Before Pic...
Almost finished the first page. Just need a little more back stitching.

7. Grow Together by HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) -- worked on 2 Days
8. Hold on to Hope by HAED -- Worked on 1 Day at PALs
I also worked on two things not on my Turtle Trot list. I started Let's Cross Stitch by Ursula Michael and here is where I got after 3 Days of working with 2 being this past weekend at my local stitching retreat...
If I just would have had a few more hours it would have been finished. I also started and finished Freezing Season by Foxwood Crossings...
I just need to get it cut out and put on the sled. I spent 3 Days working on it. Loved each second!

This month's check in for WIPocalypse had this topic...What are your favorite and least favorite materials to use in your stitching? My favorite fabric would be 28ct evenweave. My least favorite fabric would be linen. I just don't like the unevenness of the fabric. My favorite threads would have to be DMC cause I can get them easier. My least favorite would be Kreinik cause it likes to be a pain when stitching. My favorite way to hold my material is my Q-Snaps I couldn't imagine life without them. My favorite needles are Bohn size 28 as of right now. I think that about answers the topic. I'll be back tomorrow to talk more about my retreat.