Sep 11, 2014

Last Exchange Finish

My last PALs exchange piece is finally finished. I will use this for the Christmas Exchange. Now just to finish them as cubes. Wish me luck.

Design Details...
2013 JCS Ornament Issue.
Page 92.
Design is Be Jolly by Angel Stitchin.

Sep 10, 2014

Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse

I love starting my Turtle Trot post with a turtle picture. Anyway here it is again Turtle Trot time. Yesterday was also WIPocalypse so I am going to combine the two.

So let's see what I've been working on since August 10th.

Autumn -- 9 Days
None -- 8 Days (Getting better!)
Pirate Ship - 2 Days
Tin Top - 4 Days
Ghool School - 2 Days
Halloween Exchange - 1 Day
Stitched Exchange - 2 Days
Christmas Exchange - 3 Days

Wow I worked on a lot of different pieces in this time span. I also had 4 finishes. So let's see the progress...

Autumn -- A Finish!!!!
Cut Through Pirate Ship
After (Finished page 4)...
Just Nan Tin Topper kit. Bev asked me to stitch it for her. I was able to get it finished...
Ghool School by Glendon Place wasn't started here is what it will look like...
Here is my 2 days of progress...
I finished two of my 3 exchange pieces for the PALs Retreat in October. The Halloween and the Stitched Exchange. I am thisclose to finishing the Christmas piece.
Just need to finish his beard and add some words. I will hopefully be back soon doing a happy dance post.

The WIPocalypse theme for the month is: Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself? My fav person to stitch for is definitely my mom cause she loves ocean designs and so do I haha. Plus since we live together I get to see my finished pieces any time I want.

I definitely got a lot of X's done this month. Wonder what will happen between now and October 10th. See ya then to find out.

Sep 7, 2014

Fun Weekend

Well at the last minute plans changed. Our friend that was coming camping with us was sick. So we changed plans to other fun things. We went to a tractor pull with my Dad and Bev Friday night.
This is a picture of Jeremiah beside a family friend's tractor. We've been to several tractor pulls but never knew anyone participating. So Jeremiah thought it was pretty cool to be in the pit and be beside one of the tractors. It was supposed to storm and boy did it ever but it waited till we were loaded up and headed home. Good thing we weren't camping after all cause it was bad. Just glad it waited cause we had a blast.

Saturday my dad was in a fishing tournament so we relaxed. I got some stitching done and even finished my PALs stitched exchange piece...
This is a freebie found at Designs by Lisa's website. It was a fun fast stitch. I'm going to make it into a cube using the fabric included in the picture. I hope it turns out as cute as I think it will.

After my dad got home we made Apple Cider together...
What a neat thing to watch. I posted a few more photos on my Facebook if you want to check them out. That's my dad and my step mom Bev in the picture and our finished product. Yum! Jeremiah thought it was so cool to watch Apple Cider be made. I just can't be thankful enough for the memories we made.

Sep 4, 2014

1st of 3 Retreat Finishes

Design info: "Boo" Needle Roll by Down Sunshine Lane

I need to finish 3 pieces for my October stitching retreat. I'm doing the Halloween, Christmas, and stitched exchange. Yesterday I got them all kitted up and ready to go. It's always fun to stash dive isn't it? I got started on my Halloween piece and finished it last night! Love it!! I think I'm going to finish all 3 as a cube. I hate the finishing part. It's been forever since I've made one so I hope I can remember how to do it. I have a good link to follow at least for how to help. 2 to go.

Today we are going up to a little festival in a nearby town. Tomorrow we head off on probably our last camping trip of the year. It's been a great year of camping that's for sure.

Sep 2, 2014

Fun Time and a Finish

Over the weekend we went on another Kayak trip. This one was up in Three Rivers, Michigan on the Saint Joe River. We had 22 for the trip. It rained once but couldn't stop our fun. We were on the river for almost 5 hours. It was a beautiful trip and we also found 23 geocaches along the way. After we got done we all went out to eat together. This photo is right after we ate. I'm on the very right with my hubby standing behind me. We spent two nights with friends in Michigan and just had such a great time.

Friday about bedtime Tim (male friend) got a fire call. (He's a firefighter.) Sam (his long time girlfriend) asked if we wanted to go out and see. I've only been close to one fire and it was from pretty far away. My son has always had major respect for firefighters. As I stood and watched the firemen fight this fire I was just amazed. How they put their lives in harms way to save people is sure breathtaking to watch happen. As if I didn't respect firefighters enough before this just made it even more serious.

We got home Sunday and then woke up early Monday morning to head up to Shipshewana Flea Market. My mom sold there for 17 years so it's like going with a celebrity. We had a great time and everyone got some goodies that followed them home.

Also as the title said I have a finish to report. Today I got my step mom's tin top finished from the last post...
I did the stitching part and she is going to do the finishing. I just realized I need to get 3 things finished for my October PALs retreat. I better get busy time will fly by! Hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend.

Aug 25, 2014

2 Finishes to Report

I finished the last of the Cricket Collection seasons. Now I need to take them to my framer so they will be ready to be put on the wall. Spring is still hanging right now haha. They sure were fun stitches. I saw they made monthly ones but I don't think I will be doing them any time soon haha. The seasons are enough. I already have a million other pieces screaming STITCH ME. After finishing Autumn I needed something else to work on for the weekend. I really want to start something new. (I'll get to that in a minute.) Anyway Jeremiah said Work on the Pirate Ship. I said Oh yeah I haven't made any progress on it in awhile. So I worked on it Saturday and Sunday and finished page 4...
This is just too much fun to stitch and then backstitch and see what little details pop out. Now I have a piece I need to do for my step mom. She found it and decided I could do the top for her...
I'm just doing the tin top. It's a Just Nan Over the Top 2009 kit. I have everything ready to go so I can get it finished for her. Then I realized I was really in the mood for Halloween. So I got to looking through my stash and found this...
Glendon Place Ghoul School. It's really just a haunted school not really Halloween only. Jeremiah and I said we would leave it up in our school room year round so it can haunt us. So I'm going to put this in place of the Seasonal pieces on my Turtle Trot list. I kitted it up today so I'm ready to go as soon as I finish the little tin top piece.

Aug 18, 2014

Corn Time

Over the weekend it was corn time. We went down to my dad and step mom's to help with putting up corn. The Sunday before they did 350 bags. We only did 150. It a day full of work but it was a blast. We invited a friend and his son we've got very close to this year. That made it even more fun. Here is a picture...
We picked it, shucked it, cooked it (ate it haha), cut it and then bagged it. It was a very nice weekend. It did rain a little bit but the big tree kept it off of us and we hardly noticed the rain at all.

Last week we started school again. We got started on Tuesday and dusted our brains off. After a few wait what do we do the brain kicked right back in and we were rolling quickly. Jeremiah is doing fantastic. I've noticed his reading speed has really picked up. His speed with math and understanding what the problem is asking is a ton better too. I'm a proud momma that's for sure. When we aren't working on that I've been working on Autumn by Cricket Collection. It's the only one of the seasons I have left to finish. Here is where I am right now...
Getting close. Hoping to be happy dancing soon.