May 20, 2015

Think Big Finished

Think Big! by Heritage Crafts
Started for CJC Day 2 -- Jan 2, 2015
Finished May 19th
Took 6 Days
Wohoo I get to take off Think Big from my Turtle Trot list! Also this marks my 3rd of the 15 new starts for the Crazy January Challenge. What a fun piece. If you look closely I hide the 2015 in the left part of the branch. I always date my pieces and I thought it looked cute hidden there what do you think?

I heard a quiet yelling from my basket of WIPs after my finish last night. Remember this piece?
It's called Inner Tube a kit from Mill Hill. I started it for Day 10 of the CJC. I haven't worked on her since. So she said Um I think I deserve some time. Here is where I left off...

May 18, 2015

Selkie Update

Selkie was out to play again for the weekend. I just love working on her. Yes she is boring right now because I'm in the upper left corner. So it's blue blue and more blue. But I look ahead and get really excited.

So here is info. I'm doing her on 32 ct taupe evenweave. I've been working on her now for 24 days. I have the first page finished and I went down to page 7 instead of over to page 2. I have 10,820 stitches in right now. Here is what she looks like...

Life update. Friday night Jeremiah shut off his Xbox. This always draws my attention cause he LOVES Xbox and I have to normally tell him to shut it off when it's time. He said he was just feeling off. His ear kind of hurt. Well after my ear infection I knew that feeling. I noticed he had a wax build up so I used this medicine to help break that up and got a lot of wax out. I hoped that was the real problem. Saturday morning he said he still felt off and he felt slow. I checked and he had a temperature which for him is very normal when he gets any kind of infection. So I gave him some meds and he soon after vomited. So I called his doctor office and of course it was closed. So I called the clinic I go to and they said they would take him. When we got there he scared everyone by having a blood pressure bottom number of 44. The doc said he's so little and since he had just got sick it might have been because of that or the lady taking it might have been wrong. So we would take it again in a few minutes. They cleaned out both his ears cause the nurse couldn't see his ear drums at all. I joked with him about now he might listen better haha. Then she found out he did indeed have an outer ear infection. In cases of ear infections this one is the better option cause it just gets treated with ear drops. They retook his blood pressure and the bottom number was 68 so that was better too. So he's been resting on the couch all weekend.

This morning he had an eye doc appointment so we got up a little early and was starting to get ready. He said he felt weird again. I checked and yep 103 temp again! I hate when my little guy gets so hot. Always scares me. But with meds we got it back down in a little bit but no appointment today. More couch time. We have plans to go camping this weekend and he really really wants to be better. So here's hoping.

Linking to the Super Mom Blog Link Party for my first time too. Stop on over and see what it's about.

May 15, 2015

2 Mill Hill Kits

Since I had such a busy April I missed finishing my Mill Hill Kit for the month. So yesterday I decided I better get it started since I needed to do 2 this month. Guess what happened?
I got them both started and finished!!! So I'm all caught up on my Mill Hill Kit a Month goal.

Let's see here's the info on them...

On the Left:
Strawberry MHSA9 1991 Kit
On the Right:
Sailboat MHSB21 1993 Kit

Today we took flowers down to my Grandparent's grave. We wanted to get it done before Memorial Day weekend. We also met up with a friend and had lunch. It was a nice day. Now it's guaranteed to storm cause it does every year after we put out the flowers and have to worry they will get blown away. We have some yard work to do tomorrow so hopefully we can get it done before the rain starts too much. Then hopefully I can steal some stitching time. I promised Selkie she gets the weekend to come out to play.

May 14, 2015

Finished Tribal Fire Helmet

Started May 1st 2015
Finished May 13th
Took 8 Days
Used 28ct Blue Evenweave
Threads are Threadworx 1090 and Needle Necessities 1611
Pattern from White Willow Stitching called Tribal Fire Helmet

It's done!!! I was able to get it all finished last night. I just love how the threads turned out. I'm glad I picked just a plain blue to do it on too. Now the focus is the helmet. Next week I'm going to finish it into a decorative pillow and next weekend I will give it to the new owners. We have this couple as friends. He is a fire fighter. We have really grown close over the past few years. When I saw this pattern I just knew I had to do it for them. 

Yesterday was my birthday. 36 years old! I feel old yet I know age is just a number. I keep thinking back to my high school years and I remember just wanting to be 19. I don't know why I just thought that was a good age to be. Now I'm 36. I sure wish I could slow life down a bit. Anyway I did exactly what made me happy yesterday. I stitched and watched scary movies haha. Since I'm on Facebook I know it tells you when you sign in that it's someones birthday. Still I have over 90 people take a moment and say Happy Birthday! Each one meant the world. For dinner we went to this delicious Japanese restaurant where they make your food on your table. It was DELICIOUS. We ate way too much and I'm okay to never eat again but it was fantastic. Plus it's so much fun watching them make it. Jeremiah of course loved it. We had been there before but we don't go except about once a year so it was very nice. I was spoiled with some goodies when we got home. A new t-shirt. This cute decorative lizard that lights up. Some fun cards. A new little duffel bag for when we travel. I was spoiled rotten. No stash cause seriously I don't need any right now haha. 

Now that I have finished the helmet I get to work on something else. My whole basket is yelling at me. Selkie says it's about time she come out to play. I missed completing my Mill Hill kit for last month so I need to do 2. They are both calling me. So I need to get off this computer and see what wins the fight.

May 11, 2015

Tribal Fire Helmet

I've been working away on the Tribal Fire Helmet. Here it was on the 7th...
I finished the first page. Here is the progress today...
I'm getting very close to finished with the red part.

May 6, 2015

Dragon Moon

In the last post I posted a WIP on Dragon Moon. I worked on her another day so I'm ready to put her away for a little bit.

This is 8 Days and a total of 3,360 stitches in now. I'm using 32ct taupe evenweave and stitching 1 thread over 1. There is sparkly Kreinik thread in there too if you can see the sparkly parts.

Now she is happily going back in the basket so I can work on the Tribal Fire Helmet some more.

May 4, 2015


Another WIPocalypse is here. Time to share what we have been working on since the last check in. I will warn you now this is going to be a short check in for me. With vacation I did a lot of no stitching. But we did a whole bunch of having fun and making memories. Let's break it down...

Dolphin Freebie - 3 Days
HAED Selkie - 4 Days
Tribal Fire Helmet - 2 Days
HAED Dragon Moon - 1 Day
Non Stitching - 20 Days!!

If you look down a few posts you will see my progress on the Dolphin Freebie. I actually worked on it on vacation which was a new one for me haha. I normally take stitching and never get it out to work on. HAED Selkie had her own check in on the 1st so let's talk about the other two pieces.

The Tribal Fire Helmet is a gift for a couple I love very much. (Hopefully they don't read my blog.) Here is what it will look like...
Here is where I am now...
I decided to use a plain piece of fabric so the helmet is the focus. I'm using Threadworx hand dyed threads. I'm hoping to make it into a pillow type finish and give it to them on an upcoming weekend gathering. I hate finishing so we'll see haha. I was trying to work on the helmet and from my WIP basket I heard Hey Remember Me?! Stitch on me?!? So I had to look to see what was screaming and HAED Dragon Moon needed some attention. Here is what she will look like again...
Here she is now...
I just LOVE working on this one.

A little bit of a life update. I'm finally starting to feel better. I've been so dizzy all week with this ear infection. Jeremiah is finally done coughing sounds like it. Finally this weekend I was able to get some stuff done. The huge thunderous pile of laundry just kept building up since I was too sick to do any last week. So I finally have mustered the energy to get that chore started. The roof guys showed up and within 22 minutes the job was complete. We didn't get charged a cent. That's my kind of repair job! Well I'm off to get some stuff done. Thanks for stopping by.

May 1, 2015


It's a new month. Today is HAP SAL check in. We show our progress on our Huge @$$ Project at the beginning of every month. This is the largest HAED I've ever done called Selkie. Her picture is on the right hand bar if you would like to see what she will look like. I can't wait to get to something other than blue haha. But she is really fun and relaxing to work on.

Here is where I was beginning of April...
Here she is now...
This is 21 days of work on her. 9,560 stitches total so far. Instead of going to the official page 2 I went down to page 7 instead. From the looks of it another blue page.

Apr 28, 2015

Trip to Clinic

So our payback from having all that fun camping is Jeremiah and me are sick. He's been coughing nonstop. Today I did more sleeping than anything else which is really unlike me. Mom said Let's go to the clinic. I said Oh I can wait. Then I realized my ear hurt. So off to the clinic I went. I had a fever which makes sense cause I've been really cold and a bad ear infection in my middle ear. So meds were ordered. Jeremiah doesn't have a fever so she said his would just have to run it's course unless he develops a fever too. I can't even stitch :o( So I really hope with the meds I can get over this quickly. We still had a blast camping and would do it again even knowing we would get sick.

Apr 26, 2015

Birthday Camping

What better thing to do on a rainy cold weekend....go camping haha. Friday it was actually pretty out. I had a t-shirt and capri pants on. When the sun went down it got cold and then the rain started. As you can see though our tent (on the right hand side) is fantastic. We build a canopy over it. We have room for about 15 people to sit under. So the rain didn't bother us at all. It was forecast to rain all day Saturday too. Saturday it didn't start as early as expected and it was really so light we were sitting by the fire and didn't really notice the rain at all. It did rain later in the day harder but we just moved under the canopy. Then it stopped with several hours left to sit by the fire in the evening. There was 10 of us camping. We also had some people stop to visit too. It ended up being a great weekend. Of course today was beautiful when it was time to tear down and come home.

Today Jeremiah turned 17!!! How is that possible? I swear I blinked in there and missed several years. When we got home he had some presents waiting. Here is one he was really happy about...
It's a hand held PlayStation game system and it came with a game he likes. Next vacation he will have something else to do while in the van traveling along with us. He got some other games, a carrying case, and some books he found at Disney he can't wait to read. So he was one happy kiddo. We have a small cough from being outside all weekend so I hope that goes away soon. Yeah it was cold and rainy but every second was worth it. We have some fantastic friends!!!!

Apr 22, 2015


We got home safe and sound yesterday. Even though the wind was trying really hard to keep us in Ohio. There was a wind advisory from 11am through 8pm. So just as predicted we hit really bad winds. But we arrived home at about 2:30pm. Izzy (my dog) was SO HAPPY to see us. She told me off for being gone so long that's for sure. Jeremiah jumped on his Xbox as soon as he could haha. Mom and me hurried and looked at our DVRs. Wow we have a lot of stuff to get watched!!!! I just need time haha. The wind was still horrible and then we saw some shingles down. Here is what we found this morning...
This sure isn't something you want to deal with right after getting home. But such is life right? We do have a paper from the previous owner about the warranty and it should be covered. The guy is coming to look at it Friday so we will find out more then.

Also just in case you guys thought I forgot this is supposed to be a stitching blog haha. Here is proof I actually stitched on vacation...
I always take stitching with me but never make time to work on it. This time I finally did. I started it April 4th after spotting dolphins off our balcony. They inspired me to work on it that's for sure. This is a freebie from Yiotas. I will tell more info about the details of what I'm using later. This is after 3 days of work so it's sure fast to work on. Now I'm off to do some laundry and pick up my stitching. At least I know I have lots and lots of TV to watch in the background haha.

Apr 20, 2015

Day 22

Our last stop before making it home. Today was a nice short 3 hour day but it was a lot of mountains so that makes it feel like forever. We did get to stop at the Tamarack on the way. It's the artisan place we stop when we are going/coming this way. Jeremiah had his chicken tenders and Mom had her apple crisp so they were very happy. We found a very pretty glass dolphin for my shelf at home. We beat the weather again today. It did get windy toward the end of our trip so it was another reason we were glad to stop. The biggest reason I'm glad to stop though is...

I get to have my delicious spaghetti tonight from Napoli's! I've been excited all day about it. Well I'm off to rest. Thanks for traveling along with us.

Apr 19, 2015

Day 21

This was what our drive today looked like. Actually for some of it the rain was so hard we couldn't see and the fog blocked the vehicle right in front of us. But we survived. It was another 5 hour day and boy we were tired from the start with the grey blah skies.

When we arrived at our hotel we turned on the Weather Channel. A city we had just been in about 2 hours ago was having tornadoes!! Boy we lucked out with just rain and fog!! Walterboro, SC (where we stayed just last night) is under a Tornado Watch till 8pm tonight! Since it rained all day here the heating couldn't kick up the bad storms. So thankful!! Now we are resting. Tomorrow we have a short day of traveling but it's a lot of mountains and it's supposed to be rainy again so I hope we can have the same good luck as today but if it's not too much to ask it would be nice if it waited until we were done in the mountains. 2 more sleepies until we are home!

Apr 18, 2015

Day 20

Today it was time to start the trek home. Fred flew from Orlando to Chicago and then to home. He got up and had breakfast then grabbed a taxi to the airport. I got up and was in the process of waking up and Mom came running out of the bathroom saying You aren't going to believe this?!? There was a lizard on the toilet. The whole time we've been on vacation we have just LOVED watching the lizards. They are everywhere but on your toilet they aren't appreciated. Of course she had just been in there so the creepy factor was extra high. She shut the door and put a towel down to keep him in the bathroom. We got to talking about how the house cleaning staff probably wouldn't be very nice to him or wouldn't even notice him. We started to feel bad for him being stuck inside (of course he got in I bet he could get out haha). So I went in armed with a glass and paper for the "lid". I was really worried he would jump at me or something when I reached down to him. I leaned down. I held the cup up. This little adorable lizard went Oh Okay you are helping me to get outside and just walked right in the cup...
He was so little. When we put him outside we noticed he quickly ate a bug so he might have been inside for awhile. Poor little guy. I'm glad he understood and let me help him out. Maybe Jeremiah being a Senior Wilderness Explorer helped out haha. We loaded up and hit the road north. Evidently so did a million other people cause the road was really really busy. Plus we had a long 5 and half hour drive today. Few times 95 became almost a parking lot and we went a very fast speed of 15mph haha. But we arrived safe and sound. We are following the same path home as we came here since we know the hotels. So we are back at Walterboro, South Carolina tonight.

Apr 17, 2015

Day 19

Last year was my first time ever at Discovery Cove. (This photo I found online shows just a little of how amazing this place is.) It was my first time ever swimming with dolphins. It was also a really stormy day. So we joked about how nice it would be to do it again if it wasn't storming. When we started planning our trip to Disney for this year Mom said Let's go back! I couldn't believe it. I was so excited to say the least. Today was that day. The forecast was the same as last year. Storms all day. 80% chance! But we crossed our fingers and said Please please please. We arrived at the park and it was foggy and not warm. We got our swim time for 9:35. Last time it was closer to noon. So I was a little hopeful it would be before the weather got bad. Then I had to hope the sun would make the fog go away otherwise it was going to be cold anyway. We had our breakfast and the sun came out bright and beautiful. Our swim time came and it was wonderful. I can't even find words to describe how much my heart was smiling. We got to swim with two different dolphins during our time Jenny and Aika. Last time we had swam with Cindy and she was 50 years old. Dolphins live to about 20 in the wild. So we wondered if she was still there but scared to ask in case she had passed away. Just beside us was Cindy. Still living a happy healthy life. We were very happy to hear!! We got professional photos done but they are loaded up with out suitcases so I'll share them after we get home. The rain waited until about 2pm and by then we had done everything we wanted to do. So it was perfect!!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the end. Fred is flying home. Please send good thoughts/prayers cause I just worry so much until I hear he has landed safely. We will start our trip home. We will have 4 days of traveling so we will hopefully be home Tuesday. I have to admit I'm looking forward to being home. I miss my dog. I miss my DVR. I really miss my stitching haha. It's been such a wonderful time though. I'm so extremely thankful for each memory I've been lucky enough to make.