Jul 21, 2014

2 More Little Finishes

Guess what IHSW brought me?
2 more little finishes. I finished Day 3 and 4. Love these little guys. We got a TON of TV shows watched off the DVR too. We had so many we needed to watch. It was a very nice weekend. Now I just have to survive the next 2 days. Actually day and a half. We leave tomorrow after Fred gets off work. It's our party camping trip. It's the one time a year where we act more foolish than normal haha. No kids. No responsibilities. It's crazy fun. Jeremiah will have fun here with mom. They have a lot of plans already. We will be there till Sunday and then drag ourselves home. Hope everyone that joined in IHSW got a lot of stitching done.

Jul 17, 2014

Little Finish

I have a little finish to report...
I'm doing the Brooke's Books Advent Animals. She just released #5 so I figured I better get busy so I don't get too far behind. So here is Peter Polar Bear. The design had I Love Coco but a lady on a Facebook group changed it to say I Love Xmas so I asked permission to copy her. I really like it a lot better for me personally since I'm not a coco drinker.

This weekend is IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend).I've been busy the last several ones but I think I'll have lots of time this weekend. I can't decide what I want to work on. I thought I would work on something else but then I thought maybe I'll work on these Advent Animals. Guess we'll have to see what happens. Pick up your needles and stitch along with us.

Jul 16, 2014

Stitching Questions

A fellow stitcher blog that I follow by Shebafudge posted these fun stitching related questions. I really enjoyed reading her answers and thought I would follow along...

Q1 - How did you start?  Who introduced you to cross stitching?
I was always a crafty person. I love walking through craft stores trying to find what I wanted to do next. I did latch hook rugs. Needlepoint. I noticed the counted cross stitch section was larger (at that time) than the needlepoint section so I stopped to take a look. There was a dragon and I just had to buy him and try it out. I taught myself and have been in love ever since. After I had my son in 1998 it was something I would pick up and do every night while sitting watching TV.

Q2 - Favourite theme or designer
I love fun bright colors. I thought I would love Teresa Wentzler until I realized how HARD her patterns are haha. I seem to change a lot. I love Bothy Cut Thru's. But I really tend to jump around and just stitch whatever I like most.

Q3 - What brand of floss do you use?
Good ol DMC. I enjoy the pretty threads and have used them for a few pieces but DMC is just fine for me.
Q4 - What is your fabric of choice?
28ct Jobelan Evenweave seems to win a lot. I do enjoy using hand dyed when I can find a piece that works. 
Q5 - Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
I'm a floss licker haha.
Q6 - What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?
I fell in love with Q-Snaps a long time ago and have used nothing since. 
Q7 - How many projects have you finished?
Wow I have no idea. I haven't kept as good of records and I wish I did. Just a quick count of 2006 and 2007 already had me over 100 so alot! I've done a lot of smalls though back then. I used to do exchanges with little 6x6 blocks of stitching. I would finish about 50 things a year. Now that it's just my own pieces or a few things for others I do about 30 things a year.
Q8 - How many completed works are hanging in your house?
20 right now. LOL big difference from the last question. I have a few baskets of ornaments and what nots.
Q9 - Do you stitch for gifts or for yourself?
Mix of both. I've done a lot of things for my mom but since we live together I guess it's for our house haha. 
Q10 - Favourite finished cross stitch piece
Wow I have so many.
My first finished Heaven and Earth designs makes me really proud.

Q11 - Worst experience whilst stitching?
I did model stitching for a long time for several different designers. I really enjoyed it until it became a job. I had a piece that I just hated and each stitch made me hate stitching. I didn't even want to work on my own stuff any more. When I realized what was going on I quickly quit and promised myself not to do it again. So far I've stuck to it haha.

Q12 - What do you love and hate about cross stitch?
I love how it calms me down. Something about forming a picture with X's makes me happy. I hate that I can't finish the 3,000 pieces I want to finish haha.

Q13 - Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitching?
No I don't think so.

Q14 - The first project, did you finish it?
No but I think I was close. I have no idea where it even is now. It was a Dimension Charts and Charms piece. This is what it was supposed to look like...
I think I had it almost done maybe. I wonder if I kept it after all these years. Maybe I'll find it one day.

Q15 - How do you store your floss?
2 ways. I have a bunch on plastic bobbins in Jammers. They used to be sold at Walmart in the Hot Wheel section. I have 3 of those. Then the ones not on bobbins they are in ziplock bags in 2 of Fred's boxes (my hubby has huge feet so that means he wears huge shoes and I get the awesome shoe boxes).

This was fun. Thanks for posting Sheba I enjoyed answering.

Jul 14, 2014

July WIPocalypse

Over the weekend was WIPocalypse but I was busy watching DVR and stitching away on what I hoped to be soon was a finish (which it was!). The last WIPocalypse check in was June 16th so let's see what I've been doing since then...

Snow Drifters by Stoney Creek (I want to do 2 Designs) - Worked on 2 Days
Grow Together by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) - Worked on 2 Days
Summer by The Cricket Collection - Worked on 9 Days and finally finished!
Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek - Worked on 3 Days
None -- 12 Days (At least my none number is better than last check in!!)

The pictures are in the post below this one other than my new finish...
This is Summer by Cricket Collection. I have Spring (on my wall now haha) and Winter already mounted. Autumn is the last one I need to do to be finished with this series. Now I have to see what is screaming the loudest for me to stitch it. I also purchased this cute chart...
It's from Artecy called Halloween Minis. A friend on Facebook was selling it and I just had to help her out by buying it of course haha. I think I'll do them as little individual ornaments instead than one big piece.

Now let's see what the topic question is this check in...It’s halfway to Christmas.  Do you start your holiday stitching this early?  If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?
I'm the kind of person that works on what I want to work on when I want to. I don't really do gifts of stitching for the holidays so I guess I would start that now if I had a deadline. Since no deadlines I stitch whatever is screaming loudest. Hope everyone has had a great month and got a lot of stitching done. See ya next check in.

Jul 10, 2014

July Turtle Trot

I just have to start the post with a cute turtle picture because it's Turtle Trot Time. On the 10th of every month we post an update on 10 projects we have on our list. I'm proud to say I finished one which means I get to replace it with something else. So let's see what I've been working on since my June Turtle Trot post.

I worked on 5 of my 10 picks.

Let's go to the Beach by Imaginating
Snow Drifters by Stoney Creek (I want to do 2 Designs)
Worked on Have a Ball
Grow Together by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED)
Summer by The Cricket Collection (Trying to finish!)
Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek
I had not started this piece so here is the after...

If you joined in the Turtle Trot I hope you had a successful trot too. Wonder where we will be on our projects next month. Guess we'll have to stitch and see.

Jun 30, 2014

Time for Christmas

I figured this weekend deserved a new start. Fred was gone for the weekend with his amateur radio club. They had a camping geek weekend haha. So I pulled out my Christmas Banner by Stoney Creek. What a fun piece to work on but it made me really wish for snowy winter weather haha. This is the first page complete. It was a short page. It was a lovely stitching DVR filled weekend. I got a TON of shows watched. Fred had a very nice weekend even though it was really hot and humid. They made a lot of over seas contacts and got a lot of points so he was happy. Well I got a lot to do this week cause we have company coming this weekend. Can't wait! Hope everyone has a great week.

Jun 27, 2014


After my last post I said I was going to work on one of my HAEDs. I put some stitches into Grow Together but it's just a blob so no update picture yet. Then I decided Summer better get some stitches considering Spring is still hanging on my wall haha.

We had so much fun last weekend. We went up to northern Michigan (Roscommon area). We drove up and met friends and went the rest of the way with them. It was a gorgeous weekend. Low 70's and the night time temp was in the 50's. Perfect camping weather. If only ever camping trip could be like that. We did the Road Rally geocaching event. There was 53 caches and 192 miles of off roading crazy fun. It was a blast. We laughed and bounced the whole day. We always joke about our vehicle being allergic to Michigan. It seems like every time we go up there something happens. Well our truck made it fine up and back. When we got up to our friends house they had our trailer we store our camping gear in. Carpenter ants had decided it would make a good home so they were EVERYWHERE! They ate holes in our rain fly. We got them all cleaned out and luckily the damage was minor. Those crazy little ants were at least the only bad part of the weekend.

Monday I had a text message from one of my close friends. Her mother has passed away from cancer. Cancer just sucks. It takes the best people. My heart just breaks for my friend and her family though. So if you can spare any thoughts and prayers her name is Amber. I know she can use them.

Fred is going away this weekend. His amateur radio club is having a radio event all weekend. He is camping with his geek friends haha. So I get to watch my DVR and stitch. Now to just decide what I want to work on. Too many choices screaming STITCH ME but at least that means I have the mojo. Hope everyone has a great weekend.