Dec 2, 2019

Monday Update

I scheduled the Blog Hop post to post way way early this morning. Now we can do the official Monday update. Since I just did the #24HOCS updates you really seen what I worked on last week already I guess. I focused on finishing up the red Christmas Jar. I'm so happy to have it completed. Also every day last week I worked on the Snowflake SAL from Stitchonomy...
Reminder this is a SAL from the Stitchonomy Facebook group. It's the Winter SAL for 2019. There was a time limit to sign up by for free. Now you can purchase it from her store. It's a collection of 27 little snowflakes. I'm stitching mine on 36ct Solo Molino from Silkweavers. The required DMC is 6 different blue threads and white. This is after Day 9. So 18 left now. They are released each day around noon and take just a few minutes to stitch up. I love how cute it's looking already.

After finishing up the Christmas Jar Saturday I got started on Mom's December Nautical piece. Perfect timing since Sunday was the first of the month. Here I got after the first day of working on it...
Reminder for anyone who doesn't know already. These are from Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch book. I seen them on Instagram and just knew mom needed them for her side of the house. They don't really have a name but I've called them Nautical Year. I found out last night I have stitched a few of them on 18ct white aida and several on 14ct aida. But you really can't tell unless you look really really hard.

I was forced to purchase something new today. I seen this one on Durene Jones Facebook page...
I guess it's a SAL from Stitchingly. Go here to find out more. At the end it will have 6 parts to it so there are two parts still to be released. I immediately thought how cute those inside squares would be as individual little pillows. I hurried and bought it in honor of Cyber Monday haha. I don't think I will start them till 2020 but at least I own them now haha.

Speaking of 2020 how fun is it to make plans? My brain is going to explode. Then I remember shoot I better wait and see what Santa brings before I make final plans. Then I guess Jen from the #24HOCS group is making a year long planner. I can't wait to see what that is all about. It will be available as a PDF and we can print it ourselves. Funny thing is I already started a folder for my "homework" so it will work perfect for my official planner too probably.

I hope everyone reading has a great week. We are going to start the Christmas decorating. We have the Christmas tree up and Fall/Halloween decorations on our shelves. How confusing haha. So just have to fix that. We have a fun weekend planned. Going out with friends Saturday and having a sleep over together at their house. We are really looking forward to that. So let's get this week out of the way.

Advent Blog Hop

The lovely Jo is at it again. Another blog hop. The idea is always fun. Hop around to different blogs and see what there is to see. This one is an Advent Calendar. Each day there is a door to lead you to a different blog. We are to share a Christmas craft we have done and our favorite movie with our readers. These blog hops are how so many of us have became friends over the years. So what do you do?

First head over to this post to get the starting point to all the doors.

I'm door number 2 this year as you can see.

So I love seasonal stitching. I just finished up a Christmas Jar from a Dimensions Kit...
The tag is hard to read in photos. Plastic canvas is hard to get a photo of I've noticed. It says Have a Happy Holiday. I have 3 of the 4 finished now...
I also finished this cute Mill Hill recently called Tree Shopping...
Perfect timing because just yesterday we went to the local tree farm and got our Christmas Tree...
Our favorite Christmas movie is a tradition we've had since Jeremiah was born. We watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation every year with my Dad and Step Mom. This year Mom is going to come along with us so she will get to see why we love this movie so much finally. We quote it a ridiculous amount this time of year.

Well Happy Holidays to all. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. I wish everyone a fantastic last month of the year. Thanks for stopping by. 

Nov 30, 2019

#24HOCS December Challenges

#24HoursofCrossStitch Facebook group has these fun monthly challenges. No stress. Just extra motivation to do something fun and pick projects to fit in a theme for the month. The part I enjoy the most is the monthly acrostics. You pick a project for each letter in a word she picks. The name of the project can start with the letter. The designer can start with the letter. Or you can be creative. I've never heard a no sorry that won't work. The group loves creativity. No prizes other than to feel motivated and boy that's sure working for me.  No prizes needed.

For December we have a new acrostic. This one is 12DAYSOFXS. The 2nd goal is to stitch 24 hours throughout the month. So let's see what my acrostic picks are...

1 -- Beer Dragon from Paine Free Crafts
Connection: Over "1"
Goal: At least 200 more stitches
2 -- 99 Bottle of Beer from Ink Circles
Connection: Add "2" more bottles
D -- Christmas Jars from "D"imensions 
Goal: Maybe Finish the Last Jar
The last one I need to do is the one on the left with the deer.

A -- "A"utumn Blessing from Waxing Moon Designs
Goal: At least 1 more leaf added
Y -- December LK Flip It Stamp
Connection: "Y"ear Long Set
Goal: Finish
S -- "S"nowflake SAL from Stitchonomy
Whole bunch of S's in this one.
Goal: Keep up and Finish this SAL
Here it was after Day 8. 19 Snowflakes Left.

O -- Best Friend Santa Mill Hill Kit
Connection: "O"ld Start
Goal: Maybe Finish?
I started this one in June 2017 for the Longest Day SAL and never got back to it.

F -- Christmas Celebration Sampler from "F"rosted Pumpkin
Goal: Make Progress
Another WIP that I haven't worked on in a long time...
X -- December Nautical Year
Connection: "X"stitch23 on Instagram is the reason I bought this set to do for Mom
Goal: Finish
S -- "S"easide Sampler Mill Hill Kit
Goal: Make Progress
Okay there are my plans for December. We'll see what actually gets accomplished. I will be happy with anything really. December is a month full of Christmas shopping, decorating, wrapping, and fun. We also have 1 fun night planned with great friends. Looking forward to that. Let's just hope it's a great month for myself and all my readers. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

#24HOCS November Challenge Recap

Tomorrow is the first. Time to start the last month of 2019. I just can't believe it. So let's do a quick recap of my November acrostic goals I setup for the #24HoursOfCrossStitch Facebook group.

 ✅ R -- Christmas Jars from Dimensions
Start on the "R"ed Jar
Total Time: 19 Hours 58 Minutes
 Guess what I just finished this one tonight!!
Now I have 3 of the 4 finished...
👎 E -- Salt Water Taffy from Joan "E"lliott
Decided to skip so I could focus on the jar. 

 ✅ W -- Autumn Blessing from "W"axing Moon Designs
New start. With all the beautiful leaves outside this one is begging to be started.
Total Time: 4 Hours 36 Minutes
Got 3 Leaves in...
 ✅ I -- Cabin Fever Mill Hill Kit
Connection: "I" really want this one finished!!
Total Time: 5 Hours 24 Minutes
Very excited to report this one is finished too!!! 
 ✅ N -- "N"autical Year November from Sand, Sea & Cross Stitch
Total Time: 8 Hours 15 Minutes
Another finish...
 ✅ D -- Beer "D"ragon from Paine Free Crafts
Total Time: 9 Hours 54 Minutes
Got 883 stitches in...
 ✅ T -- Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamp November
Connection: There is "T"urkey on it.
Another finished piece. 
Total Time: 14 Hours 18 Minutes
 ✅ I -- 99 Bottle from "I"nk Circles
Total Time: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
2 more bottles added...
 ✅ M -- Tree Shopping a "M"ill Hill Kit
Total Time: 7 Hours 26 Minutes
Started and Finished this cute MH kit...
 👎 E -- Adjust your Sails from Little Dove Designs
Connection: It's on "E"venweave Fabric
Skipped this one to finish the Christmas Jar.

So 10 letters. 8 checks. 2 not worked on. 5 finishes!!!! This acrostic SAL is definitely keeping me motivated, helping me stick to pieces, and get them finished. I'm so happy with my progress. 

The other challenge was to stitch a total of 24 hours throughout the month. I normally have no problem with this one at all. This month is no different. Checking in with a total of 72 Hours 23 Minutes.
Be right back with my December challenge goals.

Smalls SAL

Yesterday was the last Friday of the month. Which means it was time for a Smalls SAL. The idea of this SAL is to stitch up something small each month. So hopefully we'll have at least 12 finishes at the end of the year. I started this SAL a few years ago and decided to use it as an excuse to stitch a year long monthly design to display. I've completed 3 sets now thanks to this SAL.

Stop over to Mary's check in post to see what others have finished this time.

This year I decided to stitch a Nautical set for my mother and I'm doing a Lizzie Kate set for myself.

I completed both November pieces...
I can't believe I only have one left of each set to call them complete. Yes I already have next year's set picked out. Don't worry haha. It's a set of fairies. One for each month of the year.

I also finished a small Mill Hill kit called Tree Shopping since the last check in...
I love the way it turned out.

See ya next month with hopefully my last two pieces to complete these sets.

Nov 25, 2019

Monday Update (November WIPocalypse)

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month. Just one month left of 2019. How is that possible?! The new thoughts of the new year are running around in my head. I want to stitch this. Go here. Do this. Finish this. Oh I have to stitch this. Oh yeah this fun thing planned. Oh what about this piece? It needs added to the list. I love this time of year! All the new ideas and push to do better. Anyway it's time for another WIPocalypse post. This SAL is for us to finish our WIPs before the end of the world. Don't worry it will never happen because my WIPs will never be finished. So I'm holding the end at bay. Lots of stitching going on in between Christmas shopping last week. I had 2 finishes!! LOL I'm all over the place with this post. Sorry. You can tell the many many ideas in my head are distracting me haha.

So WIPocalypse. Go here to check in. For this SAL I like to keep track of what I've been working on and how many days. I write in a weekly planner every day what projects I worked on that day. Also because of the #24HOCS challenges I started keeping track of hours I've stitched each day on a stop watch too. Let's look back and see what I've been working on since my last check in...

Halloween Biscornu -- 3 Days. Finished up my biscornu on Halloween day...
Harvest Wagon MH -- 1 Day. Got a little start on this fun Mill Hill kit...
Nautical Year -- 3 Days. Got the November design started and finished up for Mom...
Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamp -- 3 Days. Got the November design started and finished for me...
Autumn Blessing -- 2 Days. Started this new piece...
Christmas Jars -- 1 Day. Pulled out this old WIP. I had finished two of the jars. Got a start on the 3rd jar...
Beer Dragon -- 2 Days. Got 883 stitches added to this one...
99 Bottles -- 1 Day. Added 2 more bottles...
Tree Shopping -- 3 Days. Started and finished this cute Mill Hill kit...
I have this as a magnet right now but I have an idea on how I want to display it. We'll see on the FFG post if it works. Come back the 10th to see.

Cabin Fever MH -- 2 Days. OMG I finished this one!!! Finally!!!
I found this mat board at Dixie Darlin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I assume they were made for this and the 2nd companion Mill Hill kit called Camping Out. We bought two and I'm so glad we did I just LOVE the way it looks. Now I just need a frame to pop the mat into. So happy to have this one done!!

Snowflake SAL -- 2 Days. I started my first Stitchonomy SAL. It's the Winter SAL 2019 and it's 27 tiny little snowflakes. I have 2 in right now the 3rd was just released...
I'm using a 36ct Silkweavers Solo Molino blueish fabric and the suggested threads. The snowflakes come out at noon each day. It's so much fun to look forward to what it will look like and takes just a few minutes to stitch up. Then the torture to wait till the next day at noon starts.

 7 Days of no stitching which is a lot better than past check ins.

So Tree Shopping and Cabin Fever Mill Hills are my exciting finishes I shared with you. Wohoo! I wanted to finish Cabin Fever so bad this year. Now I can start the 2nd companion one but I think that will wait till after the new year. We've started our Christmas shopping. It's also the busy Thanksgiving week of gathering food and prepping all the yummies for Thursday. It's just our house hold but that won't stop us from eating way too much. Lots of fun stuff coming up. Getting our Christmas tree and decorating. But hopefully some stitching time mixed in. Have a great week. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.