Mar 25, 2015

Well I'm off

Jeremiah finally got back on Xbox today. So that must mean he is finally feeling better. He had barely moved off the couch for 4 days! Mom is doing good enough for me to leave for my local retreat. I am meeting up with a few friends tomorrow morning 10am and we will head about 3 hours south to a church camp type of venue. I'm looking forward to it. We stitch and laugh and stitch lots more. The hardest part is deciding what to take with me to stitch. Selkie jumped in my bag first. She has been pouting while I worked on my other HAEDs and she said She deserved some time too! I'm also taking my Mill Hill pick for the month. Anyway I'll make sure to take pictures to share with you ladies. I'll be home Sunday afternoon. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mar 24, 2015

Finished # 2 Christmas Pals Ornaments

Finished March 23rd
Part 2 of 6 Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions
Used kit threads and 14ct Aida
Changed French Knots to Beads of Similar Color
Started kit for CJC Day 1.
Started # 2 Feb 28th. Took 3 Days.

He's finished! I really loved this one. I love penguins and purple! Well Jeremiah is doing slowly better. I have a lot of hope that he will be okay by the time we leave Monday. Mom had a doc appointment yesterday. If she had insurance she would have been hospitalized. They did give her something for nausea and today she is actually downstairs and out of bed. So hopefully that's a great sign too. I'm supposed to leave Thursday for my local retreat. I'm going to hopefully know more tomorrow afternoon. Right now I don't think I could leave her alone. Here's hoping she is better by tomorrow. I actually found the bottom of my laundry basket!?! I didn't even know there was a bottom haha. Tomorrow I'll have to pack so if I do go to my retreat I'll be ready to leave. Yesterday we got almost 3 inches of snow!! Welcome to Spring in Indiana. The weather guys missed this forecast. They said a light dusting. Oops. So it will be really weird packing shorts and capris. It will probably melt today or tomorrow cause it's warming up finally again. Well I'm off to see what is screaming Stitch Me today.

Mar 23, 2015


It was the last week of my HAED March Madness. I started 3 new HAED charts. Spending a week on each one. I gotta admit I got burned out toward the end. I found myself finding excuses not to pick up my stitching. Dragon Moon had some fun colors in it but Aquamarine just drug on. So I'm glad they are all started and I will now be happy to sit them aside and let them rest for awhile.

Anyway this is another artwork done by Nene Thomas. It's called Aquamarine and is now out of print since she decided to stop allowing her work be made into cross stitch by HAED. Here is where I got after the 5 days of working on her 1,233 stitches in...

Sunday I picked up the Christmas Pals Ornaments again. I'm working on the 2nd ornament of the 6. It's the Penguin in the bottom row...
Here is where I got on him after the 2nd day of work...
Life update. We are busy getting ready for our next vacation. I also have my local stitching retreat which I leave for Thursday morning. Then we are leaving Monday for the start of our Disney trip. We are taking our time and enjoying our way there. So I've been busy trying to get things done so I can be ready to leave. Shopping for the last goodies you can't survive without. Sorted what needs packed and what needs to be in the laundry to be packed. On top of it Jeremiah got sick. He hasn't left the couch for 2 days. Then yesterday my mom got it....bad. So I'm trying not to breath and trying to take care of both of them. Week from today guys. You both have to be better!!

Mar 16, 2015

Dragon Moon

 I finished my 2nd week of my HAED March Madness. This is my 2nd new HAED start for the month. This one is out of print. The artist is Nene Thomas. I've always loved her artwork. This design is called Dragon Moon. It's a storykeep so it's 100 stitches wide and 309 stitches long. I just LOVE the colors in this one. I already reached the dragon's wing. I was able to finish off the first two columns so this is 1,960 stitches in. I really look forward to working on this one again. Yesterday I started my last new HAED. It's another out of print one from Nene. It's called Aquamarine. Here is a reminder of what Dragon Moon will look like...

Mar 10, 2015

March Turtle Trot

It's March 10th which means it's time for Turtle Trot! We pick 10 projects to work on and post updates on the 10th of every month.

Since the 10th of Feb I worked on 5 of the things on my list. I even finished one and have changed the list to add another piece. Here is the info on what I've been up to.

3. Christmas Pals Ornaments
At the Feb Check in I had 1 of the 6 finished. I started the 2nd one. Here is where I am on it...
4. Cut Thru Pirate Ship
I got a little bit added...
5. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
After this one is now finished...
I have now replaced this with another one of my CJC picks....Think Big by Heritage Crafts

6. Mill Hill Kits (I want to do one every month.)
So far I have kept up with my goal. I finished the Feb pick...
9. HAED Selkie
More Blues!

I'm in the midst of my HAED March Madness with 3 new HAED starts but I hope the end of the month brings some progress on my Turtle Trot pieces. See ya April 10th to see what I managed to get done.

Mar 9, 2015

Dragon Skies Update

Well here is the start of my HAED March Madness. This is Dragon Skies by Selina Fenech. I started it on the Sunday March 1st and worked on it 6 days. I have 2,941 stitches in now. I'm doing this one on 32ct taupe lugana. Right now it's all B5200 and Kreinik 032. It went so fast since it was such large blocks of color.

Now I've started the second piece. Dragon Moon. It's by Nene Thomas and she has decided to not allow HAED to do her artwork anymore. It's got a lot more color changes so I know I won't make near as much progress in the time span. I will change Sunday to my last new HAED start.

See ya tomorrow for the Turtle Trot check in.

Mar 5, 2015

March WIPocalypse

Today is WIPocalypse so that means we do a check in post on what we've been working on since the last Full Moon. I like to tally up how many days I've been working on what projects. Here is the breakdown...

HAED Hold on to Hope - 2 Days
Christmas Pals Ornaments - 4 Days I finished 1 and started the next one.
Winter WordPlay - 3 Days I was able to finish this one.
HAED Selkie - 3 Days
MH Kits - 1 Day to start and finish my Feb pick
Cut Thru Pirate Ship - 2 Days
Dog Wisdom - 6 Days I was able to finish this one too.
HAED Dragon Skies - 4 Days Just started this one March 1st.
None - 4 Days Not bad at all!

I was able to work on a lot of different projects and Wow 4 finishes in this time span too!! You can find my finishes in the 2015 finishes tab at the top. Here is the progress on my new start HAED Dragon Skies...
There are only two colors so far. B5200 and Kreinik 032. I wish I could get the sparkle to show up better in that Kreinik part but for those who have worked with it you know what it looks like in person. This is 2,280 stitches in. With each WIPocalypse post we also get a neat question to answer...If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?

More Heaven and Earth Designs of course. They take so long. Not really money but the time is crazy. I do enjoy the journey of stitching them so much so that's why I work on them. I definitely would never be able to stitch all of them I would love to. Next check in is April 4th. See ya then!

Mar 1, 2015


I wanted to get work in on another HAED so I concentrated on her this month. I did get 3 days in on Selkie though. Here she is last check in...
Here she is now...
This is 16 days progress and a count up of 6,598 stitches now. Yesterday I started # 2 of the Christmas Pals Ornaments. Here is a reminder of what they will look like...
Fred picked out the Penguin. Here is my progress from yesterday...
Today I'm starting my HAED March Madness. Jeremiah picked Dragon Skies. I will be back in a few days with an update.

Feb 27, 2015

Dog Wisdom Finish

Dog Wisdom Kit by Bucilla
Started Jan 1, 2014
Finished Feb 27, 2015
Took 16 Days of Work
Fred (hubby) got me this kit for Christmas 2014.

I'm happy dancing. I just love this piece. It's so true. I think dogs can sure teach us some important lessons. I've always had dogs in my life. I can't imagine life without them. No other thing in the world will love you so much no matter what.

So my plan right now for March is to spend a week on each new HAED. I've been trying to decide which one but I love them all. So I'll probably have Jeremiah pick for me. It's always nice to be able to blame him haha. The last weekend in March I'm attending a local stitching retreat too. April will start getting busier. So I hope to find lots of time until then. I also want to squeeze in my Mill Hill kit finish for the month but looks like there will be time after the first three weeks are over. Sounds like a plan at least right?

Feb 26, 2015

My March HAED Madness

So my HAED insanity continues to grow. Sometime last year HAED announced that one of my favorite artists was pulling her artwork from the HAED site. So I was of course FORCED to buy two of her patterns that I just couldn't live without. The artists name is Nene Thomas. I bought two of the Storykeep patterns so at least they aren't that big (Yeah Right!)...
Storykeep Aquamarine
by Nene Thomas
125 x 392
90 Different Colors
Storykeep Dragon Moon
by Nene Thomas
100 x 309
90 Different Colors
by Selina Fenech
400 x 562
90 Different Colors
Dragon Skies was RAKed to me by a lady whom I've enjoyed getting to know in the blog world Justine. When I originally received her I was thinking Oh I will wait until next year cause I already have so much going on.....Yeah Right! She has been haunting me ever since. So I figured might as well start all 3 right?! I got 32ct Taupe Lugana to do them all on. The piece for Dragon Skies is so HUGE! Funny part about Dragon Skies I was worried about it since Selkie is all blues on the first few pages. So I wondered what Dragon Skies would bring me and hoped it wasn't blues. It's all white! So at least it will be break from the blues. So I will have 6 HAEDS in my WIP pile. It's okay cause I just LOVE working on them.