Apr 18, 2014

On the Road Again Day 2

We arrived at our next stopping point. Today seemed to take longer. We had a very nice stop at the Tamarack. We always enjoy stopping there when we at going down 77. It was another nice visit and perfect time for lunch. I'll include two pictures at the bottom of my message. One is the building and one is Jeremiah posing with a cute creature they had for sale.

After the stop we had 3 hours to go. We saw a sign that said congestion from mile marker 30 to 10. Boy was it ever correct. Sometimes we just barely rolled. But we survived. We are north of Charlotte, NC in a town called Mooresville. We got our dinner delivered from a local pizza place. It was yummy. Jeremiah is playing his Nintendo DS. The internet isn't too good here so Youtube doesn't want to cooperate. Hey guess what I did last night? I finally cracked open my book. I quickly fell in love and I'm already on page 30 I think haha. I sure missed reading. Well that was day #2.

Apr 17, 2014

On the Road

We started our vacation finally! This morning I had to swing by the doctor's office (only reason we couldn't leave till today). It was time to get my birth control injection. I told the lady hurry and shoot me so I can get out of here and get vacation started haha.

It was an uneventful day of traveling which is always nice. We made it through Ohio and into West Virginia. We've stayed at this hotel before so it's always nice to know it's going to be a good hotel. There was a Cracker Barrel within walking distance so off we went to eat. Now we are relaxing in the room. Jeremiah is on YouTube (which he does for hours and hours and hours haha) already. So nice to get the relaxing started.

Apr 16, 2014

Photo A Day

On Facebook a fellow friend posted this fun photo a day thing. I really like doing these kind of things but didn't realize how much I would like it. There is a prompt for each day and it's so much fun to try to think outside the box to come up with a photo for the day. I thought I would post them here too. Here is the first 16 days worth...
Something Purple and In my Hand - I missed the first day so this is actually day 1 and 2.
This is my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). I love this case. It's found in my hand a lot.
Shapes - My mom got me this cool artwork at a festival we went to.
It's all nails. They have a paper on the back to say how
many of what type of nails they used.
Good Together - My family. I love them so much!
Not Mine - This is my Dad and Bev's cat. I love her so much though.
Every time we go down to visit she likes to talk to me about what's been going on.
Taste of Spring - I always think of baby animals when I think of spring.
This is a new nest a bird has decided to build.
 Where I'd Rather Be - Disney of course. I can't wait to be there next Friday!
Hobby - My stitching of course! These are 5 pieces we finally got
hung up on my mom's wall. She loves them so much!
Dark - This was a hard one to come up with a pic. I've been
hooked on playing Diablo 3 with Jeremiah lately. I said Oh my Jeremiah
this will work for the photo of the day. It's a very spooky dark game.
Fav Part of the Day - When I can put my lazy pants and fuzzy socks on.
3 of a Kind - Jeremiah decorated these too cute eggs for Easter.
On My Left - My dog Izzy enjoys laying beside me on the couch.
More Please - We had our Easter meal last weekend. This was just some
of the yummy things we had to eat. Yum!
Dirty - It was time to change my guinea pig cage. They
definitely like to be dirty.
I'm Reading This - I love reading but never take time for it.
I packed these 3 books for during vacation. Can't wait to make time for reading again.
My Vice - This was another fun one. I had no idea what a vice was.
So I did some research and found out it's basically what's your bad habit.
I have a few...chewing my nails, not doing enough weed pulling, but
I got to talking to my family and they said my farming game. It's called Family Farm Seaside
They have timed missions sometimes and I'm funny about checking in a lot
so I can complete it. So yeah it's my vice.
It's been fun to play along. Today is the crazy packing day. I hate trying to remember everything you might need. The right cords with the right electronics. Meds. Clothes. But tomorrow is the hit the road day. We are really excited. We have all our hotels booked and mapped out until it's time to come home. We were worried about having a hard time finding something because of Easter weekend but we didn't have too much problems. Now we can rest and be at ease about that part at least.

Apr 15, 2014

WIPocalypse Time

Its time for a WIPocalypse check in. What's that mean? A fun reason to blog about a hobby I love. Cross Stitching. On my goals page I have a list of what I would like to work on. On WIPocalypse day you post an update of what you've been working on since the last check in. Here's my breakdown of what I've worked on...

Pirate Ship - 12 Days
99 (Bottles of Beer on the Wall) - 2 Days
Dog Wisdom - 1 Day
Spring Fairy by Joan Elliott - 2 Days
Advent Animals by Brooke's Books - 1 Day (Finished # 1)
None - 13

Rather than post the pictures again I realized they are in the last few posts.

I've been doing a lot of no stitching as you can see. Even more than stitching on my Pirate Ship. I haven't picked up the needle in over a week. I've been busy doing lots of other things. I got hooked on Xbox with Jeremiah. I also got a new laptop and I've been having way too much fun learning all it's new features.

It's only going to get worse too cause I leave Thursday for a month long vacation. I'm going to take the Pirate Ship with me but honestly I'm also taking some books and I can't wait to make myself read again. I have always loved reading but I never take time for it any more. So I happily have some books set aside to pack.
I'm going to blog about my vacation. If you aren't bored just reading about my life...I hope you join me. I'm one happy girl and I'm so thankful to get to explore and see the things I get to see. I'm so extremely Thankful that my son gets to have all these experiences too. Life is good. Just can't stop smiling.

Apr 10, 2014

April Turtle Trot

It's the 10th of April which means it's Turtle Trot time. We have picked 10 projects and you post your progress on the 10th of every month. It's a great way to look back and see what you've got done in the month. I've worked on 4 out of the 10 pieces.

1. 99 by Ink Circles
Got 2 more bottles and the 3rd shelf finished.

3. Cut Thru Bothy Pirate Ship
As you can tell this is still my focus piece. I'm on to page 4 now. I have the bottom 3 pages finished.

4. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
Slow but progress is progress.

8. Seasonal Fairy by Joan Elliott
I didn't have this one started. I worked on it a few days.

I also started a Advent SAL and worked on that during this time. Plus I've been doing a lot of everything else haha. I got bored and nothing was screaming stitch me. I'm really really itching for the start of our vacation next Thursday so nothing was making me happy. I just wanted to relax and play a game. Jeremiah has Diablo 3 for his Xbox 360. We've played it once but it's been a long time ago. So I thought hey that would be fun for a little bit. 3 days later in our spare time that's all we have done haha. We have so much fun playing together. Fred (hubby) even joined in Tuesday night and we all played. That was fun!! Another thing that happened was Thanks to Microsoft for dropping support of Windows XP I was in trouble. Both my desktop and my laptop use XP. So last night we went to our used computer store we've had good luck with in the past. Nothing used worked for what we wanted. Then we found it...
My NEW laptop. I've had 2 laptops and both were used. But the price and goodies was just too good to pass up. It's a Lenovo (IBM) Think Pad Edge 545. I was so scared about changing from XP. I hate change! Last night we got it and got home and I started to mess around. I'm hooked! I love it!! Now we just have to convert the desktop but there is time since I have this fantastic thing to use for vacation. I was mad at Microsoft but now I'm actually Thankful. I had no idea how slow I was running until I fired this thing up.

Apr 3, 2014

Advent Animal Day 1

I thought she looked like a quick stitch and boy was she. Started her yesterday afternoon and finished her last night. What a fun cute stitch. Now I just have to wait till Tuesday. I heard the 2nd one will be coming out. A quick little finish is always nice.

We are getting heavy rain over the next few days. Right now it's as dark as midnight outside. Poor Izzy just hates thunder and it shook the house a little bit ago. So she will be hiding under my leg the rest of the day just in case.

Now to decide what is screaming Stitch Me the loudest.

Apr 2, 2014

Ship Update

I finished the bottom 3 pages. Now I get to work on the upper part of the ship. The line on the left hand side goes up to the top of the 4th page. There will be a lot of fun details on these parts. The top 3 pages are pretty small with not much stitching so I'm excited to work on this and I can see the finish in my future which really really excites me cause I already have the spot picked out on the wall I want to hang it haha.

I'm going to put it down for a little bit though...

A friend posted about this too cute SAL. The first design is already out and it's called Katie Kitty. Like I needed any more of a sign that I needed to stitch these haha. The 2nd part comes out next Tuesday I heard. I'm going to make little pillows for each one and put them in a basket when it comes to Christmas time. It looks like it will be a fast stitch.