Aug 27, 2015


We arrived safe and sound. It was a long day but we made it. Izzy (my dog) was so excited to see us!! Hubby isn't home from work yet but he is very excited too haha. Just wanted to let everyone know that was following along we are home. Now to rest!!!

Aug 26, 2015

Day 20

Mom drove her butt off today. We made it all the way across New York on into Pennsylvania. We are in a town called North East which is really funny when you look at the map and notice it is in the north west part of the state haha. We are close to Erie, PA where we stopped on the way to Niagara Falls. We will more than likely make it home tomorrow now. We thought we would have to go two more nights since none of us like to be in the vehicle more than 6 hours. We pushed today and have under 5 and half hours to go tomorrow. So that's fantastic. We got all settled in and found out there is food place that delivers so how perfect. We can just sit here and wait for our food to come to us. Today was a lot better than yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good and we will make it safely home.

Aug 25, 2015

Day 19

Today was just not my day. My head cold has grown into a full blown feeling of I'm sure my head will explode at any second. I planned our route home last night and it was confusing cause it was a different way than we came here. I figured it was because we took a detour to visit Niagara Falls on the way. So we started out on the road. I kept looking at the maps and thinking you know this just doesn't seem right. So I told hit the Go Home button on our GPS instead of finding the hotel I thought would work out along our route. Guess what....totally different route came up. It's really frustrating to know how close I was to making a wrong decision.

Pretty soon after that we noticed two large things in the road. Mom was able to swerve around one and we thought she missed the 2nd one but it got lodged under the van. So we pulled over on the major road. I had to lay down and climb under the van to get it out. Of course every semi that drove by rocked the van as I was laying under it. Not my idea of fun that's for sure.

But (trying to think of the positives)....we have arrived safe and sound. One spot on the road we noticed there were a lot of puddles from very heavy rain. We only had sprinkles for a little bit and then it cleared up. Soon after settling in our hotel is rained very hard several times. So we really lucked out with the weather. I'm very thankful I was able to get the piece out from under the van and it didn't do any damage at all. We are closer to home than yesterday so we are in the right direction. See there are positives.

We actually stayed here at this hotel on the way. It's the one where we had the power problem. But the hotel is fine and the restaurant within walking distance was very good too. So we were glad to happen upon the same place on the way back. Yes today was frustrating but we survived and tomorrow will be a new day.

Aug 24, 2015

Day 18

Today we finally found our way to Kennebunkport. It's a cute town with several little cute stores. We found a public parking lot and made our way to the stores. Oh My. All we could afford was pictures haha. It was cute tiny little stores with way over priced stuff. We headed back to a few antique stores we had seen and were really shocked by their prices too. Mom found a PILLOW....just a pillow that you put on your couch. It had a lobster patch sewn on. It was $395!!!! I thought maybe you got a whole couch with it haha. Nope....just a pillow. So needless to say nothing followed us home. We found a nice restaurant and had a delicious meal. Jeremiah started not feeling well. Him and myself seemed to have caught a head cold. He's doing okay just sniffly. So we came back to rest and Mom and Betty ran out to a few more stores.

We got pizza from the restaurant here by our hotel and it was really good. We are having fun people watching at our beach. Mom's having a hard time saying Goodbye to the ocean. I told her luckily we get to see it again in October so hopefully she can survive until then. Tomorrow we will start the trip home. We will take our time getting home. We all get sore after being in the van too long. So I started mapping out the trip. Wonder where we will end up tomorrow?

Aug 23, 2015

Day 17

Well we got a rain delay on our plans today. But the view from our room is still fantastic. Mom and me took a very wet walk along the water. We got drenched but had a great time. No seashells to be found on this beach. We came in and dried off and then loaded up and drove to a few antique shops. They were really nice and we found a few things we couldn't live without of course.

When we came into town we saw a little diner and we saw in an advertisement it was on Diner's Drive In's and Dives. So of course that means delicious food. Here is a picture of it...
It was a long wait but very worth it the food was crazy good. I had a delicious tuna melt. Jeremiah had BBQ Pork and it was fantastic too. We came back to our hotel and sat on the our balcony for awhile and enjoyed people/vehicle watching. They have a webcam on the building beside us so Fred (hubby at home) was able to look up the camera and I walked out to wave at him. We decided to extend our stay here another day so we can do our shopping at the other stores tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a view of the outside of one of the antique stores we stopped at. Jeremiah said what if you wanted to buy something on the bottom haha.

Aug 22, 2015

Day 16

Today we headed south along the coast. The fog was kind of lifting finally but the rain settled in for the rest of the weekend. We are staying in Wells now and found a hotel right on the ocean. We got all settled in and found out they have a trolley system too. On our way here we went through Kennebunk and they had a million little cute stores. So tomorrow we should be able to jump on the trolley and go right to the shops. The best part of this new hotel is the internet is a million times better than our last hotel. It's been really frustrating at the other hotel. So I'll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff hopefully.

Aug 21, 2015

Day 15

We made our way downtown this morning to eat a delicious breakfast. Jeremiah loves chocolate chip pancakes. The restaurant had a chocolate chip waffle and he really loved it. To me it just looked like a brownie haha. I'm glad he can eat stuff like that. He is so little he needs the calories. We had a boat trip booked for today at 1:30pm. We checked in with them since the fog is still very heavy. They have had to cancel all the trips for the last few days. But the lobster boat would probably still be going out since it's not really a sight seeing type of trip. So when it came time we loaded up and boy it was kind of scary with the heavy heavy fog. I'm sure the boat captain knew what he was doing but I sure couldn't see anything.

We pulled in probably 4 lobster traps. We got to see how it all works and see what his catch was. The naturalist told us all about the history of lobster trapping and how the whole thing works. It was very interesting. Jeremiah even held a lobster...
He also got to hold a sea cucumber that they had in their touch tank. It was crazy cause it looks like a hard cucumber and yet it is really squishy. It was a fantastic trip. We also got to see the seals again. Then we were surprised with harbor porpoises, a Mola Mola Sunfish, and several neat seabirds that are normally hard to find. Tomorrow we were supposed to go on another lighthouse boat tour to see several other lighthouses we haven't seen yet but they said with the fog they doubted it would go out. So we got to thinking about we might as well hit the road. We are going to drive south along the coast and stay at another beach area. Since we've done everything here we wanted to do. Then Monday we will start the trip home.

Aug 20, 2015

Day 14

Today was a shopping day. Started off nice with Jeremiah and me sleeping in. We both woke up at 9am which felt fantastic. Mom and Betty rode downtown and ate breakfast. Jeremiah and me just went down here at the hotel. They have a small breakfast but good enough to us. Mom and Betty came back and then Mom and me went shopping downtown...
I have a t-shirt addiction so I got several to add to my collection. I've lost track of how many I've got now. We also found some Christmas presents. That's always helpful to find stuff we can't just find at home. Mom just loves ocean type decorations so of course she wants one of everything haha.We came back on the bus to bring our purchases and pick up Betty and Jeremiah. We headed back downtown for a fantastic dinner. It's still been foggy all day. We keep joking about asking for some money back on our room cause it's not ocean view any more haha.

Aug 19, 2015

Day 12 and 13

The internet is running horrible here. So yesterday I was going to throw the computer into the pool if I didn't get off of it. So I missed posting. Here is my make up post....if I don't throw the computer first haha.

Yesterday we took a trolley tour again. This time it went though Acadia National Forest. It was a 2 and a half hour tour through the park. We climbed Cadillac Mountain (yuck!!!) the view was fantastic but Mom and I didn't enjoy the trip up or down. We stopped at a place called Thunder Hole. When the high tide is coming in it makes a loud thunder noise. It was really beautiful but not during high tide so we missed the noise. We also got to see a beautiful garden area. Here is Jeremiah and me by our trolley...
It was a really fun interesting trip even though the roads were just yucky we enjoyed it. It's been really foggy. The fog rolling off the ocean is just gorgeous!!! Here is a picture of the fog yesterday when it was not as thick...
Today when we woke up the whole ocean was gone! It was really thick fog. We decided to drive up to Lubec, Maine today. We wanted to see West Quoddy Head...
The fog really made it beautiful. It's the eastern most point of the continental USA. They have a nice plaque there about being the eastern most point and we all got our pictures by it. On the way out of the town of Lubec we spotted two more lighthouses The Lubec Channel Light aka The Sparkplug and Mulholland Point Light...
The Sparkplug was almost covered in fog but I just loved how it looked. We made it back to our hotel and rode the bus into town. We had really yummy pizza and then came back to our hotel. Another great two days in the books.

Aug 17, 2015

Day 11

No pictures to share today. Jeremiah and I slept in for a bit. Then we laid around and rested until noon. We rode the bus into town and met Mom and Betty for a delicious lunch and some shopping. After that we stopped at a few places to get some yummies to bring back to the room. We found some delicious fudge and some fantastic deli sandwiches. We all needed the break day today. We came back to the room and watched a TV show we missed on the laptop. The internet here is a pain but we were able to watch Big Brother since we missed it last night. It was a nice kind of break day. Tomorrow we will be back to sight seeing.

Aug 16, 2015

Day 10

Today we went on another boat tour. This one took us to see some lighthouses. We got to see 4 today. Bear Island, Bass Harbor Head, Baker Island, and Egg Island.
We also got to see 2 bald eagles and a whole bunch of seals again. I just love them.

Aug 15, 2015

Day 9

Today we woke up early and heading out on a whale watching tour. It was a 4 hour trip and it was fantastic.

We ended up seeing 2 lighthouses, puffins, seals (which I just love), porpoise, white sided dolphins, a mola mola/sunfish, a finback whale, and 2 humpback whales!

The lighthouse is called Petit Manan Lighthouse.

The not very great picture of the whale is one of the humpbacks. I need a faster camera because they are really hard to catch photos of. The bottom pic is a bunch of puffins swimming near the lighthouse. It was a wonderful time. We saw a lot of people get sea sick but luckily we were all fine it was yet another wonderful vacation day!!

Aug 14, 2015

Day 8

Today we moved over to Bar Harbor. We arrived at our hotel and were very happy to find out there is a free bus that runs you around town. It's even handicapped accessible so we loaded up and they took us right downtown. We were so thankful because the roads are so busy. The parking is pure chaos. So instead we were able to walk right down to the harbor and not have to worry about it. This town is definitely a tourist trap. Tons of restaurants and a million little awesome stores. There was even a cruise ship docked and people could come in and spend the day. So it was busy busy busy. No wonder I had a hard time finding a room. The weather was beautiful actually a little warm low 80s which for here is really warm. We found several tours we just can't wait to go on. We found a great trolley tour that went around downtown and told a lot of great history and showed the whole area...
Jeremiah just had to pose with this cool whale sculpture we found on the wharf. We already having a whale watching tour and a lighthouse tour booked. We will be here for the next 10 nights so we are so lucky to have a lot of time to see everything we can. We got back to our hotel and found out we have a gorgeous view...
We have a nice little balcony too. Perfect.

Aug 13, 2015

Day 7

Today we found the Maine Lighthouse Museum. We got to start with a very neat educational movie about the area lighthouses and then walk through fantastic exhibits. They had this awesome paper for Jeremiah to do. You had to search for things in the museum and find out what they were to match up on the paper. If you got the right answers you got a lighthouse coloring book. I just love when museums do this because it really draws you in and makes you learn more things I think. Here is the paper...
After that we had heard about a tour boat. You could see 2 lighthouses and then they do a lobster fishing demonstration. We made our way to the wharf area and found a nice place to eat lunch. Jeremiah got a lobster quesadilla definitely not something you see in Indiana haha. He really liked it. Then we watched the boats in the harbor while Mom and Betty went shopping. It was a beautiful weather day. Then we went out on the boat. We got to see 2 lighthouses and one Mom had never saw so she was really happy...
Then we got to experience something we have never done before. The captain showed us how to pull in a lobster trap. It was really neat. Here is a picture of the catch...
I think there were 6 or 7 in the there and they were all keepers. It was sure fun to watch the process. Jeremiah really enjoyed it a lot. What a great day!

Aug 12, 2015

Day 6

Today we moved up the coast of Maine. We got to see several lighthouses on our way here. Mom just loves finding lighthouses. The coastline along Maine is just gorgeous! We made it to Belfast for tonight. We were hoping to go to Bar Harbor next. This vacation we've been doing really different and didn't really have it planned out ahead of time. Unfortunately that lead to problems cause I couldn't find us a hotel in Bar Harbor. Evidently it's really busy out there. So we are staying here another night and then heading out there. I was able to finally find something after several hours on the phone with here and there. So frustrating. Here are some pictures of the lighthouses we saw today...