Apr 22, 2015


We got home safe and sound yesterday. Even though the wind was trying really hard to keep us in Ohio. There was a wind advisory from 11am through 8pm. So just as predicted we hit really bad winds. But we arrived home at about 2:30pm. Izzy (my dog) was SO HAPPY to see us. She told me off for being gone so long that's for sure. Jeremiah jumped on his Xbox as soon as he could haha. Mom and me hurried and looked at our DVRs. Wow we have a lot of stuff to get watched!!!! I just need time haha. The wind was still horrible and then we saw some shingles down. Here is what we found this morning...
This sure isn't something you want to deal with right after getting home. But such is life right? We do have a paper from the previous owner about the warranty and it should be covered. The guy is coming to look at it Friday so we will find out more then.

Also just in case you guys thought I forgot this is supposed to be a stitching blog haha. Here is proof I actually stitched on vacation...
I always take stitching with me but never make time to work on it. This time I finally did. I started it April 4th after spotting dolphins off our balcony. They inspired me to work on it that's for sure. This is a freebie from Yiotas. I will tell more info about the details of what I'm using later. This is after 3 days of work so it's sure fast to work on. Now I'm off to do some laundry and pick up my stitching. At least I know I have lots and lots of TV to watch in the background haha.

Apr 20, 2015

Day 22

Our last stop before making it home. Today was a nice short 3 hour day but it was a lot of mountains so that makes it feel like forever. We did get to stop at the Tamarack on the way. It's the artisan place we stop when we are going/coming this way. Jeremiah had his chicken tenders and Mom had her apple crisp so they were very happy. We found a very pretty glass dolphin for my shelf at home. We beat the weather again today. It did get windy toward the end of our trip so it was another reason we were glad to stop. The biggest reason I'm glad to stop though is...

I get to have my delicious spaghetti tonight from Napoli's! I've been excited all day about it. Well I'm off to rest. Thanks for traveling along with us.

Apr 19, 2015

Day 21

This was what our drive today looked like. Actually for some of it the rain was so hard we couldn't see and the fog blocked the vehicle right in front of us. But we survived. It was another 5 hour day and boy we were tired from the start with the grey blah skies.

When we arrived at our hotel we turned on the Weather Channel. A city we had just been in about 2 hours ago was having tornadoes!! Boy we lucked out with just rain and fog!! Walterboro, SC (where we stayed just last night) is under a Tornado Watch till 8pm tonight! Since it rained all day here the heating couldn't kick up the bad storms. So thankful!! Now we are resting. Tomorrow we have a short day of traveling but it's a lot of mountains and it's supposed to be rainy again so I hope we can have the same good luck as today but if it's not too much to ask it would be nice if it waited until we were done in the mountains. 2 more sleepies until we are home!

Apr 18, 2015

Day 20

Today it was time to start the trek home. Fred flew from Orlando to Chicago and then to home. He got up and had breakfast then grabbed a taxi to the airport. I got up and was in the process of waking up and Mom came running out of the bathroom saying You aren't going to believe this?!? There was a lizard on the toilet. The whole time we've been on vacation we have just LOVED watching the lizards. They are everywhere but on your toilet they aren't appreciated. Of course she had just been in there so the creepy factor was extra high. She shut the door and put a towel down to keep him in the bathroom. We got to talking about how the house cleaning staff probably wouldn't be very nice to him or wouldn't even notice him. We started to feel bad for him being stuck inside (of course he got in I bet he could get out haha). So I went in armed with a glass and paper for the "lid". I was really worried he would jump at me or something when I reached down to him. I leaned down. I held the cup up. This little adorable lizard went Oh Okay you are helping me to get outside and just walked right in the cup...
He was so little. When we put him outside we noticed he quickly ate a bug so he might have been inside for awhile. Poor little guy. I'm glad he understood and let me help him out. Maybe Jeremiah being a Senior Wilderness Explorer helped out haha. We loaded up and hit the road north. Evidently so did a million other people cause the road was really really busy. Plus we had a long 5 and half hour drive today. Few times 95 became almost a parking lot and we went a very fast speed of 15mph haha. But we arrived safe and sound. We are following the same path home as we came here since we know the hotels. So we are back at Walterboro, South Carolina tonight.

Apr 17, 2015

Day 19

Last year was my first time ever at Discovery Cove. (This photo I found online shows just a little of how amazing this place is.) It was my first time ever swimming with dolphins. It was also a really stormy day. So we joked about how nice it would be to do it again if it wasn't storming. When we started planning our trip to Disney for this year Mom said Let's go back! I couldn't believe it. I was so excited to say the least. Today was that day. The forecast was the same as last year. Storms all day. 80% chance! But we crossed our fingers and said Please please please. We arrived at the park and it was foggy and not warm. We got our swim time for 9:35. Last time it was closer to noon. So I was a little hopeful it would be before the weather got bad. Then I had to hope the sun would make the fog go away otherwise it was going to be cold anyway. We had our breakfast and the sun came out bright and beautiful. Our swim time came and it was wonderful. I can't even find words to describe how much my heart was smiling. We got to swim with two different dolphins during our time Jenny and Aika. Last time we had swam with Cindy and she was 50 years old. Dolphins live to about 20 in the wild. So we wondered if she was still there but scared to ask in case she had passed away. Just beside us was Cindy. Still living a happy healthy life. We were very happy to hear!! We got professional photos done but they are loaded up with out suitcases so I'll share them after we get home. The rain waited until about 2pm and by then we had done everything we wanted to do. So it was perfect!!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the end. Fred is flying home. Please send good thoughts/prayers cause I just worry so much until I hear he has landed safely. We will start our trip home. We will have 4 days of traveling so we will hopefully be home Tuesday. I have to admit I'm looking forward to being home. I miss my dog. I miss my DVR. I really miss my stitching haha. It's been such a wonderful time though. I'm so extremely thankful for each memory I've been lucky enough to make.

Apr 16, 2015

Vacation Day 17 and 18

Day 17 was a crazy blur so I didn't log on to update. We went back to Animal Kingdom to finish up Jeremiah's booklet. We walked every inch of that park and it was something I will be thankful we did forever. It was so much fun and so very informative. I know because of this booklet we did so much more than we would have done without it. My feet are upset but the memories we made make up for it. In this picture Jeremiah is being presented with his Senior Wilderness Adventurer Badge. She made a huge announcement and a whole bunch of people applauded. It made Jeremiah feel so proud. After all that we went back to Magic Kingdom. We had a delicious dinner at Liberty Tavern and then went on a few of our favorite rides one last time. We got back to the hotel just in time for the fireworks and to go to bed so I didn't even turn my computer on.

Today was Day 18. We got up and had our normal delicious breakfast at The Wave. It was fun cause they were all saying Goodbye and telling us how much they would miss us. We've ate there every morning because it's so delicious and so convenient. Then we got everything loaded up into the van. Since we are going to Discovery Cove tomorrow we could get into Sea World Free today. So we took advantage and went there. It was really wonderful. We got there just in time to see the Killer Whale show. When it started I cried. They are such amazing animals. I was just moved. I told Jeremiah I was so embarrassed but he said it made sense because they are really cool. Besides it was hard to tell my tears from my sweat haha. We got to see several exhibits and then watched a really fun pet show with dogs, cats, and a bunch of other trained animals doing tricks. I found my paradise. They had a place you could feed sea lions...
Needless to say I could stay there forever and go broke paying for the fish to feed them haha. I LOVE sea lions and seals!!! Well and dolphins and whales and too many other creatures haha. But seriously for some reason sea lions are right up there next to dolphins. We got seats to watch the dolphin trick show and got to watch half of it. The rain decided we were done and some storms kicked up. They ended up canceling the rest of the show and pretty much closed the park. It was okay we were done walking anyway. So we headed to our hotel for the next 2 nights. Tomorrow I will be smiling like a dork all day since we are going to Discovery Cove. Just please please keep the weather away till after we are done. Last year it stormed really bad right when it was time for us to get in the water. It can storm all it wants.....after 6 pm!!!!

Apr 14, 2015

Vacation Day 16

Today we went to Epcot. This is another park there is a lot we haven't done. We normally do the things up front but we don't do the world showcase part. Again it's A LOT of walking! As if we aren't already tired enough. But today in our theme of trying new things we started the trek. For a small fee Jeremiah got this little booklet that is like a passport. (The picture is us doing an activity at one of the stops.) Then while walking there are stopping points on the adventure and you fill in your passport book with stamps and information about the places you visit. We were really glad we did it but WOW our legs and feet hurt so bad. It was 88 and very high humidity. We had a delicious lunch in Italy and I swear it was the best pasta I have ever had!

Tomorrow is our last day here at the Disney Parks. I'm thankful and sad at the same time. Tomorrow we are heading back to Animal Kingdom to finish off his other booklet.

Apr 13, 2015

Vacation Day 15

Today we headed to Animal Kingdom. I love this place! This year our theme is to do new stuff and boy did we ever today. I don't know why (well it's because our feet hurt so bad!!) we normally hurry through Animal Kingdom. This time we took our time and had so much more fun. They had this awesome booklet Jeremiah could do. There are check points where you collect stamps throughout the park. Each stop was very educational and some had really fun activities. Jeremiah really loved it a lot. We also watched a Broadway type show of Lion King and it was FANTASTIC!! Here is a picture of Jeremiah working on his booklet...
The safari ride is my favorite. We saw so many amazing animals today! It sprinkled on us one. But Fred pulled up the radar and storms were getting closer and closer to us. So mom made a comment about we lucked out. Right after she said it the sky got darker and darker. We made it to our bus to ride back to the hotel and it started pouring. So it was mom's fault haha. I told her she needed to apologize to everyone. Our poor legs hurt so bad. We had an amazing time though. We only got half the park done so we are planning to go back on Wednesday for half the day.

Apr 12, 2015

Vacation Day 14

I finally got the internet to work enough for me to upload photo's. Here's my favorite picture from yesterday. I got to meet Tinkerbell. Jeremiah said he felt really used cause I made it appear like he wanted to meet her......nope it was all me. But I didn't want to be the old person creeper than likes the characters haha. She was really funny and talked a mile a second. I really appreciated her letting me be a creeper haha.

Today we went to Hollywood Studios. The forecast was storms all day. The clouds looked horrible. But we wanted to see what we could get done. We got everything we wanted to done. They had closed a few things we really enjoyed but nothing we could do about that. Our favorite was this car show where they do tricks and stuff. It was crazy. We loved it. We had reservations to eat at Sci Fi Cafe. You sit in a car at like a drive in. Unfortunately Jeremiah and Mom didn't like their food but Fred and I did. We had a great time and really enjoyed the day and guess what....no rain. Boy the sky got horrible looking when it was time for us to head back to our hotel. There were storms everywhere but nothing here right where we are. We did get to watch a beautiful lightning show off our balcony. We are so thankful to be here at Disney. 2 days down 3 days to go.

Apr 11, 2015

Vacation Day 13

Today we had our first Disney Park day. We got the 5 day park hopper pass. We had a great night sleep and then had a delicious breakfast here at our hotel. We took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom for today. It was a wonderful day! It was hot about 90 but the forecast was for storms so we were worried but it waited till dinner time and we were already back to our hotel. We had a few things we really wanted to do and boy we got everything done we wanted to do and then some! We were all laughs and smiles and it was a perfect day. The internet is running really slow here right now so no pictures today. Among all the fantastic things we did one of my favorite was I got to meet Tinkerbell. I just love her. I used Jeremiah to make it not so weird that I really wanted to meet her haha. He said he understood haha. Okay I'm very tired so you will have to wait for a better update later.

Apr 10, 2015

Vacation Day 12

We are so lucky and as you have probably noticed we tend to have fantastic days. Not today. I swear when I woke up this morning I just felt like something was going to go wrong. Fred was flying into Orlando today and I always worry when he's flying. So I figured I was just being a worry wort. Then the trouble started. Fred's first flight was delayed. Which lead to his connecting flight being delayed. We had tickets for a 6pm show and he really needed to make it here in time. So I was a worried wreck about that. Then we only had an hour of travel time today. It was an hour of pure hell I tell you that. We got on a toll road and this guy behind us decided we weren't going fast enough I guess so he threw a hissy fit. Of course just throwing his arms and cussing would have been better than driving like a total maniac. He pulled in front of us and slammed on his brakes multiple times. Then he flew side to side in the lane and then passed us on the left to get behind us. I assume he was taking down our license plate number which I was like go ahead cause you are the one in the wrong dude. Then he flew around us again and tried to make us pull over. Yeah right dude! He was insane. It was crazy. Scared all of us really bad. Then of course we have to pull up to a toll booth and he's right in front of us. We were so worried he was going to get out of his vehicle and try to approach us. But he moved his anger to the people in front of him at the booth because they weren't getting through the booth fast enough. Boy he was a real winner. As if that wasn't bad enough after all that chaos we hit really bad traffic going through Orlando. We finally arrived safe and had some problems with our check in process because they wanted to valet park our van. Well that's fine but I would like to be able to get a few things out later. They let us but made it a major to do. So we took some deep breathes and tried to stop freaking out and took a bus to Downtown Disney since our room wasn't available yet. We had a delicious lunch at Trex Cafe (kind of like Rain Forest Cafe if you know them). It was fantastic and finally our day started to get better. Our room was ready so we came back and got everything moved in. Fred landed safely finally 4 hours later than he was supposed to and we were able to make our show...
It was amazing! We keep saying we can't find a word to describe it. Wonderful. Spectacular. Wow. Unbelievable. Best Ever!! It was our first time at Cirque Du Soleil show and it was worth every penny for the tickets. So at least it was a great end to our yucky day. But tomorrow starts our Disney park hopper fun. We can't wait. We are ready to start fresh.

Apr 9, 2015

Vacation Day 11

Today we went to the Kennedy Space Center. Jeremiah was really excited about going here. He had watched some videos about it and read about it in his school books. It was so much fun to watch him cause his little eyes just soaked everything in. It sure was an educational day.

He couldn't believe the size of the shuttle. I have to admit I was really shocked by how large it was too. We watched several fun shows and went on a really informative bus tour. On the way back over the causeway to our hotel we saw 2 alligators, a bunch of dolphins, and I'm pretty sure a shark. It was really neat! I'm more of an animal person than a space person but it was a great day. Tomorrow we head to Disney and Fred will be flying in. I am terrified of him flying and I will be so worried till his feet the ground so please send some positive thoughts his way.

Apr 8, 2015

Vacation Day 10

Today was another travel day. We had a little over 3 hours to go today. We arrived early afternoon. We got checked in and then went off to find food. We are a half hour from Cocoa Beach so we thought we would go there and do some shopping and eat. We found it but it was really really busy and looked really worn down. There wasn't any place we felt like we really wanted to get out. There were bars on the windows and that type of stuff. So we pretty much drove a big circle and came back and ate beside our hotel haha. Oh well on the way there I saw several dolphins swimming along the road in a waterway connected to the ocean. So it was worth it haha. Tomorrow we are going to the Kennedy Space Center so no pictures to show today but I'll make up for it tomorrow. Also if we aren't friends on Facebook you should add me. I post a lot more photos on there than on here. My info is in the right hand bar. Thanks for traveling along with us.

Apr 7, 2015

Vacation Day 9

Today was our last day here at Jekyll Island. We wandered over to a really really nice hotel here on the island. I would hate to know how much it is to stay there. When we just walked up the valet parking guy RAN to get the elevator for us. They had brought someone their car and was toweling the dew off the car. But breakfast was really yummy. They had this little cafe with muffins and that type of stuff. On our way out we saw a family playing croquet. They were wearing all white and they were taking the game SO SERIOUS I just had to laugh. Jeremiah said definitely not our type of place.

Next place on our to do list was the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. I just LOVE places like this. It was little but so neat to see them caring for so many different turtles. They had a lot of interactive exhibits that Jeremiah really enjoyed a lot. Since we've been to so many of these type of places he's pretty smart on their care. So one exhibit was a computer and you could treat 3 different sea turtles and diagnosis them and pick what their treatment would be. Jeremiah got all 3 correct. I was really proud of him and he was really proud of himself. He said evidently he's been listening haha.
Then we saw Mahi. She/he (she's so young they don't know yet if she's male or female) stole my heart. You can tell in this picture she is missing one of her front flippers. She was found with fishing line tied tightly around her flipper and they were unable to save the flipper. She's doing great though and they hope to be able to release her. They know of a turtle who lives off the coast of Florida that's missing both front flippers even. They go out and help her build her nest but other than that she gets by fine. The center has an adoption program where you can sponsor a turtle. I knew I would just have to sign up for Mahi. I'm really looking forward to the updates. Of course Jeremiah is too. After our great time at the Sea Turtle Center we found another trolley tour to take...

This one would tell us the history of Jekyll Island. It was fun but wow this island has a very rich history. We got to tour two different cottages one belonged to the Rockefeller's. It was very nice of course. We really had a great time. (This is my mom and Jeremiah on the trolley in the picture.) We also found a few shops. We got a beautiful little canvas painting of the live oak trees we love so much.

Since we hit the road again tomorrow we got everything we could loaded up today. We had a really delicious dinner at another restaurant here. It was a great last day. Now on to the next stop on our trip.

Apr 6, 2015

Vacation Day 8

We have two more days here. So we went back over the bridges to get to St Simon's Island. They have a lot more restaurants and shops over there. We found some souvenir t-shirts. We also found a little toy shop that had a little model of a space shuttle. Since we are stopping at Kennedy Space Center we got it. I figured if they had it at the Space Center is would be $40 more at least haha. We had a delicious seafood meal at a restaurant called Iguana's.

After eating we headed to the Maritime Center. It's a museum and we had a really nice visit. They had a very informative movie showing that really told a lot of history about the coast guard here at St Simon's and how WW2 affected the area. We really enjoyed our time there and accidentally learned something.

It was another beautiful weather day. They were forecasting rain but it didn't show up after all. So overall the weather has been beautiful so far. Just one evening when we were already back to our room we got a small storm.