Aug 23, 2016

August WIPocalypse

It's time for the August WIPocalypse check in. I looked back and realized I missed the July one. So I'll cover what I've worked on since my last check in which is the June WIPocalypse post. I've been very busy in that time span but let's see what I've worked on...

Year of Whimsy Leaflet -- 6 Days Worth of Work -- So far I've stuck with my goal of finishing them in the month they are due. Here is June and July all finished up...
I started the August Whimsy yesterday. Here is my 1st day of progress...
Elshire Family Crest -- 19 Days of Work -- The last check in I told my readers about doing a family crest for my Grandpa. It was a horrible pattern. I stopped after 1 day of work. I found a fantastic lady to do a new chart and it's PERFECT. I'm trying to focus on this one so I can get it finished and to my Grandpa. It's a big piece like a HAED with 20 pages. Here is where I am right now with it...
While working on it I need little breaks. So I picked up some DUCJC pieces too.

Tour Postcard from Summer House Stitche Workes -- 2 Days of Work and was able to finish it up...
Beach Postcard from Summer House Stitche Workes -- 1 Day of Work to finish up...
Halloween Mini's -- 2 Days to finish up the Pumpkin Face...
Christmas Treasures -- 2 Days put into the 2nd one of the 4...
Spring Bell Pull -- 3 Days of Work during the IHSW I was here on the R block last check in...
Now I got to here...
So I've been working on a little bit of this and that. 26 Days of no stitching in there too. So I can tell I'm still busy with camping trips and fun things. There is also a question with the check in's August – Topic:  Have you ever read any fictional books that involve embroidery?  If so, give us some recommendations? No I have not. I've heard there are some out there. I used to LOVE reading but that was before I found cross stitching. Now I spend my time crossing X's instead. Thanks for checking out what I've been up to. See ya in September!

Aug 22, 2016

IHSW Update

Let's see where I was on the Stoney Creek Spring Bell Pull last update...
I had just started on the R block. I picked this one back up Friday and my needles just fell in love. I had wanted to work on the August Whimsy Sunday, but I begged Jeremiah to let me have just one more day on this one instead haha. He said Mom if you want to work on the bell pull work on the bell pull haha. So here is my progress after the 3 days of work...
Here is the whole piece right now...
I was able to finish the top part and the R. Typical Stoney Creek that top part had a million color changes haha. Now though I'm putting it away. I have the August Whimsy pulled out and ready to go. Have to finish it before August turns to September.

Aug 19, 2016

Crest Update / IHSW Weekend

I got 3 more days into the Elshire Family Crest...
I'm glad I got some good progress put into it. Now my needles are asking for a weekend off. What better excuse to stitch on something else than IHSW. International Hermit Stitch Weekend. Grab your stitching and get some progress done.

So I went through my basket to see what was screaming to be stitched on loudest. It's really hard to hear when I'm near my basket. There is so much yelling Pick Me! Pick Me! Then my eyes found my Stoney Creek Spring Bell Pull. So it's coming out for 2 days and then Sunday I will start the August Whimsy in hopes to finish that before the Smalls SAL post on the 25th. So see ya Monday morning with my progress. If you join in I hope you find lots of stitching time.

Aug 15, 2016

August Gifted Gorgeousness / Monday Update

Today is time for a Gifted Gorgeousness check in. I'm still in the middle of my busy busy time. Since the last check in (July 15th) I have found time to work on my Elshire Family Crest for my Grandpa though. Only 4 days worth of work unfortunately! Here is where I was for the July 15th check in...
Here is where I am now...
I have made progress just not as much as I would like. My needles just pretty much stopped on me. So that meant I needed a break. I worked on a few other pieces. Last Monday I finished up a Pumpkin face Halloween project. Then I put 2 days into another DUCJC piece. It's not a gift though so stop reading if you are here for Gifted Gorgeousness haha.

Now onto the Monday Update part of my post. I worked on one of the Christmas Treasures. Remember them from 2016 DUCJC?
I decided to have fun with Jodyri threads that I won in a giveaway and just make them Treasures not Christmas Treasures. Here is the first one finished up...
I finished it up in March. I used Tulip Garden thread with that one. Here is my progress on the 2nd one...
I'm using Jodyri thread Autumn Berries. I just LOVE this thread and it's color blend. This is my progress after 2 days. This one is on a sparkly Aida fabric. Love the way it's turning out.

We had another fun Thursday through Saturday out garage sale hunting. This time was the Lincoln Hiway Buy Way. The part we did goes across Ohio. We stayed at a hotel along the route 2 nights. We ended up with a little less than 200 garage sales. The only thing I found stitching related was two more project boxes for $1.25! Jeremiah got some awesome books for school though!! 2 really amazing Life magazine published books about the September 11th attack. They were marked $25 and $20 originally and we got them for $5! They are full of personal stories and just amazing pictures. There was another one that is Letters Home from World War 2. They included photo copies of the original letters. We glanced through it and just can't wait to read the history of these personal stories. It was $1! I found some workbooks for his school work that were originally $15 each and got them for $1 or $2. So we some great deals!! It was horrible hot and we are so sore from all the walking and getting in and out but we had so much fun!!

There is a little of this and a little of that going on this week. We'll be starting up our school year one day soon too. But I'm hoping to pick back up the Family Crest and work on it till Friday. Hopefully my needles will find the mojo and get to stitching!

Aug 9, 2016

Halloween Minis

On DUCJC 2016 Day 2 I started Artecy Halloween Mini's. Here is a reminder of what they will look like...
I started with the pumpkin face. Here he is all finished...
I had to use my new Walking Dead Q-snap huggy too of course since it was a scary piece. I love how it turned out. I'm using 14ct Aida for these. I'm thinking they will make fantastic cube finishes when/if I ever get them done haha. Now I'm trying to decide what to work on. I needed a break from the Family Crest. My needles got bored and just refused to move on that one. Luckily I have a HUGE supply of WIPs haha.

Aug 8, 2016

Shoe Horn Blog Party

The lovely Jo at Serendipitous Stitching has decided to host a Tenuous Shoe Horn Blog Party. Stop on over to see what crazy idea she has come up with this time. We are supposed to post Summer themed pieces. When I went searching through my photos I noticed I do a lot of holidays like Halloween and Christmas of course. Poor Summer just doesn't get much attention. Really I don't like being hot so I blame Summer for the heat. But lately I've enjoyed stitching seasonal pieces. Thanks to that I've finally done some Summer themed stitching.
Summer from Cricket Collections
Summer from Ursula Michael
One that gets shoe horned in is Let's go to the Beach by Ursula Michael. 
When do you wear flip flops the most? Yep Summer.

So at least I have 3 Summer themed projects for this fun blog party. How about you?

Aug 6, 2016

World's Longest Yard Sale

Thursday we hit the road. We went over to Van Wert, Ohio and started our day. We went North on 127. We ended our day at Bryan, Ohio. We were keeping track of the garage sales we stopped at. We ended the day with 158 at least for the day!! Friday we headed over but this time we started in Addison, MI at the north end of the suggested route. We made it back to Bryan, Ohio. This time we did a lot less sales but they seemed to be in a larger groups. We ended up with more than 200 sales total for the two days!! The only bad thing was it was horrible hot but we had so much fun the sweat didn't stop us!!

I figured I would share with you a few things. (I posted everything on my FB if you want to see more.)
These cuties were made by a little old lady. She melted the glass in a kiln and then formed them. The square one is a coaster. The little tree is an ornament. We just had to get them from her. She was so sweet.
We fell in love with this decoration. Sticks and acorns. Love how it looks hanging up. It will definitely be a cute decoration this Christmas time. We already talked about adding some more little ornaments or some battery powered lights.

My mom was hoping to find some containers to store cereal and that type of stuff in. We stopped at one place and there was a Tupperware lady.  I know Tupperware is nice but the price was way too high for the container we liked. It was $21. So we decided to wait and see if we happened upon a better deal. Boy did we. We found two for 50 cents each. Then found 2 for a total of 25 cents!!
Yeah they didn't say Tupperware but I bet they'll work just as good. There was other odd and end type of stuff we couldn't live without. We did great! Jeremiah got a huge box full of old WWE magazines so he was a happy kiddo. We got a few Christmas presents to tuck back too.

Last but probably the one that will excite most of my readers...
I found 2 project boxes, some 18ct Aida fabric, container full of black seed beads which work perfect for eyes, and tons of DMC. The ziplock bags were full and $2 each. Then the cardboard boxes were only a quarter a box!! I was so happy!! It was a fantastic weekend full of laughs and giggles. Now we are trying to rest up our shopping legs because Thursday we will head over to Ohio to do the Lincoln Hiway Buyway Sales. It will be 2 more days full of sales all across Ohio!!

Aug 3, 2016

Crest Page Finish

I finished another page on the Family Crest this morning. This is page 1 and 5. Now I will go right and do page 6. Still in love with how this is turning out.

Tomorrow we are heading out again. We love doing garage sales and the next two weekends are the best garage sale weekends. This weekend is the 127 Yard Sale. The World's Longest Garage Sale. Can't wait to see what we will find. We are returning home at night since we will be pretty close when we stop tomorrow. We will go to the northern point and probably make it to the middle of Ohio. One year we did like 75 garage sales in the one day. I'll try to keep track again. Last year I think it was I found a booth full of stitching supplies.

Aug 1, 2016

Monday Update - 3 Finishes!!!

When I get time to actually stitch I get a lot done haha. Friday I was able to finish up the July Whimsy...
(Finished 17) July 29th
A Year of Whimsy by Dimensions (Out of Print)
Stitched on Perforated Paper
Used Suggested DMC
Started whole project for DUCJC Jan 1st, 2016.
Started this one July 26th, 2016. Took 4 Days.
After that I picked up a DUCJC piece Tour Postcard from Summer House Stitche Workes. It was my #12 start in January. Here it is all finished up...
I finished it on Saturday. Sunday I picked up my last postcard start Beach Postcard from Summer House Stitche Workes. It was my #9 start.
I can't wait to finish these post card designs onto the burlap frames and decorate them. Hopefully I'll find time to do that soon. This week I'm going to work on the Family Crest. Hope everyone has a great week. Welcome to August!!

Jul 28, 2016

July Smalls SAL

Today is the check in for the Smalls SAL. As my readers have noticed I'm extremely busy. Just got back from a 5 night camping adventure. So here is my July Year of Whimsy...
Not finished. Since I've only got 2 days worth of work into it. But I have 3 more days to finish it before the month slides away so hopefully I'll reach my deadline.

We had a fantastic time at our camping getaway. Only one complaint. It was HOT!!! We had heat warnings each day. Even though I kept drinking water I think I got really dehydrated by the time we came home. So Sunday I was not feeling well at all. I'm finally feeling better but boy it took a lot out of me. I just LOVE camping but I love fall/spring camping a lot lot more. This year we did a lot more volunteering with the organizers to help out. I really enjoyed being more involved. We also have so many new friends that we enjoyed getting to know better. There were at least 1,500 people who attended the event. I got to meet one lady who flew in from Hawaii just for this event! She took 3 planes to get there. Crazy! But so much fun to be involved. It was a geocaching event called a Mega Event. We didn't do any geocaching since we make it more of a socializing time. I'm glad it's over but so thankful for all the memories.

Okay I'm off to finish July. I'll be back hopefully soon with a finish.

Jul 18, 2016

Fantastic Weekend Camping

We had perfect weather for camping over the weekend. It was low 80's during the day and upper 50's at night. The wedding was fantastic and no rain which is a must for a beautiful outdoor wedding. My cousins and Aunt made all the decorations and they were beautiful...
These bottles spelled out their last name. Love that idea!! We also had a photo area for each family to get photos. Here is my hubby, Jeremiah, and me...
Love the old barn windows for the photo booth. It was beautiful day for a wonderful joining of two fantastic people. I was so glad we could be there to attend their day.

Now I have a lot to do to get ready to leave tomorrow for a 5 night camping trip with friends. Hopefully in between all that hustle I'll have time to put in some stitches too.

Jul 15, 2016

July Gifted Gorgeousness

It's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness check in. Go here to see what other beautiful gifts have been worked on this month.

We all know I've been busy busy so I've been trying really hard to work every chance I get to actually pick up my needle. If you've been following along you know I've been working on my Family Crest for my Grandfather. Here is where I have got to on it in 12 days worth of stitching now...
I normally switch out my WIPs about every 3 days. When I finally think I'm going to sit this one aside I just can't. I love working on it. I just love how it's coming together.

I'm off to camp again tonight for the weekend. We are having a family wedding tomorrow at our family campground. So I'm missing out on this IHSW. I wish everyone lots of stitching time that's joining in though! Stitch some for me.

Jul 9, 2016

Finished 1st Page

I finished the first page on my Elshire Family Crest piece. Love the reds! This is 6 days of work. 19 more pages to go. I'm going to go down from this one to work on more of the crest part. I have some weeds to pull and then I can get busy stitching.

Jul 1, 2016

Smalls SAL

It's time for another 2016 Smalls SAL check in. Guess what? Even with all the craziness of going and going I was able to keep up and finish June on my Year of Whimsy pieces.
  Finish 16 -- June 28th
A Year of Whimsy by Dimensions (Out of Print)
Stitched on Perforated Paper
Used Suggested DMC
Started whole project for DUCJC Jan 1st, 2016.
Started this one June 20th, 2016. Took 4 Days.
I didn't think I would be able to get it finished up in time. I'm so glad I did. Now to find time to squeeze out July even though the month just started it's a busy one coming up. 
I also got 2 days into the Elshire Family Crest restart. Oh my goodness I just LOVE it!! The new pattern is perfect so far. Here is my progress...
Here is a reminder of what it will look like...
I'm starting on the banner at the top if you can't tell. I just hope I can work on it fast and get it finished quickly for my Grandpa. It's detailed like a HAED. Can't wait to see it progress more.

Jun 27, 2016

Road Rally Geocaching Event

We got home LATE last night but What a Weekend!!! We were up in Roscommon (Houghton Lake) in Michigan. It's way up in northern Michigan just about an hour from the bridge. Here's some of my fav pictures...
We shared space in our friend's camper for the weekend. It was nice. One night we needed heat. The next day we needed the AC haha.
This is our game board for the event caches. When you found the geocache they had stickers that matched a spot on the board. It was really fun. I wish we would have got them all but just not enough time in our day. We didn't want to run like crazy the whole day so we stopped at 29 of the 52 caches. Here is our finished game board...
For some reason it keeps loading sideways but you get the idea.
I just love the thick woods, ponds, and lakes we stumbled upon. So beautiful. We saw an Osprey nest...
We found crazy fun caches...
This one moved and made noise. I knew it was going to and yet when I grabbed it I jumped horrible haha. The container was hidden in the mesh outfit part. Funny part is that it blended in well enough we walked right past it the first time haha.
There was a cache in this beautiful water area. I tried to take a short cut by wading in the water...
I ended up finding a hole and going in. Good thing I packed a towel haha.
Sunday we turned in our game boards. They gave out prizes and we all had lunch. It was a wonderful time! This is my favorite caching event by far. They said something about next year being the end and I will miss it so much. They've had it 9 years now so I don't blame them for wanting to take a break though. They do so much work to pull this event together. We've went 3 times now and each time has just been amazing. One year we RACED and got all the caches. It was fun but crazy so this time we just relaxed and enjoyed our day. I gotta say I really prefer the way we did it.

Now 4 more sleepies until we leave to go camping at my family campground with friends for the 4th of July weekend. Busy Busy still. Love it! So Thankful!!