Jun 23, 2022

June 23rd!

 My poor poor blog. I miss you guys. I have glanced through quickly to see my favorite blogs. Nice to see a lot have been stitching. Beautiful things. I have seen a few missing. Hope you are all okay. Probably just like me and not blogging. Though I promise I do think of blogging.....then weeks weeks and months go by.

Wait till you see what I got in the mail...

The lovely Rachel sent me this GORGEOUS package with an ADORABLE dragon in it. I literally screamed out loud trust me. LOVE IT!!! Rachel I can't say Thank you enough.

We've been splitting time between home long enough for doctor visits and laundry then back to our cabin. It's been wonderful of course. It's been BUSY since I swear March. But happy. Or at least trying to be every day. I have been stitching.....very little here very little there. I miss it too. So I figured I would finally do a darn update and then stitch today. It's HOT so indoor time at the cabin. Which means perfect time if I make myself put everything down and actually do it. Here are some photos from our band here at the campground. We had over 100 this time. The most attendance ever. Mom had several cousins come for the first time which was really nice. Only time we see each other is funerals. A band is a lot nicer reason to get together.

Jeremiah was beside us dancing away. So he missed being in the photo. Spike is still amazing. We love him so much. He just LOVES our campground time.

Okay I would love to say I'll be back soon. But honestly who knows. I miss you guys. I miss stitching. Now that I've updated.....I'm off to stitch!

Apr 28, 2022

April WIPocalypse

I'm not going to say Sorry I'm not going to say Sorry. Life has just been doing everything possible to keep me from stitching. But I'm okay. I'm happy. Yes a lot is going on. Yes I'm stressed but I will do things one at a time till I get through it. I got this! Now let's do a WIPocalypse update. WIPocalypse is a fun blog game/event where we try to finish all our WIPs before the end of the world. Don't worry I will have enough WIPs to last long long past the end of the world haha. I like to use this as a look back at what I've worked on since the last update. So let's see...

Well this will be fast. One WIP has been out since my last update. I'm just happy to have something to show at least...

Year of Celebrations by Hands on Design -- 4 days. Started this one this month. 

Yep the rest of the days are non stitching day. That's okay. I will be back to stitching as soon as possible.

On the 26th Jeremiah turned 24 years old! How is that possible?!? We've been having cabin time on the weekends and as often as possible of course haha. He also had a trip to the game store and stocked up on several new games. So he's a happy kiddo. Fred has to go on a work trip to Vegas which is really sad because we had been wanting to go back since Jeremiah's 21st birthday but with the virus and mask mandates we have put it off. He leaves this Sunday and will be back Wednesday. Maybe I'll get some extra stitching time while he's gone since we'll be home relaxing waiting for him to arrive home safely. 

Here are some fun pictures of Spike since I didn't have a lot of stitching to share...

I hurt a tendon in my knee and was putting ice on my knee. Of course he had to inspect it. He was very worried about what I was doing. Then he decided his whole body was good enough for heat on my knee instead. We are so happy we were rescued by him. He makes every day interesting. The top photo is him sleeping after a fun day at our campground. He LOVES it there as much as we do.

Let's all have a great May. Smile. Love yourself. I hope to share a lot more stitching next time. If not though that's okay.

Apr 15, 2022

Easter Blog Hop

The lovely Jo has set up another lovely blog hop to join in. This one is an Easter Blog Hop of course. If you stopped here first please head over to Jo's blog to start. You follow the links and collect letters to make a phrase. Then tell Jo what phrase you have found. We are also supposed to share a Spring or Easter themed piece we have stitched. 

First here's Jo's Blog for the starting point

If you are here in order here is the letter you are looking for...

 S in case you can't see it.

Last let's look at a piece I recently finished with a Spring theme...

Spring Time from New York Dreamer I just finished February 28th.

Now I will send you to the next blog for your next letter. Have a great hop...


 Have a very Happy Easter!

Apr 11, 2022

Monday Update

 Slight hiccup. Yep I'm still here. That balance has been thrown off. I had been doing so well too. We got some information in the mail in the middle of March that some major things needed changed for Mom's health insurance. Fun Fun right? Yuck! But we are getting it taken care of it.....SLOWLY. What a pain. Now to just hope it all works out in the end and all this pain in the bum will be worth it. So between working on that and working on myself I've not took time from stitching. Last stitch was March 26th. 

We've been sneaking down to the cabin to release the stress. I took stitching with me with all the plans on stitching. Pulled it out and just stared at it. Just needed no brain time instead.

Now it's Easter week. I will be back to the Easter Blog Hop from lovely Jo. So stay tuned for that. 

I will be back to stitching soon. Just enjoying down time for NO thinking when I get the chance right now. Love yourself. See ya soon.

Mar 29, 2022

Tuesday Monday Update

 I had a very busy physical challenge yesterday in one of my Fitness groups. Hit 18k steps. Wanted 17k and got it. Plus I did laundry and packed...

Packed for what...

Yep cabin time! We came down last night and Fred (hubby) stayed the night. He normally goes home on work nights. He had no problem getting to work on time so that was nice. Now he knows he can come down more often even on work nights. 

I didn't bring Rainbow Dragon (Iris) so will update the progress when I get home. Don't worry I did bring stitching and really hope to get some progress. We will head home Sunday.

Have a great week. Love yourself. Smile.

Mar 27, 2022

March WIPocalypse

Here we are again. The last Sunday of a month. Already the 3rd month of the year....WOW. Time sure flies. I really wish it would slow down a bit. So if you haven't heard of WIPocalypse (you must not have a blog haha). It's a push to finish all our WIPs before the end of the world. I like to use this as an excuse to keep track of my progress month to month. So let's take a look back since my last check in.

Springtime by New York Dreamer -- 2 Days. Finished up this one right after my last check in...

Year of Celebrations July by Hands on Design -- 2 Days. Finished this one up quickly too...

Flag Box by Shepherd's Bush -- Started and Finished this one in just 1 Day...

Oct Fairy by Lili of the Valley -- 6 Days. Another finish this month...

Wish Upon a Starfish by Designs by Lisa -- 1 Day. Added a few stitches to this one...

Campfire Pallet Kit -- 2 Days. Small start of this little kit...

Rainbow Dragon -- 3 Days. Still working on this one so will update tomorrow. Check back.

Non Stitching Days -- 11 Days. Life just gets in the way. But look at those finishes. I'll take it as a win.

Measi also gives us fun questions to answer....March 27 – Tell us about a technique, designer, pattern, or anything else in stitching that you’ve been nervous or afraid to try. I hate hardanger. I tried it and don't plan on ever doing it again haha.

Mar 21, 2022

Monday Update - Lots of Stitching and a Finish

 Lots to talk about so let's go...

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked on the October Lili of the Valley Fairy. I finished it Thursday...

(6) March 17th
October from Lili of the Valley Calendar
From 2016 Cross Stitcher Magazine
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Jan 25, 2021 Took 9 Days.
Total Time 15 Hours and 2 Minutes 
I had 3 days into this one January 2021. Now I only have 1 left for this set. 

Friday I pulled out Wish Upon a Starfish for the day. It's an easy one to work on when I am busy doing a lot of other things...

I outlined the top pebbles and added a little bit of water color in the top section. Then we headed down to our cabin for the weekend. 

I started my next Mischievous March new start...

I worked on it a little bit Saturday and Sunday...

So lots of stitching going on for me. Love it. Life is going to start getting busier but I'm going to do my best to work stitching in. Have a great week. I have no idea what I'm going to work on. This little kit is annoying so might take a break from it haha. We'll see. I hear a lot of screaming from my WIP tote.

Mar 14, 2022

Monday Update

Wednesday after I had my huge finish haha. I picked up my October Lili of the Valley Fairy again. I had 3 days into her last time. I got 3 more days added now...

I think I will keep going on it till she is finished. Just this one and November left to finish up for this set. Then I need to sew them into little pillows. I have some finished but several to do.

We had a fun weekend. There was a big indoor flea market in town. So we all went Saturday. We had a lot of fun. They had a booth setup with dog treats so we bought Spike a bunch. Jeremiah and Fred found some beef jerky/sausage. Jeremiah and Mom got some new t-shirts. I got some leggings (in a lot smaller size than I thought I would Wohoo!!) We had a nice meal out and then came home. One of the treats was new for Spike. Icelandic Cod fish skin made into a spiral treat. He LOVED it. So we started joking about how we needed to go back to the flea market. Then Mom realized there was a few shirts she wanted that she didn't get. Plus this and that. So Sunday Fred and me went back. We had a nice time together as always. Got some more treats and stuff. It was a fun day out turned into a lovely weekend.

Have a great week. We made cabin plans for the upcoming weekend. Just miss it too much.

Mar 10, 2022

Mischievous March 1

Rachel and Tiffany have a wonderful idea of Mischievous March. They are sneaking in some new starts because....why not haha. So of course when you say new start I'm ready haha. I can't join on the weekends but I will sure try to start 4 new pieces sometime this month. I looked through my Want to Start Soon box and found way way too many I wanted to start right now haha. Remember this is why I have a million WIPs haha. Anyway I started a little kit I was forced into ordering from embroidery.com when I got one of the "free" needle minders. I mean come on if you get free shipping have to make it worth it right?

It's from Shepherd's Busy and came with 32ct Faded Flag Blue Linen. Plus the DMC and one Weeks Dye Works thread. So that's always nice. No stash diving.

After 2 hours and 9 minutes...

It's so big...
I'm thinking of a tiny little cube finish. We'll see what happens. Wonder what I will start next....I made a small stack of things haha.

Mar 7, 2022

Monday Update with a Finish

Best news first....I got the all clear with my follow up mammogram. They did more images and an ultrasound to rule everything out. Just some dense tissue. Probably showed up more because of my weight loss. I'll go back in 6 months to be safe. I didn't realize how stressed I was until after it was over. I could literally tell the difference right away. Deep breath. 

Friday I picked up the Year of Celebrations July piece. I had 2 days in last time I shared it here...

I finished it up yesterday...

(4) March 6th
July from A Year of Celebrations
From Hands on Design
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Feb 6th. Took 4 Days.
Total Time 9 Hours 19 Minutes

We had a fabulous day out for my hubby's birthday. Jeremiah had a blast with us. Two close friends joined us and I got to meet up for lunch with a stitching friend and her husband. Fred got to meet two podcast guys he listens to so he was really happy. 

I have no idea what I'm going to work on this week. I'll have to listen for my WIP tote and see who is screaming the loudest.

Mar 1, 2022

Proper Update Post


(3) February 28th
Spring Time
from New York Dreamer
Stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Lugana
Using Suggested GAST, CCC and DMC threads
Started Feb 1, 2022. Took 25 Days.
Total Time 10 Hours and 58 Minutes
I was busy stepping yesterday. I hit 19k which is my personal most in a day since I got my Fitbit. It was for a fun push yourself challenge and boy did I push myself. 
Personal Information. Last week was a weird one. Monday I found out about my breast exam needing more images. Then Tuesday my dad called to tell me that one of the man cave guys that Jeremiah loved so much passed away. It was very unexpected. It was eerie though because it was exactly one month after his wife passed away. So if you ask me it was clearly broken heart syndrome. He was her caretaker for 30 years. I think he just didn't know what to do with himself with him being gone. Fred was able to get off work a few hours early and we headed down to the man cave for an emergency man cave meeting in his honor. It was a lovely gathering. Just so sad. He was only 66 years old. So make sure to live every day like it could be your last. Just never know.

I go in Thursday the 3rd for my follow up. They said I will know the answers before I leave since the person who reads the images will be there on site. So just a few more days of curious till we know. Saturday is my hubby's bday so we are going out to spend the day with friends. We are looking forward to it. Even Jeremiah is going to come along this time. 

Have a great week. Love yourself. Smile.

Feb 28, 2022

Monday Update with a Finish

Last day of the challenge and I finished it! Wohoo. It's been a crazy busy day so I'll be back later with a better post. Just wanted to scream that I finished it tonight!!

Feb 27, 2022

February WIPocalypse

Last Sunday of the month already. Yep the 2nd month of the year already almost gone. I have a feeling yet another year is going to fly by like they always do. Love these lazy winter months. Lots of stitching time. WIPocalypse is our push to finish all our WIPs before the end of the world. Instead of watching the news we are encouraged to stitch our WIPs and Be Happy. So let's look back and see what I've been stitching since the last check in...

Salt Water Taffy -- 1 Day in January but after my check in.

Spring Time by New York Dreamer -- 24 Days. This is my LovetoStitch challenge piece. I've missed 3 of the 4 allowed days but still will probably have this finished tomorrow. I'll show where it is right now...

Year of Celebrations by Hands on Designs -- 3 Days. Finished June and Started July...

Iris (Rainbow Dragon) by Paine Free Crafts -- 1 Day...

Non Stitching Days -- 4 Days. Doing good. 

Measi also gives us fun questions to answer with our posts... What stitch-a-longs (SALs) are you participating in this year? I'm being careful this year. I just want to enjoy my stitching again. So laying low from the normal SALs.

See ya tomorrow for my normal Monday Update. 

Feb 21, 2022

Monday Update

Let's see what I was up to last week. Monday was my first miss day of February. Time got away from me. I worked on Spring Time every other day though. Here it is now after 19 Days...

Yesterday was time for something else so I put my minutes in actually 31 and then pulled out Iris the Rainbow Dragon. Got 2 hrs and 51 mins in her. I just LOVE working on her...

Saturday I went to get my yearly mammogram. Got the email today I might have to go back. I'm nervous but I've heard so many people get called back. So no worrying till I know more.

 Have a great week. We are on a roller coaster as far as weather here in Indiana. 57 right now. Rain tomorrow. Snow Thursday. Just up and down and up and down. Spring will be here before we know it.

Love yourself. Love each other. Smile.

Feb 14, 2022

Monday Update

Happy Valentine's Day. Hoping tomorrow I have time to hop along and find my Valentine blog hop piece. Today was a blur. So I want to get my Monday update posted. Last week I stitched every day on my Springtime piece for the embroidery.com Love 2 Stitch challenge. Here is where I am now with the piece 13 days later...

Tuesday I put another 21 minutes into the July Year of Celebrations piece...

Not much added but progress is progress.

Wednesday Fred took Jeremiah and me down to our cabin. The relaxing time was very needed. Jeremiah went to the man cave meeting Thursday night but it was just family. Still some extended family time was nice. Then Friday morning Dad and Bev came and picked up Jeremiah. They headed north to gamble at Blue Chip casino for the night. They had a blast. Fred came down after work Friday. So I had 8 hours of alone time during the day which NEVER happens. It was a very nice relaxing me day. It was nice to spend the evening with Fred also of course, we had fun plans Saturday. We went to a nice craft sale at a nearby town. Then we went to a new to us restaurant. It was delicious. Then a stop at a cigar shop for Fred. He was happy and I was happy since there was a bar in the shop haha. We hung out for a bit then headed back to our cabin. We were supposed to get Jeremiah back Saturday evening but my Dad and step mom sent us a message they were keeping him another night. Haha. So we rented two scary movies and relaxed even more together. It was wonderful and SOOOO needed. Perfect way to celebrate an early Valentine's day.

Now we are refreshed a ready for the new week ahead. Have a great week. Love yourself.