Apr 22, 2017

Vacation Day #3

Some of my readers have seen me post about the Myrtle Beach PALs Retreat I attend in October. I've went I think 7 times now. I've met some wonderful ladies. One of them is Gerri. She has a very sweet husband that just loves his wife and it's so sweet to watch them together. I've grown very close to both of them. So did Mom and Jeremiah. Since we are always at PALs together. They live nearby Mount Airy so when we were planning our trip I wondered if we would be able to meet up.

It worked out to get together today for lunch. They came to our hotel at noon. We sat in the lobby for a long time catching up and story telling. We went to eat and ended up sitting there until 5pm. What a fun visit. We sure never struggle to have anything to talk about. It was like visiting with family. They even paid for our dinner. What a treat.

Now we are relaxing and tomorrow we will hit the road again.

Apr 21, 2017

Vacation Day #2

Today we arrived in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It was a little over 4 hours but it's through the mountains. So we were very happy to get here safe. We didn't have any problems at least. A little rain but not bad enough to bother us. We also got to stop at the Tamarack which is an artisan center in West Virginia we love stopping at on our way through this way. It's way way overpriced things but makes a great stop for lunch and stretching our legs.

We made it here at about 3pm. We have stayed here multiple times but never went to the downtown area. A friend who lives nearby told us we can't miss it. When you check in at this hotel there is a sign that says Welcome to Mayberry. The first time we stayed here I had no idea why. This is Andy Griffith's hometown and the downtown area is where The Andy Griffith Show started to be filmed before they moved it to California. So they have the town all setup as a replica of the show.

We found this little museum that was in honor of Andy's life. Here is a picture of Mom and Jeremiah ready to explore the museum...
After that we found this tour that took us around town and showed us a lot more of the history of the area. We just LOVE doing these kinds of things because we learn so much and see places we wouldn't see without it. Today was no different except...
We rode in a replica cop car from the show for the tour. Right before this picture Jeremiah was handcuffed for stealing chickens. But then he was uncuffed and got to ride shot gun and be a deputy for the tour. We learned so much. I didn't know this is the Granite city. We got to pull in and see the huge open granite mine they have here...
The granite from this very mine has been used in 12 building in Washington DC. So many memorials, monuments, and many many other things. The list was so long. The one that really stood out to us was the Wright Brothers Memorials which we've seen in Kill Devils Hills OBX North Carolina one of my favorite places in the world. He said the granite runs under the whole town.

We were so thankful we found this fun tour. Jeremiah had a blast. We got to our hotel just in time for more rain. But we were already settled in for the night. We are actually staying here for two nights. Tomorrow we are getting to see friends we normally only get to see once a year. They live nearby and we are getting together for lunch.

Apr 20, 2017

Vacation Day #1

We survived our first day on the road. We loaded up and headed out a little after 9am. There was rain all around us but we lucked out. Just had a few drops of rain a little before we got here to our hotel. Then it cleared up for us to carry our luggage in. How nice of it. Severe storms behind us. No traffic problems though today so it was definitely a successful travel day.

This is a hotel we stay at every time we head this way. Mostly because it has my favorite pasta/pizza place next door. So I know what I'm eating tonight!! It's a delicious dish of spaghetti with pepperoni on top and melted cheese. Yum! No pictures to share today. Don't worry that will change in a few days.

Apr 17, 2017

Monday Update

I'm so busy getting ready for vacation. Don't forget this. Hurry do this laundry so I can pack it. What stitching to take. Ahhh only 3 days left!!! But guess what?

I finally finished my April Snapshot...
(7) April 16th, 2017
April Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Converted to DMC
Started Apr 5th. Took 8 Days.
I really wanted to get the April section of the Under the Sea SAL done but I'm sure that won't happen. I will totally be taking it with me and really hope to squeeze in some stitching time in the evenings when possible. But memory making and tourist stuff is always more important. Plus blogging to share our fun things with all the people who love traveling along with us. So stay tuned. We hit the road Thursday morning.

Apr 16, 2017

April Gifted Gorgeousness

The wonderful Jo yet again is gathering us together. This time it's for Gifted Gorgeousness. This is a fun SAL that we share on the 15th of the month (oops) either gifts we are stitching for others or things we have received as gifts. This year I'm working really hard on a gift for my Grandpa. It's our family crest. Here is where I was last check in...
I was able to put only 4 days into it this time around. My life is really starting to get crazy busy now. But progress is progress. Here is where I got on the top banner at least...
I do have a gift received to post. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway posted on Rhona's Blog.
I saw she was giving this chart away and I love dandelions so I entered. Plus the saying is just beautiful. I had no idea I would get an adorable card, fun floss, awesome charms, and a neat floss cutter necklace pendant. Now I just need to find time to stitch this fun chart up.

Apr 14, 2017

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

The wonderful Jo has gathered us together again for another fun blog hop. Today is the Easter Treasure Hunt. We hop around looking for letters to make a phrase. I don't know what the phrase will be but I know it will be fun. Hopping through blogs and see all the wonderful posts along the way. So let's get to why you are here...

First the letter you need...
That's a fun Easter themed G I found on image search. How cute. Now you need to know where to go next...

Last I have a fun Easter themed piece of stitching to share with you. I was encouraged by these fun blog hops to stitch something seasonal. I found this fun Easter piece in the Winter 2015 Issue of Stoney Creek Magazine. I stitched it up on 36ct ivory evenweave. I just love the way it turned out and I'm so thankful for the push to do a fun Easter piece. Here it is...

Enjoy hopping along the blog hop. Happy Easter!

Apr 10, 2017

Monday Update

Sorry for my not posting. We are busy busy. 10 sleepies until we leave for vacation and a lot to do. I did finally do some stitching. I had several days where I just didn't stitch. Then I finally made a few days of progress on the Family Crest again. Getting more and more close to another page finish so I will show a picture when I complete the page I'm working on.

Wednesday I got started on the April Snapshot. Here is what it will look like...
Here is my progress after 4 Days of stitching...
Another great one! I have finished 3 photo blocks and started the 4th. Hopefully it will be done soon. I want to get the April section of the Under the Sea SAL finished too hopefully before we leave. I will take stitching with me but I was really hoping to have these two done before hand. We'll see.

Friday we went to a fun craft sale during the day. I found several things I just couldn't live without of course haha. Nothing stitching related just fun decorations. Then we had a nice evening watching movies. We watched Arrival. It was a fantastic movie about how we would handle aliens landing on Earth. I thought the best alien movie I've seen personally. I think it's exactly how the world would react. Then Jeremiah joined us and we watched Hacksaw Ridge. It was about WWII and Wow...How hard to watch. My grandfather was in this exact spot during WWII. It was an amazing movie and very well done. Jeremiah was glad to watch it and see some of the hardships his Great Grandpa went through. He has my Grandpa's dog tags and he always appreciated them but knowing they were there during that horrible time made them even more special to him now. We were all in tears but thankful we could watch the movie and hear the story that definitely needed to be told.

Saturday we got 15 pretty flowering plants planted and 20 bags of mulch put out. It was a lot of work but it sure looks great now. After that we watched USS Indianapolis another WWII movie but this time on a battleship that was sunk. It was amazing too. Another tear jerker that's for sure. I can't imagine being there in either situation. Definitely makes you appreciate our service members.

Now we have shopping and Easter and packing and everything else to do on the list haha. I hope everyone has a great week. I'll be the one running around like a mad woman haha.

Mar 31, 2017

March Smalls SAL

It's time for another Smalls SAL check in. Here is the link to the check in post. This is a really fun SAL to encourage us to do something small each month. At the end of the year you will have hopefully 12 finished pieces to show off. Last year was my first year and I decided to pick a monthly pattern that I had in my stash to complete each month. I really enjoyed it! This year I decided to do the same. I picked out these fun monthly snapshot design from Pine Mountain Designs.

Here is March all finished up...
I've enjoyed doing these so much. I just can't wait to start the next one. Love the parts the designer has picked out. Plus it's so neat how they look like photos in an old album. Soon I'll be able to start the next one!

Mar 27, 2017

March WIPocalypse

Yesterday was time for the March WIPocalypse. Measi came up with this fun SAL to poke fun at how the apocalypse is supposedly coming. So we should grab our WIPs and get busy stitching before the world ends. I love using it as an excuse to keep track of what I've worked on for the month and how many days I've spent on what pieces. We also get fun questions to answer so we can learn more about each other. Here is this month's question...What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

I used to love yahoo groups and was on so many. Since they really fell apart I've tried to follow with many different Facebook stitching groups. I just can't keep up. There always seems to be WAY too many posts and I get so confused by who is who. LOL I must be getting old. I do miss the old yahoo groups but I don't spend so much time reading all those emails I used to get haha. I follow SO many stitchy blogs and I love them all! I think for me personally blogs are the way to go now. I really feel like I get to know the person better. I do enjoy Instagram but I like to know more behind the pictures so again blog is perfect. I've promised myself not to get into flosstube. I just don't want to spend time watching all those videos. I've watched a few and really get bored since it's just a one sided conversation. So not for me.

Now let's see what I've been stitching on since the last check in....

Family Crest -- 5 days. I have to admit I got burned out on this one lately. It's totally my fault. I just felt like I was crawling with my progress the past two weeks. The days I make myself work on it I catch myself not stitching much. So I put it down last week completely and hopefully this week it will better. Anyway here I was last check in...
Here it is now...
So seeing that helps a lot. Even though it feels slow there is definitely visible progress. Hopefully even more next time.

Monthly Snapshots -- 4 days to start and finish up the March Snapshot
Spring Bell Pull from Stoney Creek Magazine -- 3 days of progress on the I block. At the last check in I finished off the R block and was really excited about starting the I block. Here is where I am on it now...
It's still screaming STITCH me too.

Under the Sea SAL by Lakeside Needlecrafts -- 2 days to finish the March section. Here is the whole piece now...
Happy Easter from Stoney Creek Magazine -- 5 days from start to finish. I wanted to do a fun Easter themed piece for an upcoming blog hop. I found this one and just couldn't wait to get it finished up. I loved the way it turned out...
I had 9 days with no stitching. Life is starting to get busy. Plus I had dental surgery that stole 2 days. Our travel plans start the end of April so I need to get busy and get stitching done. But now with the warmer temps the weeds are starting to wake up and poke out of course. But here's hoping I can manage it all. See ya next time with hopeful proof. So what have you been working on??

Mar 24, 2017

Happy Easter Finish

Finish # 6 March 23rd, 2017
Happy Easter from Stoney Creek Magazine Winter 2015 Issue
Fabric 36ct Ivory Evenweave
Threads are suggested DMC other than wording
Changed wording to Carrie's Creation thread called Magenta
Started March 17th. Took 5 days.

I'm so glad I found this fun Easter piece. It was very enjoyable to stitch up. I love the way it turned out. I'm hoping to make it into a decorative pillow with a cute material with Easter eggs or something. 
We have always enjoyed feeding the birds. Sometimes we get new visitors and it's really exciting. For the first time we spotted at pileated woodpecker at our feeder. We saw one once in a tree in our front yard but it never came back. This female has been back several days now and always finds herself a home on our suet feeder. She is HUGE compared to the woodpeckers we normally get. Hope she is going to stick around. Maggee I hope you happen to see this post. I know you are a fellow bird lover.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and finds some time to stitch. 

Mar 20, 2017

Monday Update

Next month there is a fun Easter blog hop that Jo is hosting. I figured this year I would try to actually stitch something seasonal for the blog hops instead of using old photos. What perfect excuse to do a seasonal piece to display in the next years too. So I got to looking through my magazine stash. I fell in love with a few different pieces but one was just screaming Me Me!
It's from the Winter 2015 Issue of Stoney Creek. I just love their magazine! So I dove into my stash again to look for the fabric and threads. I had a perfect cut of 36ct Ivory Evenweave. I also had all the threads on hand. Just meant to be. I decided to change the blue Happy Easter words to a pretty pink hand dyed thread I have had in my stash forever. I think it will look okay. What do you think so far? Here is my two day progress on the piece...
Love it! The pattern gave an option to stitch the eggs instead of using buttons and I plan to do that. When it's finished it will go into the pile that needs to be sewn into a little decorative pillow.

Saturday we finally got time to get down to my family's to visit. We hadn't been down since Christmas. We all got sick. Then seems like we all had surgeries to take care of. Life just kept us apart. But Saturday finally worked out. It was a fantastic visit. Since my dad fell this past winter and ended up getting rotator cuff surgery. They told him it would be a 6 month recovery. He doesn't like to sit still so he's going insane. But he's healing nicely. He has work he wants to get done over at the family campground. So luckily Fred (hubby) loves running a chain saw. So we helped with taking down several trees and cleaning a pathway. Also got two truck loads of wood for the upcoming camping fires. It was a lot of work but felt great to help out. We also got to visit my Grandparents and that was really nice. It was a great laugh filled day.

Sunday morning here at home we took a little bit of time and got the winter decorations all put away in the garage. Now we have that just been robbed look haha. It's Spring today though so time for the snowmen to get some rest. As we all know the year will fly by and they will be back out soon. We've been slowly working on dusting and putting out our normal decorations. Everything is getting put back together.

Well I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic week and accomplishes all they want to accomplish. Our first day of Spring here in Northern Indiana is coming in with lots of thunder and lightning.

Mar 16, 2017

Under the Sea SAL Finish

I figured it was time to get the March Under the Sea SAL section done. Here are the cute fish from this month's release...
The sparkly blue thread is a light effects DMC and it's a pain to work with but I love that sparkle once it's in the fabric. Here is the whole piece now...
I really love how this looks. The completed project at the end of year will be awesome! Now the torture  I mean wait till the next section is released. Wonder what it will be??

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Yesterday was the 15th which means it's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness check in. This wonderful SAL is from the fantastic Jo. The purpose is for the stitching community to share things they are stitching as gifts or have received as gifts. What a beautiful reason to blog.

My main focus for the SAL this year is the Family Crest I'm stitching for my Grandpa. My goal this year is to work on it at least one day every week and so far I've met that challenge and even more with some weeks working on it several days instead. Here is where I was on the Family Crest piece last check in...
I was close to a page finish. Here I am as of this morning...
I finished the page I was working on and started the page above it.

I also have a gift to report receiving. I have seen a few bloggers getting gifts from Bucilla. They are celebrating 150 years of business by sending out some free kits. I have no idea how they get the people they email but suddenly I found an email from them. I was even able to pick out the kit I wanted to receive. So I picked this one and it showed up quickly in the mail...
Now to just find time to stitch it haha. It's awaiting in my stash for now. What a great advertising campaign! I've done a kit from them before. The Dog Wisdom project I completed 2015 was from them. I really enjoyed it so I'm sure this one will be the same. See ya in April with hopefully more progress on the crest.

Mar 13, 2017

Monday Update

Sorry for not posting last week. I had a stressful week. But it's a new week and everything will be okay. I am feeling pretty much healed from my dental surgery. The stitch finally fell out and I'm off my pain pills. So good news there.

Last post I was almost finished with the March Snapshot. I was able to get it finished up Monday evening...
(5th Finish) March 6th, 2017
March Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Converted to DMC
Started Mar 3rd. Took 4 Days.
Yet another snapshot design I really enjoyed. Our March definitely came in like a lion. We had tornado warnings for the beginning hours of March and now we are under a winter weather advisory today. 3-5 inches of snow possible. It's just beautiful already and it's just started. I see the East Coast is stealing the big snow again. I'm so jealous.

Tuesday I just had to start the I block on the Stoney Creek Sping Bell Pull...
I worked on it for 3 days. Just love that little birdie. Here is the whole piece right now...
I also got some more progress on the Family Crest but I will update on that for the 15th GG post. I hope everyone has a great week.

Mar 6, 2017

Monday Update

Thank you so much for all the thoughts/prayers sent my way. They sure helped. Thursday I went in for my dental surgery. I took a little pill an hour before. It really helped a lot. When we got there I could tell I wanted to panic but I couldn't. I got into the dentist chair and they hooked up the NOS (laughing gas) to help even more. I remember the dentist hooked me up to an IV and the next thing I remember I woke up at home snoring! I'm so thankful. I didn't feel a thing. I was really worried about the pain after and I'm shocked about that too. It didn't hurt near as bad as I was worried. I ended up getting two fillings, 1 tooth pulled, and a deep cleaning. My teeth look fantastic and feel a million times better. Yes there is pressure where I got the fillings and the tooth pulled but the medicine they put me on immediately helps with that. This is the 5th day and I'm down to 3 pain pills a day. Not bad at all. I did end up having to get a stitch where they pulled the tooth. Jeremiah wonders if it's a cross stitch haha. He is picking on me for what I did while loopy. I wasn't allowed to be on any electronics for 24hrs. I guess I really wanted to use my phone. He said I kept asking for it. So one time I showed him my EMPTY hand and said I had my phone. He said I was even scrolling on my palm like I was on Facebook. LOL Of course I luckily don't remember doing that. He's been a fantastic nurse. I know he was really worried about me. We are all glad it's over. It was worth every penny it cost me.

After two days off I was able to pick up my needle again. I couldn't wait to get started on the March Snapshot so that's what I did. Here it is after 3 Days of progress...
I hope everyone has a great week.