Dec 4, 2023

Dec 4th Monday Update

Home from a nice weekend away visiting friends and having fun. So posting this late in the day but wanted to get my post up before I fall asleep. First let's see what I worked on last week.

Monday I took the day off and worked on taking down the fall decorations and putting out the Christmas stuff. LOVE it. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on Autumn Time from New York Dreamer. I laughed when I looked at when I worked on it last. Exactly one year ago. So evidently November 28th is pull out Autumn Time day haha. I added 551 stitches...

Thursday I pulled out Country Life and had time for 195 stitches on the bottom row...

Friday was the 1st so time to start the December challenges I posted about in an earlier post. I was so happy to start. First up I rolled dice for the WIP Wrangler challenge. Got 16 on the 20 sided dice which meant I needed to work on All American by Primrose Cottage Stitches. I then rolled a 2 which I multiply by 100 and then divide by 2. So needed 100 stitches. After that I worked on Season 2 for the Stitch the Advent Prompts because it was Merry and I'm very merry this is my last Season 2 and I've stuck with them all year. I added 468 stitches before the next prompt was released at 6pm my time. The 2nd prompt was Red. Which was funny because on the All American piece I had a Red word Red where I was stitching. So back to that for 100 more stitches...

  Start Picture above.


Added 101.

Start progress for Season 2 by Hands on Design December.
Added 468.
Back to All American for 102 for the Prompt Red.
We left Saturday morning. We did a lot of Christmas shopping. Including not one but two trips to my favorite stitching store House of Stitches. Decided to stop back today on the way home to pick up a few things I decided I needed after thinking more at the hotel haha. But Santa has that stuff now so I'll have to wait to share it later. We got things done we needed done Spike nails trimmed and haircuts for us. We visited with friends. We got to stop at 2 casinos. We just had a blast. So many laughs. So much fun. It was a lovely way to enjoy the journey of December and celebrating the joy of Christmas instead of just waiting for one day to enjoy it. Our focus this year. Enjoying Christmas as a family. Boy we did. We made it home this afternoon and got everything unpacked then decided to go get our Christmas tree and groceries instead of putting it off to another day. We decided on a 3ft little fake tree this year. We love it!!!
Fred also put up some outdoor lights. Now we are all ready. A few more gifts to gather. We are hoping for a shopping weekend next weekend. Right now just extra thankful. Hopefully I can rest up and STITCH now after a few days off. I miss it. Plus I need to catch up on prompts and rolls.

Advent Blog Hop Day 4



Welcome to Day 4 of the Advent Blog Hop

a wonderful blog event setup by the lovely Jo this wonderful time of the year. Stop over to follow her links to all the different blogs through every daily door.

We are off on a mini vacation. Traveling safely home today hopefully. So I have setup this post to publish Monday Morning. The purpose of this fun blog hop is to share a photo of something Christmas or winter themed we have stitched. Let's have a look...

2019 I stitched up this Snowman Mill Hill Kit. I attached it to a Christmas tree my Grandfather had made and my mom had painted with snowy paint...

I really love how it turned out. I have some pieces I am looking forward to doing in December. Here's hoping I will have another finished piece to share soon.

The topic for discussion this blog hop is Santa Stories. Jeremiah never really liked the sitting on Santa's lap at the local mall. So one year he was devastated because he didn't want to do it again. I came up with something I am still proud of. We had a big talk about how Christmas is all about Magic. The Santa at the mall is just a person who tells the real Santa what you want for Christmas. But if we sit in our home and sat together as a family we can talk to Santa ourselves. The magic let's Santa know. So Jeremiah wide eyed talked to Santa out loud about what he wanted. So did we. Jeremiah is now 25 and still talks about the magic of Christmas. The magic of Christmas is still very important to us. We don't put out our presents until he can't see them. In our tiny cabin it was a little harder. But we made sure he wasn't awake until presents were out ready for the first glance Christmas morning. I love the magic of Christmas morning. This year we are focusing on the experience of making Christmas our own after losing my mother in October 2021. I think last year I was still mourning her and trying to have the Christmas she would have wanted us to have. This year we are making new experiences and making it our own. December is not even here yet and I am so excited. (Writing this November 27th) I hope you can all make Christmas exactly what you want it to be. Hugs and Big Love for our home to yours.

Dec 2, 2023

People's Choice - Chocolate


The lovely Jo hosts this fun monthly link up event. We get a theme and we are to make a post about it. We also can suggest the themes for future use. So Let the People Choose. I haven't been participating but ready to start again. I am going to be out of town so setting this up to post on Saturday morning. Stop over to Jo's blog to see what others have shared.  

I just couldn't not participate this month. The word is...

One of my favorite things in the world. The very reason I can't lose weight haha. Here I am at Hershey, Pennsylvania a very fantastic place to visit....

Yes I wanted to lick the walls haha. No I didn't buy the chocolate bar. I would have ate the whole thing haha. Believe it or not though I have never stitched a design with chocolate on it. So I glanced at 123stitch and was surprised at how many designs there was with chocolate theme. Several were more hot chocolate and I dislike warm drinks so no hot cocoa for me. But these 3 designs are sure cute...

Imaginating did this one. Her fun word play designs.
Les Petites Croix De Lucie did an adorable gnome.
Luv 4 Cross Stitch did this adorable box top.

The gnome is probably the one that draws me the most. I have several of the gnomes from her to do first though. 

Thanks for joining me on my post. See ya in January for the next theme Designer of 2024.

Nov 30, 2023

December Challenges

Tomorrow starts some fun challenges. Here are the big two events I'm in...

Here is the instructions (I picked the Easy level because of everything else going on too)...

Your WIPs have magically turned into naughty elves that keep running away. They're not ready to give up their summer tans and help Santa just yet. It's up to you to wrangle them up and save Christmas and your WIPs!
For this game, grab as many as 20 of your current WIPs and/or new starts. Number them 1 to 20 in your original event post. If you have less than 20, add previously used ones onto the end of your list until you get to 20.
If you are a monogamous stitcher or prefer not to count your stitches, scroll to the bottom for alternative rules.
In addition to a big piles of WIPs, (naughty elves), you will also need a 6-sided die and a 20-sided polyhedral die. An app works if you don’t have actual dice. You do not need to post pics of your rolls. The honor system will work just fine.
There are 3 levels you can choose to play. This is, after all, Semi Sane! These levels will come into play when you roll your 6-sided die:
Easy = the number value x100 and halved (4 gets rolled, 4 x 100 = 400, halved is 200)
Medium = the number value x100
Difficult = the number value x100 doubled (4 x 100 = 400 x 2 = 800)
*The total identifies the number of stitches.
When the game begins, you’ll roll your 20-sided die to see which elf you’ll be returning to Santa first. Once you know what number you’re saving, you’ll roll your 6-sided die to determine the number of stitches it takes to wrangle your elf! You have no time limit to capture your elf, but you’ll want to try to return all 20 to Santa's toy workshop for entries into the drawing! (Easy = 5 entries, Medium = 10, Hard = 20)
SCROOGE: May darken our doorway of this event to stir up more trouble. If he does, I’ll pin his post to the top of the event page. Complete the task assigned and you will receive a special gift. Failure to complete the task may result in Scrooge freeing one of your elves!
What happens if the same elf gets rolled again? You roll your 6-sided die and do half of whatever you’d normally be doing. For example, if you’re doing easy and roll 4, as seen in the above example, the normal stitch count you’d do is 200. You’d do 100 to gently nudge that elf and remind him you still have an eye on him into the workshop for good. If this same number gets rolled a third time, check for a weighted die and roll again until you get a different elf. If it continues to come up, that elf is likely very naughty and just needs to sit in the WIP bin and think about what it has done!
What happens if you finish your WIP? That elf is busy in the toy workshop, then, isn't he? *wink* However, if you start the event with 20 WIPs extremely close to completion, you will not be eligible for entries.
Here is my list for the challenge...
Here is the other fun one an Advent Stitch the Prompts...

Welcome to the Stitch the Prompts version of our Advent Calendar 2023!
Here, you will work on stitching for daily Christmas-related prompts.
Please create a post, and comment with start and end picture for every day (start picture is required, even if it is the ending pic for the previous day. If you are working on a new start, start pic is blank fabric, and floss or pattern cover on top of fabric).
Each day, from Dec. 1st to 25th, there will be a Christmas-related prompt. Do 100 stitches on a project you can tie to that prompt.
No project to match that day's prompt? You can do 300 stitches on any project, instead.
- Every day, at cut-off time, an admin will upload an Advent motif for those that met stitch requirement for that day. You can go to the "Advent Calendar 2023 - Stitch the Prompts" album on the main group, and grab yours.
- During the hours following cut-off time, an admin will "love" (heart) posts that qualify to get that day's motif, and "like" (thumbs up) posts for days you have caught up with.
You get:
- 1 Advent calendar motif for each day you start and finish stitching on a prompt on its corresponding day.
- 1 entry per every 5 prompts you complete (even if you played catch-up for some days) - 5 possible entries
- 1 entry if you finish stitching for all prompts by Dec. 25, and you played catch-up for some days; or - 2 entries if you stitched on all prompts on their corresponding day.
Total possible entries: 7
- There is no double-dipping of stitches between versions. If you are also playing another version of the event, you must use a different project for each one.
- Cut-off time will be at 6 p.m. EST. every day. Event will start at 6 p.m. EST on Nov. 30, until 6 p.m. EST of Dec. 25.
There are some other little ones but this is the largest two that I will be focusing on. I'm telling myself breath too. I have a lot of other fun stuff to do like Christmas shopping and life haha. But these will be fun if I don't get obsessed haha. 
So excited I just had to share!!! Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

Nov 29, 2023

Kitting Day


Today was a playing with stash kind of day. I notice I have to be in the perfect mood. I would rather be stitching. Took me from 10am till 3pm to get it all done. I had to sort floss to put away. Put it away in my floss main containers. Then start pulling projects for the 17 projects. One is a Christmas present from last year. Most are from my stash. Instead of a typical monthly set next year I'm doing a 12 months from stash between the holidays each month. LOL What a long name. Between the Holidays Mixed Bag? Hm need to think on the name. 2 of these are on involved in a Semi Sane FB event for December. So they might just be started soon. Let's see what's in the stack. Some have multiple in the project envelopes because they are a "set" plus I ran out of project envelopes haha. 

First up the Hinzeit envelope has 4 different patterns in it... 

The bottom two I got for Christmas 2019. The top two I bought from a stash sell in April of 2020.

Erica Michaels has 4 in the envelope. So many of these mom got when I attended the PALs retreats. She always bought them so I could save them up for "one day". Finally 2024 will be the day for these 4 at least (yes I have a lot more in my stash safe and sound)...

These are all done on 40ct silk gauze. I just LOVE working on them. I did get the specialty thread because it helps them look so gorgeous.

Tiny Modernist I have 3 of the Fantasy Biscornu's...

I bought them in 2019 while attending my local Hoosier Retreat.

I bought these this year in January after seeing them on Instagram. This will be my seasonal set. The Winter one will be started in December for a Semi Sane Challenge. Then each season I will start the one for that season.

This one I bought in September because I was buying some other things and it fell in the cart haha. 

Colorful Eagle was bought by Fred and Jeremiah for Christmas last year. So I knew it needed to be started before too long. I love the patriotic colors. Plus definitely works for the between the holidays times for display. This one is on the list to start for the December challenge.

So excited to start each one. So happy to have this part all done finally! I can finally go stitch haha.

Nov 27, 2023

November WIPocalypse / Nov 27th Monday Update

Finally jumping back in with WIPocalypse. Which will include my last week for my normal Monday update. Since I'm jumping back in let's just see what I focused on so far in November then hopefully December will be a normal WIPocalypse update.

First what's WIPocalypse. Measi has a blog and setup this fun blog event for us to post. The last Sunday (or as soon as we can haha) we are to post an update for the WIPocalypse and then check in our her check in post. The idea of WIPocalypse is to finish all our WIPs before the apocalypse. I think we keep the world from ending because of our piles and piles of WIPs haha. I personally use this as an excuse to keep track of what I work on each day in a journal. Then I can report what I worked on since the last check in. I have missed checking in my last post was in January this year. Let's see if I can fix that. I did see she is hosting again next year which I'm thankful for.

So what have I focused on this month??

Season 2 by Hands on Design -- 4 Days I've been doing one a month this year. I've kept up even. 

Exchange Piece for a Private Exchange -- 3 Days Finished up this fun Durene Jones Freebie to exchange...

Hello Four Seasons Fall Gnome by Soda Stitch -- 9 Days. I wanted to finish this one up before December 1st. So I focused on it till finished...

Now I have the whole set of these finished. Love them!!!

Last week I worked on 2 pieces...

Dragon Eye by Eva's Design -- 2 Days

My Semi Sane FB group had a prompt for a challenge Near or Far. Since this is a closeup on the dragon's eye I used it for near. Any progress works I added 900 stitches.

Hedgehogs in the Snow by Stoney Creek -- 3 Days Worked on this one for the weekend. Added 776 in. Didn't seem to be able to get into it this time around but least I have some progress...

Measi also gives us a fun question each month Question of the Month: What is your favorite way to finish ornaments and/or smalls? I love to make a pillow ornament type finish like the exchange piece. Then you can sit it on a shelf. Either that way or with my sewing machine and fabric on the back. In hand is always better because don't need to wait for the sewing machine to be out haha. 

Fred had the week off and it was really nice. He went deer hunting in the morning and evening each day. No luck for him this year. My dad got one opening day. Then got another same day Bev got one on Saturday. So we have 3 done up in the freezer. We do the processing ourselves. It's a lot of work but so delicious when we can use the meat all winter. My dad has a large meat grinder so we make hamburger type meat out of all we can use. Dad said he thinks we could do it on our own we have learned pretty well. Of course I'm not as good as they are at doing it haha. Just a few years of experience over me. Thanksgiving went great. We were invited over to my Grandmother's since we don't have anywhere else to be. It was a nice time with my 2 sets of Aunts/Uncles, Dad and Step Mom, and Grandparents. 

I'm madly planning my stitching. My focus for December. My focus for next year. My LOVE for stitching is just going crazy! It's so fun to be so in love with it again. I'm trying not to jump in over my head too but it's hard because I want to STITCH all the THINGS!!! Haha. 

Have a great week. Love yourself. Smile. Find your happiness. We have a fun weekend ahead. I want to switch out Fall for Christmas. I want to stitch as much as possible too haha. I need more time!!!

Nov 20, 2023

Nov 20th Monday Update

Howdy again readers. We had a busy day getting groceries but I remembered to get my post posted. So let's see what I worked on last week.

I've been madly working on the Autumn Gnome. Every day but Wednesday. Wednesday was computer work, Jeremiah eye doctor, groceries day.

Anyway guess what?!?! Last night the final stitches were put in...

(23) November 19th
Hello Four Seasons (Autumn Gnome)
(Stitched Individually)
From Soda Stitch
Stitched on 32ct Light Blue Lugana
Using Suggested DMC Threads
Started Sept 27th, 2023. Took 11 Days.
Whole Set Took 49 Days
I love how each one turned out. The little piles in the wagon are perfect. The gnomes outfits. Just love them. So glad I did this set this year! I have a set picked out to do for next year. Need to get them kitted up.
My exchange piece was received so I can share it as well...
 This was what I decided to stitch for my partner...
(22) November 7th
Woodland Deer Freebie
From Durene Jones
Stitched on 14ct Aida
Using Suggested DMC Threads
Started Nov 5th, 2023. Took 3 Days.
I really liked it a lot (and almost kept it haha) but Elaine said she loved it too. So I'm happy to have parted with it. Maybe I'll stitch it again sometime. 

Over the weekend Fred has his radio event. He enjoyed it a lot. He was happy with the ticket sales and they hope to host it again next year. Saturday was opening season for deer hunting. My dad got a small doe. So we did up the meat for the freezer Sunday. 17 quart bags with probably 2 pounds each I think. Yum. Fred has off all week so hopefully we'll get a few more. Spike just wants the bones haha. 

Have a great week! Love yourself. Smile. Happy Turkey Day!!! We plan on eating ourselves miserable.

Nov 13, 2023

Nov 13th Monday Update

 Hello to my wonderful readers. Welcome to another Monday update. Let's look back and see what I worked on last week.

Monday and Tuesday I worked on a fun exchange piece. My first exchange in forever and a half. Loved working on it. I fully finished it Wednesday. I almost wanted to keep it but I hope my exchange partner loves it just as much. I will share when I can.

Wednesday after finishing that up I worked on the Fall Gnome. Thursday and Friday same thing. Here it is now...

It's a really bad photo but I was hurrying so I could finish this post and go stitch haha. I finished the words and made it to the gnome finally! They are fun to stitch up. Big blocks of the same color goes quickly which is always nice. So hopefully I'll be happy dancing soon.

Over the weekend we were busy. Hubby helped me get all the Halloween stuff put away in storage and I put out my fall decor. Love it!!! Then we pulled everything out of the storage under both beds. Swept all the dog hair! How does so much dog hair get stuck under and behind things?? Rearranged a lot of stuff. A whole van went to storage. A huge wagon load was burnt. Plus two big bags of trash. We sure had a lot of wasted stuff taking up space. So everything is clean and organized a lot better. 

Then we looked at the calendar and sat down and plan the rest of our weekends. Weekends just go too fast and we will blink and Christmas will be here. So we made plans of what we are doing and when. Now I'm excited for every weekend before Christmas. 

This coming weekend hubby is busy at a Amateur radio festival all weekend. It's IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) too. So oh darn. Nothing planned other than stitching stitching and stitching. Then Fred has off a week but plans on deer hunting every moment he can. We have almost used up all our deer meat from last year's 4 deer. I know my dad is out of his meat too. So hopefully we'll catch some more this year. It's a lot of work to do up the meat but oh so worth it!!

Okay I'm off to stitch. I started rambling haha. Remember....Have a great week ahead. Love yourself. Smile. Stitch all the things!!

Nov 6, 2023

Nov 6th Monday Update

Hello everyone on this windy Monday. Let's see what I did last week.

Monday just in time for the Halloween Blog hop I finished the Mill Hill Kit Lunar Trick. It took me 5 days to stitch up. I really enjoyed stitching it.

Tuesday I put a day into the last Hello Four Seasons by Soda Stitch gnome I need to finish which is Autumn...

Remember I'm doing them individually and hoping to finish them into display pillows for the seasons. Wednesday was the 1st of November so I started on the Season 2 (Year of Celebrations) from Hands on Design. Sunday I put the final stitches in it...

(21) November 5th
November - A Year of Celebrations Season 2
from Hands on Design
Stitched on 32ct Dark Cobblestone Lugana
Using Suggested Classic Colorworks Threads
Started Nov 1st. Took 4 Days.
1,475 Stitches Total
Sunday after finishing I also started a new piece. But I can't share it. I joined a friend who is having a Winter/Christmas ornament exchange. So I won't share the picture till it's been received so she can't peek at it haha. I was so happy to join in an exchange again.

Saturday the weather was beautiful so we got to work enclosing our porch for the winter. We purchased heavy duty clear tarps last year. This year we did even better with putting them up. Dad suggested we add a door instead of just having the tarp loose for our opening. Works perfect too because we had replaced our storm door on the cabin so we had the old door laying around in storage. So we got busy and here is the finished project...
I forget the exact size of our deck but seriously we do all our cooking out here. So now we can be warm while cooking. We do have a nice propane heater out there when it's extra cold. Just perfect. Spike loves it because he can sit outside and we don't have to have him on a leash.

This week I want to finish up the exchange piece. Then who knows. I know I want to make progress on Beer Dragon and Dragon Eye. I would love to work on the Autumn Gnome and get it finished before December if possible. So much to do haha. I am still really in love with my stitching. I want to stitch on all the things NOW haha. Have a wonderful week. Love yourself. Smile.