Sep 26, 2013

Day # 32

Well our shorter day didn't feel short. We were in the Rocky Mountains and wow does that make the day feel longer. It was gorgeous views though! We also stopped and grabbed a geocache for Colorado. We only have 1 more cache for Kansas and we have lit up our map from Indiana to California and back.

Anyway we made it to Limon, CO. It's so funny cause you drive 100 miles and don't see anything at all. Then you suddenly see a little spot with hotels and food. Then back to nothing for 100 miles. We did stop at a neat rest stop that had a movie about the area. I told Jeremiah be careful he might learn something haha. It was interesting though. It was a little town called Georgetown. It was a huge town when the railroad first started. Then it became a ghost town when the mine closed. In the 60's some new people showed up and then it boomed again. They fixed up the old buildings and made shops and interesting places and now it's a cute little town to visit. It made for a neat stop accidentally. We saw some Pronghorn today and a lot of prairie dogs! They are so cute. Ohh we also saw snow!!! I wanted to stop and play in it of course. We were 10,000 feet high in the Rockies so we didn't feel like stopping long. Just glad to be out of the van for the night. We hit the road again tomorrow.

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