Jul 11, 2007

Got the House

My first time doing this from Unconscious Mutterings

Week 231
  1. Happen :: What?
  2. Terribly :: Love You
  3. History :: Hated that class
  4. Master :: Degree
  5. Petrified :: Of Spiders
  6. Moan :: Wohoo Friday nite
  7. Attack :: of the Killer Tomatoes
  8. Picture :: Paints 1000 words
  9. Students :: Bullies
  10. Potter :: New Harry Potter Movie

    So we got the House! Found out it's official. We get the keys and the right to start moving in on August 10th. I even figured out how to add a ticker to my page to help me count down. Now we have two houses to pack and rooms to figure out which belongs to who. But it's ours. Oh My Gosh it is really going to be ours. I just can't imagine it yet. Pinch Me!


  1. Congratulations on the house!!!!

  2. WooHoo!! Congratulations.

  3. OMG that is so cool about the house. Wishing you the best for your new house move in.

  4. wonderful news Katie!!!!! So glad to hear this!! I know you are all very excited!!!!

  5. Wonderful news Katie! Sounds like a wonderful place for you and your family.

    Good luck packing!


  6. Hey Katie... Congrats on the house. Am I confused? I thought you were buying a house... Or, just consolidating to one rented house? LOL, apparently I wasn't paying attn somewhere along the line!


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