Jul 30, 2007

New Week

Okay now that I'm caught up with the Question thingys I thought I would post a Hiya too. So this past weekend. We started on the apartment. Saturday we went down to my dad's. They were doing sweet corn. So we went down to help. Then we can get free corn haha. We cooked it and put it in ziplock bags to go in the freezer. We did 100plus quart bags. So we did quite a bit. It was a lovely day. Unfortunately Friday nite Jeremiah got sick with a high fever so he wasn't in the best of moods Saturday. He still had fun though.

Sunday we did some shopping. I just can't believe how nice this new place is going to be. We got some new furniture for outside. It's all fantastic. Jeremiah was doing really good as far as feeling better. Then my dad called and said he was in town. So we met and ate lunch together. It was fun. I kept picking on dad for seeing him two days in a row. We did some more packing at the apartment and then that was our weekend.

Today my mom ran to my grandmothers so I caught up on emails and spent some time with j. I also did a few stitches on the Hinzeit Shells piece. Karen from Rosewood Manor has another model to send me she is just waiting on the fabric. So pretty soon I will have another model Wohoo. She sure keeps me busy haha. I love stitching for her though. So it's more packing ahead of course. We get the house in 11 days according to the ticker. I can't wait!!!

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