Nov 29, 2007

Pirate Dragon Update

Here is my update. I finished another set of columns. So yep that means 3,920 stitches in. Only a little 43,995 left. I'll be done tomorrow right? LOL This is the first four columns on the first page. I have to celebrate this or I will go nuts haha. I love it still. It kills me to put it down.

I also received another model in the mail. It should go quick. Another saying one. I like those. I just don't like pieces with alphabets on them. I heard there is one sampler that says something about I already know the alphabet haha. I need that one. I keep telling myself to put the Pirate Dragon down and work on something small for myself. I might get my chance. We are going to do a SAL (Stitch A long) in the yahoo group CSF. It's a freebie design that says Cross Stitch Forever which is what the CSF stands for. I think it starts Saturday.

So I think the plan is to put the Dragon down work on the model till Saturday. Then I can pick up the SAL and work on it till Monday. Sound Good?


  1. Wow katie, your needles are hot! You've done so much so fast and It is lovely! I love the SKY colors they are so soft. yOU GO GIRL.
    your friend, Sandy P.

  2. Wow Katie that is great! You have guts to do such a design as this. I always admire but to intimanted to really do it!
    Melinda (CSF)

  3. Katie, very nice stitching.
    Debra in Indiana

  4. Looks great! It looks like a painting. Keep the progress pictures coming.

  5. very pretty Katie!!!! It looks great!


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