Feb 19, 2008

Big Finish -- 7 for the year

Tonight I finished a model I had from Rosewood Manor. Worst part is I can't show the picture. Let me tell you it's very pretty. I love the designing skills that goes into making these beautiful designs. We stitchers can only stitch what's available after all. I would never be able to design something like this piece. It was a fun stitch.

Models Stats for me:
18 Models I've now done.
6 for Rosewood Manor.

I love doing these models. I look forward to the next one.


  1. You sure have done a great deal of model stitching. Look forward to seeing a picture one day.

  2. Wow! girl you have done a lot of model stitching. Can't wait to see you latest finish. Has Karen come out with a star christmas stocking yet???


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