Jan 23, 2009

Finish and WIP Update

I finished something that's not an ornament haha. I had this in my stack of WIPs that I started who knows when. I didn't have too much to finish so finally got it finished. This is for my hubby. I got this pattern from a friend online awhile ago. Fred picked out the fabric and thread. I don't have the information on either. I assume the thread is a Needle Necessities though. The fabric is a linen. All I know. I thought the date looked really neat on his nose like that. We are taking him to be framed tomorrow hopefully. The design is 7 inches wide by 6 inches tall for this one. Can't tell with the photo.

Also grabbed a HAED Pirate Dragon WIP picture. I have 10,970 stitches in now. It's such a fun piece to work on. Sometimes I feel like it just flies and then other time like right now it crawls with all the beautiful color changes.

Life update. Last weekend Fred and I went to Dunes. It's a state park here in Indiana in the North West corner. Our 6 or 7 inches of snow was gorgeous but they had 22 inches. It was unbelievable. We went geocaching too of course. Which meant hiking in it. It was fun. We had a very nice time indeed. Jeremiah didn't go cause the cold and boy he's glad he didn't. Then we stayed at a little hotel that was scary haha. One of those Okay never stay there again type of places. It was a nice little mini vacation.


  1. the piece you stitched for Fred is really neat! The color of the thread on the material is really neat. Your wip is looking good and good to hear you had a nice get away.
    Debra in Indiana

  2. The Red One looks like one my son would like. Love the progress you are making on the head project. Glad you all enjoyed your minnie vacation.

  3. Love the red one, that is one our sons would love as a tattoe. Your Haed is coming along beautifully, it looks stunning. Glad you had a nice mini break.


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