Jan 6, 2009

Weekend Stitching

This weekend I pulled out my HAED Pirate Dragon. I got 680 stitches in this weekend. That's not fantastic but I'm happy with it at least. His little face popped out more that's for sure. I love the detail. That one white speck under his face isn't there. Just didn't have time to rescan haha. Now I put him down and started on Merry one of the Mill Hill kits.

Life update. Today I finally broke out my Wii Fit. I've just been afraid to try it I guess. It was fun. I worked out for 30 mins. Not bad for my first day. I of course have a lot of work I need to do. I'm not surprised to say the least. I bet I will be hurting tomorrow haha.


  1. Wow....and you counted the stitches!! Looks great!

  2. looks great Katie!!!!
    I am excited about my HAED. Of course, I MUST work more on my model! You will have to keep us updated on the WII. I have thought I might like that as a change of pace from the treadmill!

  3. you are doing great on this piece. I also would love to get the Wii fit.

  4. Your HAED looks good, Katie. Congrats on doing the Wii Fit!


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