Feb 16, 2010


We are here. We got here yesterday. It has been non stop fun ever since. I can't believe how much we have done already in the day and half we've been here. There is so much more to do though and we are worried we won't have time to do it all. I think we should stay a few more weeks at least haha. Jeremiah is just smiling constantly. I am getting tears in my eyes at least a few times a day cause it's just amazing. I love every minute of every day. I will have a lot of personal pictures when we get home. Just using these pictures for updates. We are taking at least a million pictures.

I'm checking in when I can. No WiFi in our room so we get on when we can. Plus it's just too much fun to stop long enough to sit down. My poor feet and legs are going to fall totally off. I just hope they can wait until Saturday morning. Then I can collapse and rest on the ride home. I'm off for more fun. Thanks for the comments and remarks you guys have made. We are having a total blast!!!!

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  1. sounds like you are having a blast! Enjoy!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your million pictures!!!


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