Aug 31, 2010

Weekend Update

Finally got time to do my weekend update. Hey it's only Tuesday that's not too bad. Friday Fred got sick. That lovely head cold that's been going around. So he got home and we crashed onto our couches and watched TV. Our poor DVR had like 85 things on it. I found the best way to get through them is to delete ones you don't want to watch haha. So Memphis Beat went Bye Bye. Just don't have time to watch everything we want to watch. We weren't getting into the characters as much on that one. Yesterday we ended up getting it down to 50something. So we did a lot of nothing.

Saturday we did venture out for lunch. Our local geocaching "club" had a Meet N Eat. Which basically means we get together to eat lunch. Jeremiah had a great time playing with a friends kids. Us adults told stories and laughed for a few hours. Sunday we ventured out for lunch again to a birthday party. The friends kids that Jeremiah was playing with Saturday. Jacob turned 6. There were like 8 kids mostly 6 or under. Jeremiah was overwhelmed cause they were all screaming and running. After awhile he settled in and really had a lovely time. He did Thank us on the way home for not having more kids haha.

So we got a lot of TV watched and caught up. I also got to do a lot of stitching. Here is my progress. So close to a finish already. This one is Born To Be Wild. I'm really enjoying stitching this one.


  1. It's looking great so far.

  2. I hope Fred is feeling much better. Stitching looks good!

  3. Born to be wild is looking great.

    Sounds like the kids had a great time, sorry though about Fred-hope he is feeling much better by now.


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