Nov 9, 2010

Happy Dance

It's finished. I started this at the stitching retreat I attended in October. Let me tell you about the design in case you are interested. This is Glendon Place's design called Words of Wisdom about Friends. The saying is too true isn't it? The grapes are 3 different shades of beads. The green leaves are done in just variegated DMC so it was a very inexpensive piece to stitch. I'm so happy to have it finished.

Saturday we did some deep cleaning in our Morton garage. It looks so much better and Fred has a work space to do some things for mom's business. Sunday Mom and I hit the stores and started our Christmas shopping. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be as far as busy so that's a good thing. We are almost finished now. Just a few more bits and things here and there to get. It's going to be a great Christmas and now I'm already getting excited.

This week is going to be busy as usual. This weekend we are going to a friend's house to hang out. Fred and I are really looking forward to it. We haven't seen our Northern Indiana friends in awhile so it's time to get together. Knowing me I'll forget to update before then so see ya when I do remember.


  1. Katie, that's gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person some time!

  2. That is really nice. Congrats on your finish.

  3. Congratulations on the finish! I love what this piece says. :)

  4. Pretty finish! Congrats!


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