Feb 12, 2011

2nd night in Alabama

We slept very good. The sound of the ocean was right outside our bedroom window. What a lovely sound. I figured all night dolphins were probably jumping way up out of the water and I just couldn't see them haha. This morning we hit the road for a day full of fun. We went down to the Best Western hotel. They have a wonderful breakfast restaurant called Pancake House. It was really great. Except for communication issues. I ordered vanilla milk for Jeremiah (you know not chocolate) she brought a Starbucks weird something or other. I said something and she said Ohhh white milk? I laughed and told Jeremiah cause chocolate milk would be that brown milk haha. Then we went to two flea markets. One was so scary only mom and me got out. It was too funny. Then we went to another one. It had alot of stuff but nothing that screamed buy me. We came back to town to do some shopping. They have this neat store with a huge shark you walk through to shop. Last time we were down here we got a bunch of hermit crabs. This time we resisted the urge haha. They are a lot of work to keep alive. Jeremiah found some sand toys. I found some new croc shoes that are tye dye color. I thought they were a great deal so I grabbed a pair and found out they were buy one get one free. Then we walked over to another store and finally found some shirts. If you aren't under XL I guess they don't think you need clothes haha. I got Fred 3, Me 3, j 3, mom got 3 and betty got one. We had to leave Jeremiah for payment but they are worth it haha. We hit Sea and Suds for lunch. It's right on one the water and has delicious sandwiches. We seen some workers working on the beaches. I asked the waitress about it and she said they are still seeing some tar balls and the workers check every couple of days. She asked where we were from and we talked for a bit. On the way out this little old couple asked me where we were from exactly. I said Fort Wayne and they said them too. So we had a nice chat. We stopped at a local grocery store to get a few things. Then Jeremiah couldn't wait to break in his new sand toys. So we came back and headed down to the sand. Jeremiah built a bunch of stuff. Mom and I found several nice shells. The weather is getting warmer every day. We came back up and headed out to dinner at Hazel's. By then I was done so we headed back to the condo. Wow what a busy day! This is only day 2 here too. Wow!

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