Feb 10, 2011

Trip to Alabama Night #2

We hit the road about 9am this morning. We were really worried about the roads cause we seen on the weather that there was a lot of snow south of us. We were doing great until Nashville. It's amazing to us that they just don't know how to take care of the roads. They had large street signs saying how icy the roads were and to be careful. Then the sun came out and it actually got warm. Fred said it was -11 at home today. So when it was 34 it felt pretty good. I even went into lunch with no jacket. The lady in there said Is it warming up outside? I said For Us Yes Definitely! Today's eating out sucked. We had Pizza Hut for lunch and then Wendy's for dinner. Not exactly what we wanted haha. We really got farther than we thought today. We were all glad to stop. Tomorrow we are going to head to Orange Beach. The ocean will finally be in our sights.

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