May 24, 2011


At the Spring Retreat this year the hostess gave this design to us. I finally got around to stitching it. This is the front and back of the piece. I used Weeks threads Purple Haze and Mulberry that I received in my exchange at the retreat. I used DMC 550 to outline and stitch the pillow together. Funny thing happened with the date on the back. I got all finished and showed it to hubby. We both laughed cause I had put 2012 on it. We were watching the movie and I guess it stuck in my head. So I unstitched it and got the right date in finally. Hubby said I was rushing to get a finish in for next year. By the way this pillow is very little. It measures 5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches tall. I love this finish and it's just a perfect way to display this little finish.

I also have a quick fob to share that I received in ESC bday card exchange. Mylene did a GORGEOUS job on this fob and I will definitely cherish it. The requirement was to send a card and two floss. Yet I receive this adorable FOB. Thank you very much Mylene.


  1. Fab that your first weekend camping was on your birthday. Love the May ornie, Hoosier ornie and the fob, great stitching.

  2. Love the stitching! Looks wonderful! Nice gift


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