Nov 9, 2011

New Critters

Before my vacation to South Carolina my frogs past away. I loved those stupid things haha. So my family said when things settled down I could get something new to replace them. I've been doing research since. I had a lot of different critters while growing up and my mind kept going back to how much I loved guinea pigs. So today we hit the stores and these are our new family members. Jeremiah and me came up with the names Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Fuzzy is the one on the left side. Wuzzy is on the right. They have been so much fun already in just the few hours we have had them. Jeremiah loves their little whistle when they are happy. If you pet their behinds they start whistling so sweet. Jeremiah just giggles the whole time. I can't wait to see what fun we have to come from these little guys.


  1. I hope your new critters give you lots of joy, Katie. Cute names.


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