Dec 3, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 3

The weekends of the NaBloPoMo are open for free writing. So here goes.

Yesterday we had fun shopping. Jeremiah came down with my lovely head cold though poor guy so he didn't have much fun at all. We went to Hobby Lobby first and I bought things for an exchange in ESC (my favorite yahoo group). We found some other things for presents and what not and then got out of there. They have really seemed to raise their prices on everything. Even on sale some of it is just crazy. Then we headed down to my stitching store Stitch N Frame. My mother got me some amazing Christmas gifts which are horrible cause now I have to wait till Christmas haha. Isn't that just mean of her? I also picked up the Pirate Dragon. The frame is perfect.

I told the owner that the stitching is only as nice as the frame around it and this just made my piece gorgeous. They said the people who saw it thought it was a painting. That made me feel really good.

I got the rest of the gifts for my friend. We are having this exchange called 12 Days of Christmas. You send gifts for the person to open one each day until Christmas Day starting Dec 14th. On the left is the package of goodies I sent today to Angie. I can't wait till she gets them and I really really hope she loves everything I picked out for her. I always worry the person will hate everything but I would enjoy these things so I really hope she does too.

This morning the boys slept in (hubby and son). I got up early and got my email all read, played my frontierville game, and started a movie. My mom went out Christmas shopping with Betty. She called at 10am and I realized the boys were still in bed. I went upstairs to ask them if they were planning on getting up at all today haha. Jeremiah still has his head cold but doesn't seem as bad maybe as yesterday. After they finally got downstairs we got the guinea pigs out to play. They had such a blast. They were running and jumping. It was so much fun to watch.

Tonite Fred's company is having his party. Don't worry Amber I won't make better friends than my geocaching buddies. You guys are too much fun. If you are reading this and you have spare thoughts/prayers please send them towards my friend Amber. She applied for a job she is really hoping to get any spare thoughts/prayers her way has gotta help. Thanks!


  1. The dragon looks AWESOME Katie! Great job! And I love the photo of the fur babies playing...they are super cute! Hope J gets to feeling better soon, it sure sucks to be sick!

    Lastly, thank you for the shout out and prayer request! I REALLY REALLY want this job, and I sure hope God wants me to have it too!

  2. The dragon looks really good, Katie. Glad you had a good time at the party -- good food always is wonderful!

  3. The Pirate Dragon looks wonderful!!


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