Jan 5, 2012

No Finish Yet...

I didn't quite finish my house building last night. Then today we did our grocery stock up at Walmart trip. But it's Thursday which means.....the best night of TV. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice! So lots of stitching time tonite. Actually if I get off the computer I might be able to get it finished before making dinner haha. Okay that's pushing it.

The NaBloPoMo for today. What is the hardest part about a beginning? Trying not to think of the bad stuff that could happen. Like when thinking about the new year I don't want to think of the bad stuff that could happen. Just because it could doesn't mean it will. We had some deaths in the family last year. This year of course there could be more. There is always worry about what might come but we gotta try to think positive. Life is what we make of it and damnit I'm having a good 2012!

I'll leave you with this funny cartoon...


  1. I just typed a comment and it didn't look like it posted it. I'll try again.

    It is really good to be positive. I have a really hard time doing that myself but I try...especially this year.

    I love that cartoon!


  2. LOL @ that cartoon. All it needs is his hand down his pants like all the TV shows do. Bwhahahaha!


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