Feb 6, 2012

Hard Decision

So I decided to pick up my Treasure Dragon on Saturday to stitch on for the weekend. I noticed a new feeling that I have never felt with a HAED before. I HATED working on it. I just hated each x. So I got to thinking... In all reality I won't finish this piece. So my hard decision starting running through my head. What does this mean? Do I restart the chart and change it to a mini? (For my non-stitching friends HAED has setup this new chart where you can get a smaller version of the large charts with a little less detail but a lot more do-able in a lifetime) Do I forget this chart totally and just finish the Dragon Lady and like most HAED addicts know there are a least a million more HAED calling my name. The one big kick is I know I've done a lot of stitching already on my Treasure Dragon but I know it's not right to make myself stitch on it when I don't enjoy it. What do you think?

So anyway with those thoughts running through my head I picked up the Dragon Lady. My needle started flying. I was in love with HAED again. I really enjoy this piece. So at least I didn't fall out of love completely. I worked on it hard Saturday and Sunday and got quite a bit done. I might as well wait to show you that update till tomorrow. It's time for another wonderful WIPocalypse update. See ya tomorrow!


  1. So you're not going to finish the pirate HAED? I remember when you started it. :(

  2. Hmmm....you could alway offer your Treasure dragon in a giveaway so it can go to another home who would appreciate it!!

    I understaind...I love my Faery tales but I hate working on it!


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