Feb 24, 2012

Lost my Mojo

If you happen to stumble onto my lost mojo will you please return it! I hate it when I lose my mojo. If you don't know what I mean let me try to explain it...

Nothing makes me happy. I get stitching out and get excited about stitching it and yet when I start the X it's boring. It just crawls and I can't get into anything. So I put that piece down and picked up a different piece....same thing. So I started something new....that didn't help.

I go on Facebook and finally made the decision to get rid of my Zynga games completely. I was so happy when I hit hide and delete. But then.....boredom. How can I want something and then do it and then get mad cause I did it?!?! So confusing.

Wednesday we went to the calling of my mom's uncle. It was awful. He looked horrible. I guess he had lost a lot of weight towards the end but wow he look horrendous. His wife has Alzheimer's and it was so sad cause she has no idea her husband has past away. She said he would be better soon. I felt horrible for her. My mom is still in a lot of pain.  So maybe all that is clouding my love of stitching. I'm going to try again. I want to be stitching. Evidently just need to keep at it till my mojo comes back.


  1. Hope you find your mojo soon!

  2. I'm sorry your mojo is hiding from you. I think I have a double dose! I want to stitch everything in sight and have 50 finishes by the end of the year. LoL

  3. It's no fun to stitch sometimes if you can't find the excitement in doing it.

  4. I hope your mojo returns! Sorry to hear about your great uncle. It *is* sad what Alzheimers does to people.

  5. Hope you enjoy your stitching soon! The facebook games can be addicting. I finally stopped playing PioneerTrail for this very reason. Condolences in regards to your great uncle. He is in a better place. :)


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