Jun 19, 2012

Mackinac Island

Today we ate a quick breakfast and jumped on the ferry to go over to Mackinac Island. We couldn't believe how busy it was over there. It's a neat place. They don't allow motor vehicles so it's all bikes and horses and carriages which causes pure chaos. Most the people that have the bikes just drive like totally idiots and the horses are EVERYWHERE. My mom is pretty afraid of horses so it was a challenge just to walk down the street. We did go on a horse and carriage ride. I got an alert on my phone about a storm watch. Of course it started storming when we were on our carriage ride. We enjoyed our ride despite a few weird things. They had a backed up spot where a whole bunch of carriages showed up at the same time. One lady was driving her carriage around ours and hit ours. It wasn't bad but still scared us. When we got back to the start line we grabbed lunch at a delicious little hole in the wall kind of place. We also found a candy store that had chocolate covered gummy bears. Of course we had to get some. Jeremiah also found some toys that had to follow us home haha.

We got back over here to the main land and hit some more shops. Then we came back to the hotel to rest a little bit before dinner. We walked across the road to a FABULOUS Italian place. If you don't know Mackinac is known for one major thing......FUDGE!

We got to watch this guy make some fudge today. Of course we were forced to buy some too.


  1. Sounds like a fun filled adventurous day!!

  2. Sounds like you're having a fun vacation! The fudge is the best part! YUMMY!


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