Jul 2, 2012

Rules for Life WIP

Saturday we pretty much just relaxed and watched a ton of stuff off the DVR. We finally watched the ending for The Killing. I swear they really stretched that story a little to far but the ending was worth it. I didn't expect the person who actually did it at all.

Sunday we jumped in the pool and it felt fantastic. We've still been breaking heat records with close to 100 temps each day.

Also during the weekend I found lots of time to cross stitch. Tomorrow is WIPocalypse so I'll be back for that.


  1. It's hot here, too. Bleah.

    Your newest WIP looks great.

  2. You made great progress! It looks fantastic. I am going to try to catch up with The Killing this week,

  3. I also watched The Killing. Quite a few surprises in the finale! See you tomorrow for the WIPocalypse posting. I'm already getting mine ready!

  4. Awesome, Katie. I love the colors you chose for this. It's beautiful!! (Green is one of my fave colors though, so I'm a little bit predjudiced, lol.)

  5. Nice Progress!
    Mary Louise


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