Oct 15, 2012

Doing Some Shopping

Today we headed north a bit to Barefoot Landing. It's a large open air mall with lots of little stores and restaurants. Jeremiah and Mom had went last year while I was at the retreat and he wanted to show me this store. It has a lot of shirts with funny sayings on them. I love those kind of shirts so he knew I would enjoy shopping there. I got my husband a shirt that says something like My wife says I don't listen...at least I think that's what she said. Of course I wanted at least 50 shirts but managed to buy just one haha.

Then we headed across the bridge that connects to the other side. It was a floating bridge and we giggled about how weird it felt to walk across. On the way across I glanced into the water to see a lot of carp...

There was a machine where you could get some food so we did that till we ran out of change cause we LOVE watching them eat. They make kissing sounds when their lips hit the top of the water. We decided to eat lunch at Bully's Pub and Grill. We ate on the porch right by the water and I saw another feeder machine. It was even cheaper. So we got some more change. This spot had a whole school of blue gill. They were about the size of our hand and bigger. They darted so quick when they saw the food. Then we saw several paint belly turtles. We were having so much fun feeding them. During lunch we saw a large splash and a Comorant was within like 5 feet. I love these birds and they are always fun to watch but I've never saw one so close. They can stay under water for a long time. So he went back under and we went back to feeding our turtles and fish. Then the Comorant popped back up with one of our blue gills in his beak. This was again happening 5 feet away. We were mad/sad/laughing/screaming in excitement all at the same time. What an amazing experience to accidentally have haha.

Also an update on Jeremiah. This morning he woke up feeling a ton better. So hopefully he's over the sickness he had. I can already tell he's having a lot lot more fun.


  1. I'm glad Jeremiah is feeling better and is able to enjoy himself. Sounds like another great trip.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day Katie. I'm glad to hear that Jeremiah is feeling better.


  3. Glad Jeremiah is all better. :D

    Those t-shirts with the funny sayings are hilarious!!


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