Oct 13, 2012

Great Day of Travel

Well we have ended another day of traveling. Today we ended up in Rock Hill South Carolina. We tried to stop on the north side of Charlotte and found out the city was booked up cause a Nascar race....Oops. So we went an extra 30 miles and ended up here. Boy I'm glad we did too cause there was an Olive Garden nearby for dinner haha. Yum!

We started our day with a stop at Tamarack which is always nice. We couldn't afford to buy anything though haha. I saw a cross stitched piece for sale for $450!!! We did get to watch a guy do pottery and some glass blowing. Jeremiah really enjoyed that! So tomorrow we have 4 hours till our destination. We've been very lucky with great traveling days. The weather again was perfect and no bad traffic.


  1. Tamarack looks really interesting. I added it to my list of someday destinations, thanks.
    I too love Olive Garden, yum I can almost taste the bread sticks.
    Have good travels tomorrow and looking forward to more vacation posts.

  2. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant! Glass blowing is great to watch!

  3. $450 dollars, how old was it? And wow that seems like a lot! It is nice to see the older samplers though in person, I love just browsing the antique shops for them.

  4. It's nice down there. I have family in both charolette and Rock Hill


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