Oct 24, 2012

Heading Home

I know I forgot to check in. I actually enjoyed unplugging and doing some stitching in the evening. I love working on the starfish and am so close to finishing it up. We started the trip home today. We made it to Statesville, NC.

What did I miss telling you about......Monday we ran up to Calabash. They have a huge store that we enjoyed shopping at. Then we stopped at Books A Million. It's a lot like Barnes and Noble if you don't know what it is. I warned mom not to let me go there. Too much money later she understood why I'm not allowed haha. We got a stack of Christmas presents for Jeremiah. He just loves reading. Monday evening we went to the Pirate Voyage show. Last October we just LOVED this show. I gotta admit we were really disappointed this time. The actors just didn't seem into it this time around. It was still a good show just not near as good as last time. On the way back to our hotel we saw a horrible accident. We found out on the news the guy was racing and crashed. He didn't make it. What a sad way to end your life.

Tuesday we went to Little River and went out on a dolphin watch boat trip. We had a perfect time. The weather was gorgeous and we saw so many dolphins. I just love watching them play in the water together. We followed a shrimp boat (which made my mom's week!) and they were just eating and eating away. We also saw a gorgeous bald eagle on the trip in. Then we got everything packed up and ready for our trip home. What a great time it's been!!!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I could spent hours in a bookstore and if I'm not careful, drop a boatload of $$.

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