Dec 27, 2012

2 New SALs

So in stitching we have a term called SAL which stands for stitch along. We pick a pattern or theme and stitch along with each other. It's always fun cause we motivate each other and keep us on track of sticking to the goals we have picked out.

This year I joined in several different SALs and really enjoyed them a lot. Well I just heard about two new ones.

Christmas Ornament SAL and a Halloween Ornament SAL

It's a laid back join in when you can type of SAL (my favorite). So a fellow stitcher twisted my arm and forced me to join. I never stick to making myself ornaments and always kick myself at the end of the year for not following through. So maybe with these SALs I will do some at least. So I thought I would let ya know and see if I can force others to join me. Also the TUSAL, WIPocalypse, and IHSW will be going on too. The first two already have the 2013 dates listed and are open for sign ups.

Tomorrow is the last WIPocalypse update so see ya then.


  1. Twisted your arm...yep, it was hard to talk you into these! Lol
    How...are you getting spaces between your paragraphs??? No matter how many times I hit enter, or how big of a space I put between them, everything crowds together into one giant paragraph! What am I doing wrong?
    Btw, I'm thinking of doing a small giveaway to try to lure new people to my blog. Whatcha think? I think a lot of people are going mostly to facebook & stuff and not reading blogs so much anymore. I'm enjoying blogging again but feel better when I know people are actually reading what I write. :D

  2. Have fun with your ornament SALs! I signed up for one too, but it's only 1 ornament a month for any holiday. Wish me luck!


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