Jan 28, 2013

Checking in

Friday and Saturday I worked on a piece for a Round Robin in ESC (My favorite online group!!!). I finished it Saturday evening. Here is the whole piece...
I did the 6th block...
Saturday my dear hubby helped me run errands. I HATE driving so I tend to save up my errands till I have a bunch I need to do. So he ran me every where I needed to go. I love that man! We even took a bunch of food down to my Grandma Faust. The main thing I needed was to kit up my new piece Paradise Banner. Elaine and me decided to stitch it together on Sundays. She posted her progress on Facebook (don't tell her I stole the photo and posted it here okay? LOL).
She started on the adorable flamingo. I started in the top left...
I changed my piece. I just didn't like the black for the letters so I picked out a Caribbean color. So far I really love how it's turning out. Now the hard part is going to be waiting till next Sunday to pick it up again.


  1. I have the 12 Days of Christmas in my WIP pile, but I've only done one square. This gives me the incentive to pick it up again! How fun that you're doing a Sunday SAL with your friend. You made a great choice to change the color of the letters. I'm looking forward to seeing your updates!

  2. I love the Caribbean blue! It blends nicely!

  3. Ok Katie. You were suppose to wait on this until I got my chart. lol I'm lovin both your starts. What floss color is your P?


  4. Oooh, like that RR :)


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