Jan 3, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

Remember how I was talking about getting organized and not procrastinating anymore....well guess what. Yesterday I finally cleaned out my cabinet. Every time I opened the door stuff would fall out and I had to hurry and close the doors and hope they stayed shut each time. Well not anymore...

My Aida fabric was all thrown in the bottom right part. I couldn't find anything I was looking for. Now it's in a basket and it doesn't fall out anymore. The other white basket has my evenweave in it so no more digging through trying to find out what I have. It's amazing. Of course I can't find anything right now cause it's too organized haha. About time it's needed done for years. I also got a lot of other chores done. It felt great. There is more to do but at least this is marked off the list.


  1. You're such an inspiration! I'm afraid to take a 'before' photo of my stitchy stash!

  2. Your cabinet looks great Katie. I have asked a couple of times if you wanted to sell your Tribal Charts, but haven't heard back.


  3. Wow...way to make me feel guilty Katie...Lol j/k! I have a cabinet that kinda looks like the before pic too. But...I don't have to worry about the doors popping open because there's so much c$@p in front of them I can't even get in there! My craft room quickly turned into a catch all room. When we don't know what else to do with something we say "just put it in the craft room for now". "For now" translates to "forever". That's one of the main things on my to-do list, the whole room. I did get my fridge entirely cleaned and washed out yesterday though! :D

  4. Your organizing is terrific Katie! Very inspiring. Love your finishes too.


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