Feb 14, 2013


First I missed the TUSAL actual date but here is my late entry....
I'm very happy with my pile of ORTS from the last time.
Now for an update on my Paradise piece...
Still totally in love with this piece. LOVE the bright colors. I didn't get to work on it Tuesday or Wednesday at all but guess what....we are working on it for this IHSW!!! So that means I get to start working on it again tomorrow. Here is Elaine's progress as of Tuesday when she posted...
She's really moving along. Love that we are working at different spots. Fun to see what I have coming up. I hope everyone has a great IHSW if you are joining in.


  1. Love your paradise piece....makes me wish that it was summer!

  2. Your Paradise SAL is wonderful! Great stitching and what a pretty pile of ORTs in your genie bottle!

  3. They both look great. You both are doing a fantastic job. Well done!

  4. I love the bright colors of Paradise, very cute stitch!

  5. You two are really stitching me into starting Paradise. You've both made great progress. I love them both with the blue or black letters. Decisions.


  6. I just posted my TUSAL too! you aren't the only late one! :)

    Paradise is beautiful...love the fun colors! Kick butt for IHSW!!

  7. I love all the bright colours.x


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