Jun 3, 2013

Some new pieces

I took time today to kit up my June Ornaments for the Ornament SALs. Here are my picks...
The theme for the Halloween SAL this month is mummies/tombs. This one has both. He's from the 2010 Halloween JCS issue. The theme for the Christmas SAL this month is angels/birds. I love this little red bird pattern out of the 2009 JCS Christmas Issue. I'm debating leaving the string off though. We'll see. I'm looking forward to starting these. They look like fun stitches.

So if you are a reader of my blog you know I LOVED stitched Paradise and was really sad when I finished it. I got to looking and saw there was 2 other designs like that one...
So Elaine (my partner in the Paradise SAL) and I decided to do the Halloween one. I posted about it and got at least 5 others interested in it as well. So we are starting the 17th. We will work on it Monday through Wednesday. I can't wait!!! It's all kitted up screaming STITCH ME PLEASE. Then after we finish that one we will do the Christmas one too.

Then while stalking my favorite online stitching store I found this pattern...
Yep it jumped into my cart and hopefully will be finding it's way to my hands soon cause I really want to stitch it NOW! My stitching mojo is in overdrive haha. Of course that's why I have a thousand things in WIP status. I have stitching mojo for new things not currently being stitched things haha.


  1. Your scaring me Katie. I have those 2 banner charts in my 123 cart order for next week and I have the Ursula chart already. lol Do you know that there are about 20 word designs by Ursula Michael like the flip flops.


  2. I LOVE the flip flop one!!!

  3. All of you chart choices are great. Work your mojo!

  4. Your Halloween and Christmas ornaments are great choices! How fun to have a theme each month. Have a great time stitching the Halloween Banner with your SAL buddies!


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