Jul 11, 2013

Frames and WIP

I have several photos to share with you.
First is my 4th week progress on Fright Night Friends. I hate working with the Kreinik but I just love how it looks. I really had my family thinking I had lost my mind this week. The pumpkins have a lot of the glow in the dark thread. So I made them come to my bathroom and close the door. They really were confused but then we all enjoyed the laugh and the ohhs and awws at how cool it looks. So mom said We'll have to hang in the bathroom so you can see it....Oh and use it with the lights off of course haha. That would be fun right?

Yesterday we finally made our way back to my LNS to pick up my framed pieces. They are PERFECT. See...

I just can't believe how wonderful the colors match. I love them so much! We have to get them hung up and I'll take another photo but I know several people that couldn't wait to see them any longer haha.


  1. All your framed pieces are gorgeous Katie. The frame colors are perfect. Great progress on Halloween.


  2. The framed pieces are so incredible, Katie! How fun to stitch with glow-in-the-dark floss and test it out! I bought some to use for a Halloween design but haven't started it yet.

  3. Halloween looking so fabulous. Your framed pieces will find a special place in your home as they look fantastic.

  4. Hi Katie I remember you from yrs ago when Cici introduced me to your group. I love your Fright Night my GD would too as she LOVES Owls! Have a great trip!


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