Aug 9, 2013

Heading East.

We left the hotel this morning and hit the road again. We made it almost to West Virginia but not quite. The sales weren't as plentiful today. Mom did good. She found several things. I finally broke down and forced myself to buy something haha. We still had a lot of fun. One stretch of the road was still brick. (I have pictures I will post after we get back forgot the cord haha.) That was really neat to see. Jeremiah said he wondered how many famous people traveled that very stretch of road. Here is some info on the road. We decided to come back and stay at the same hotel in Mansfield. It will make tomorrow an easy day to head home. The road splits in some places and coming we did the top sections so going home we will do the lower sections. Sounds funny to take the low road instead of the high road haha.

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