Sep 7, 2013

Day # 13

Today is a day I will forever remember...
I got to see Humpback Whales!!!! Not only did I get to see one I got to see probably 100 they said. The fish has been extra plentiful this year and has brought in more whales then have been seen. They were in groups and were just everywhere we looked. We went out on a 4 hour boat tour. They were very nice and definitely knew what they were doing. It was a wonderful trip to say the least. We also got to see Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Risso Dolphins. I had never saw those before either. Jeremiah had a lot of fun too and couldn't believe everything we got to see. The boat got really rough on the way back into port but we laughed and laughed about being bounced around. Several people got sea sick but not us so that's good. One bad thing is Humpbacks are really hard to get pictures of haha. They don't stay up long enough for my slow camera. This was my favorite photo though today. The size of that tail was just breathtaking.

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds like an amazing experience. Have you any more photos to share? I would love to see the dolphins too :)


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