Sep 19, 2013

Day # 24

Well we've been so lucky this trip with everything we have done. The many memories we have made. Today was a really weird day. We went to Universal Studios. We were really looking forward to it. We found a bus that came to our hotel and picked us up and took us there. It was a wonderful trip on a charter bus and we really enjoyed the driver because she told a lot of history about the area and the bus was really comfortable. Then when we got off it all went bad.

I totally understand that those type of places need to do bag checks. BUT they made a decision to push everyone into two lines. So imagine 1,000 people at least squeezing into two lines. No way in the hell (pardon my harshness but it was that bad!) that will work. Add to that chaos a bunch of people who don't speak English and believe they are entitled to push and shove everyone so they get in first. We were pushed so many times. It was crazy! My blood was boiling!! There were people trying so hard to help cause they could tell it was getting really bad. I even got in a little argument with some guy that decided to push hard past my mom. When we finally got through the gate I quickly found an employee to file a complaint. (If you know me you know I hardly ever complain!) She was so sorry and went and got a supervisor. He could have really cared less. He said Thanks for the input. Whatever.

We really spent the day trying to stay away from the groups of rude people. They were rude every time we came into contact with them. We did really enjoy a few rides and shows. But not enough to put up with it again. We was planning on going back tomorrow. Nope. Cancelled the tickets. Who would want to put up with that again? We did enjoy our bus ride back. The bus ride and the few good rides did make today not a total bust. But wow there are unfortunately some bad memories in there too.

We just need to remember...
Seriously the world is a crazy place. Slow down and Don't be rude to others.
Of course no one who reads/comments on my blog would think of doing that to anyone.
Or at least I hope not. It's not worth it. That's for sure. Now back to the good memories.


  1. Some people just don't get it. You treat others the way you would want to be treated! If you want to be rude and obnoxious, then you get treated that way!! I'm so sorry it put a damper on your fun. Brush it off. Today is a new day!!

  2. Oh, that's too bad. I had a good time when I went to Universal studios. Some people just suck.

  3. Sorry you had such a horrible time. Some people really do need to learn how to treat those around them!


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