Sep 21, 2013

Day # 26

We arrived safe and sound at Las Vegas. It wasn't too bad of a drive really. We arrived at our hotel. The room wasn't ready yet so we ate a quick lunch at the hotel restaurant. When our room got ready we got all moved in. Unfortunately it's not perfect. The floor was filthy and I decided after noticing my pitch black feet and Jeremiah's pure black (used to be white) socks to call the front desk. They came and cleaned the floor while we were out.

We went to the Bellagio. I told Jeremiah we needed to walk in so he could understand how insane the hotels/casinos are here. He was blown away. We went from there to Caesar Palace. We ate at a buffet. The dessert was crazy amazing. After that we walked back to Bellagio to watch the fountains dance to music. Jeremiah was impressed. Then we saw a Bumble Bee (Transformers character) so Jeremiah posed with him. Then we noticed a dancer getting ready to perform. He was Turk off of America's Got Talent. He was crazy good on that show and he was doing a street dance. So we posed for pictures and watched him dance. Wow!!! Then we had some problems getting back to our hotel. We ended up walking which was too far so now we know better. No pictures uploaded tonight. Glad to be here. Can't believe Jeremiah gets to see Las Vegas. He's been all smiles of course.

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