Sep 3, 2013

Day # 9

We made it to Reno, Nevada. Here is a picture I stole off the internet...
We are staying about 7 miles away from the craziness and I gotta say I'm glad. The traffic was crazy in that area. We've been staying at a lot of Holiday Inn Express since I'm a member of their reward program. We found a Staybridge here in Reno. It's from Holiday Inn but more of a suites hotel. It's really nice and yet cheaper than our place last night that totally didn't impress me. I already posted a bad review on tripadvisor about that place. This hotel is more like a home away from home. Kitchen. Living room area. Free Laundry (which after a week of traveling I can definitely use!). DVD players in our room. We decided to stay here two nights. We can make it to Monterey Thursday then and Betty is flying in Friday night. So two more nights and the Pacific Ocean will be in our view. When we got into town we went to eat lunch and stopped at Walmart. We finally ran out of drinks so needed to reload. I was laughing about how weird it was we came to Reno to do a Walmart run haha.

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  1. Lol, we can relate. We flew all the way to the Big Island of Hawaii just to go to both Walmarts there & the one K-mart we could find. BUT the K-mart & one of the Walmarts had an ocean view!! O.o


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