Jan 17, 2014

HAED Hold on to Hope

When you don't work on a piece in awhile it's easy to forget how much you LOVED it. When I picked Hope back up my needles said Ah There She Is and took off. She's so beautiful. I finished the column and started the next one. I have most of her face finished. I had to LOL at her beard of threads. Now that she has a face she is probably going to be harder to put down.

According to the graph I've stitched on her 52 days. I decided to keep track cause with these designs people are always asking How long did it take? With the one I finished I just knew it was about 7 years. But of course not 7 years of working on it. I put it down for years in the middle. So this time I'll have how many days. I have a feeling she will be out to play again soon.

This weekend is IHSW. International Hermit Stitch Weekend. It's always the 3rd weekend of the month. The goal is to stay in and get as much stitching as you can done. We are having cold and snow again so I plan to do just that. Tonight my hubby has a meeting with his HAM radio club so we are probably getting Pizza Hut so no cooking dinner even haha. I think this weekend calls for a new start on a little piece.....maybe if I'm lucky even a finish. So I'm going to start Hug the Dog...
If you are joining in I hope you find lots of stitching time.


  1. Hope is looking fabulous...even with the beard!
    The cold and snow makes it a perfect hermitting weekend - hope you manage to stitch lots on the Hug the Dog piece. Enjoy your pizza!

  2. Hope is looking very pretty!! Enjoy your hermit stitch weekend and pizza :)

  3. Hope is a gorgeous design! Your girl will look fantastic... without the beard of course! Have fun :)

  4. Hope is a very pretty pattern. Good luck on your new start:)

  5. Wonderful progress on Hope Katie. Love your new start.


  6. She's lovely and the dragonflies look great! Well done:)

  7. that is so beautiful!!


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