Feb 28, 2014

Ship Update

I worked on the Pirate Ship again this week. If I haven't mentioned it before....I LOVE THIS pattern! LOL. Now I'm trying to find the 2 others I really want to do. The lighthouse and the castle. Evidently it's going to either be really expensive or really hard to find. This one will take me a long time to finish so I have time at least. Plus not like I don't have anything else to work on haha.

I'm going to put it down to work on Clay's memorial piece. We are supposed to be getting yet another winter storm. Of course each channel is saying different information. So anywhere from 1 to 12 inches haha. Nothing like that wide range right? My theory is if it's not warm enough to be outside camping and doing stuff it might as well be snowy. So bring it on. We'll all be sweating and miserable soon enough I'm sure.


  1. That is coming on a treat! Loving how it looks :)

  2. Wonderful progress Katie.


  3. Great progress!! Looks very nice!!

  4. Your Pirate Ship looks fantastic, Katie! I added the pic to the SAL page. http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/p/bothy-threads-cut-thru-sal.html

    Good luck finding the other 2 charts. I'll let you know if I see them anywhere in the USA!

  5. You are stitching so fast. Your Pirate Ship looks great so far!

  6. Looking fabulous, I miss the stitch along...The girls are so lovely.

    LIghthouse and camper on its way for you.

    K x


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