Feb 4, 2014

Update on Clay

I was really worried going to the vet. I was planning for the worst news. The vet listened to his heart. He kept listening so I was again bracing myself for the bad news. Then he said Well his heart and lungs are okay.

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. The vet said he was worried it would be his heart too. So then the next step was blood work.

The results showed all of his organs are fine. For some reason his bone marrow had an incident. We won't know what happened. It caused Clay to get anemic. This causes the coughs and the passing out. Basically your blood isn't going fast enough to keep your body going. But the blood test showed his blood was in the process of fixing itself. So for whatever reason it happened but he's in the process of getting over it. So it was good news. They put him on a med to give him a kick start at feeling better. He's had 3 pills and now you can tell he's feeling relief. He's actually been out of the blanket. Like he's saying Thanks I needed that.


  1. Good to hear, Katie!! What a relief!

    Your needles are smokin' on Pirates. Looking great. :D

  2. So glad Clay is going to be okay. Good news.


  3. Thank goodness he's feeling a bit better!! He looked so sad in his little blanket. I'm happy to hear he came out of his nesting spot and was out and about a bit today. My fur buddy Seamus sends Get Well barks and licks to Clay.

  4. I am so glad to hear that, what a relief for you and your family.

  5. Scary! Hope he gets better.


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