Mar 11, 2014

Travel Planning

I love traveling. What I don't love is the planning. Making sure you find the right hotel. Making sure you get the right package. But when the planning is getting close to finished the excitement really starts. Our calendar is filling up with at least one exciting thing each month. I love my life!

Jeremiah is turning 16 April 26th. I keep referring to it as The Day We Won't Speak Of haha. I just can't believe my little baby boy is going to be 16! His favorite place on earth is Disney World so we just had to go there. Jeremiah will get to be at his favorite place on his big day. Fred is going to fly down to Orlando so he can save vacation days since we are driving and taking our time. But the most important part is he will get to be there too. It's all working out. We got the flight booked yesterday finally. Since I never fly I think that was the most confusing part. But it's over. So now the waiting.  I'm convinced that's the hardest part of all.

I said something about our new Roku in a past post. This past weekend I finally had the chance to really sit down and play with it. There is a free channel for scary movies (FrightPix if you would like to know.) For those who know me know I LOVE scary movies. What's better than free scary movies?!? So I watched 2 of them. There is over a hundred available at least and they add new ones every now and then too. It's the B movies type that I just love. So I was a happy girl. We've also watched some of the old WWE stuff available but the next Pay Per View will really be the test there. It's in April. Still so glad we are getting it for $9.99 instead of $50 at least a month.

We're in for another snow storm tomorrow. They are saying anywhere from 3 to 8 inches. Plus that lovely high winds. Just when we finally start to see some grass in our yard. We have 2 camping trips booked and on the calendar. Funny to think about camping when there is snow everywhere but it will be time before we know it.

I'm taking some pieces to get framed today. I'm going to take Winter, Spring, and Clay's memorial piece. I have so many in my drawer that need something done to them. I also have a doctor appointment. Let's get it done and over so I can get to stitching haha. This week I'll work on the Pirate Ship again.

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  1. Wow, 16!! How lovely that you will all be able to go away to celebrate. I wish I had a framer close by. I'm still looking for one after my old LNS stopped framing. Hope it was all good news at the doctor's.


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