Apr 23, 2014

Day 7

When we left home Betty had a cold. I was worried we would get it. Then mom started getting it. Last night guess what....Jeremiah caught it too. Every time he gets a cold or something he gets sky high fevers. So luckily we had got some medicine just in case. Poor guy always feels so yucky when he gets the fevers too. So this morning he woke up covered in sweat which is mostly a good sign cause his fever broke. He took a shower and felt a lot better. So off we went for our last day at Tybee. We wanted to see the lighthouse...
It's a beautiful lighthouse. We really enjoyed taking the tour. You could go up to the top but no thank you. I tried it before and with my claustrophobia and fear of heights it didn't last long. I did get a pretty picture of the steps...
The rest of the grounds were really interesting with lots of education about the area...
So it was a really nice day. The weather was gorgeous 83 and beautiful. (It was in the 50's at home.) After we finished lunch and the tour Jeremiah got quieter and quieter. Yep his fever was back. So back to the hotel we went to get meds and rest. He has two days before Disney to kick it so I really hope he can. He said he'll still have fun but I would much rather he feel better of course.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day. I would've climbed the stairs :)

    Glad to hear J is feeling better.

  2. Oh no poor Jeremiah. Hope he is better for Disney. I would have stayed at the bottom with you!

  3. Hope Jeremiah is feeling better! Tell him that since this is his birthday trip - he is not allowed to get sick!

    I wouldn't go up in the lighthouse either.


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