Aug 5, 2014

Caught Up

I'm caught up now. This is the latest released cutie from the Advent Animals SAL from Brooke's Books. Her name is Cashmere Camel. I think one of the most fun parts of this SAL (other than stitching them) is waiting to see what the next animal is going to be. We've had a cat, polar bear, mouse, dog, hedgehog and camel. What's next?!

This weekend we are hitting the road for the Lincoln Hiway Sale. It goes the whole length of Ohio on Lincoln Hiway. All along the road there are just garage sale after garage sale. I forget how many we stopped at last year. I'm going to do my best to keep track of how many we stop at. It's so much fun. Mom, Jeremiah, and me will hit the road Thursday morning and be back Saturday evening probably. We are really looking forward to it cause you never know what you will find. Hopefully I'll find some stitching stuff.


  1. Congrats on the adorable finish Katie. Good luck with your hunting.


  2. Congrats on the cute finish!! Enjoy your shopping:)

  3. Cute ornament! I need to download the latest ones.

    Hope you had fun garage sale-ing. We have something similar here in IL... 75 miles of sales on Hwy 75.

  4. Hey--really cute camel now! I can't wait to see what the tally is for the Highway Garage sale, and also if you found any great stuff! Hugs!

  5. Oh that is adorable! Look at those eyes. x


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