Aug 18, 2014

Corn Time

Over the weekend it was corn time. We went down to my dad and step mom's to help with putting up corn. The Sunday before they did 350 bags. We only did 150. It a day full of work but it was a blast. We invited a friend and his son we've got very close to this year. That made it even more fun. Here is a picture...
We picked it, shucked it, cooked it (ate it haha), cut it and then bagged it. It was a very nice weekend. It did rain a little bit but the big tree kept it off of us and we hardly noticed the rain at all.

Last week we started school again. We got started on Tuesday and dusted our brains off. After a few wait what do we do the brain kicked right back in and we were rolling quickly. Jeremiah is doing fantastic. I've noticed his reading speed has really picked up. His speed with math and understanding what the problem is asking is a ton better too. I'm a proud momma that's for sure. When we aren't working on that I've been working on Autumn by Cricket Collection. It's the only one of the seasons I have left to finish. Here is where I am right now...
Getting close. Hoping to be happy dancing soon.


  1. Aside from the work, looks like a fun place to play with the corn.


  2. Sounds like you've been busy!! Love the autumn piece.... Of course you saved the best season for last! (In my opinion! :)


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