Sep 2, 2014

Fun Time and a Finish

Over the weekend we went on another Kayak trip. This one was up in Three Rivers, Michigan on the Saint Joe River. We had 22 for the trip. It rained once but couldn't stop our fun. We were on the river for almost 5 hours. It was a beautiful trip and we also found 23 geocaches along the way. After we got done we all went out to eat together. This photo is right after we ate. I'm on the very right with my hubby standing behind me. We spent two nights with friends in Michigan and just had such a great time.

Friday about bedtime Tim (male friend) got a fire call. (He's a firefighter.) Sam (his long time girlfriend) asked if we wanted to go out and see. I've only been close to one fire and it was from pretty far away. My son has always had major respect for firefighters. As I stood and watched the firemen fight this fire I was just amazed. How they put their lives in harms way to save people is sure breathtaking to watch happen. As if I didn't respect firefighters enough before this just made it even more serious.

We got home Sunday and then woke up early Monday morning to head up to Shipshewana Flea Market. My mom sold there for 17 years so it's like going with a celebrity. We had a great time and everyone got some goodies that followed them home.

Also as the title said I have a finish to report. Today I got my step mom's tin top finished from the last post...
I did the stitching part and she is going to do the finishing. I just realized I need to get 3 things finished for my October PALs retreat. I better get busy time will fly by! Hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend.


  1. Sounds like a fun time Katie. Cute finish.


  2. Lovely finish, congratulations! Just 3 things? You can do it!

  3. Congrats on the beautiful finish !!:) glad to know that you had a great time.

  4. I've never bee Kayaking. Sounds like fun.

    The topper turned out pretty. Good job!

  5. Gorgeous stitching such pretty colours. Sounds like an awesome kayak trip as well.


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