Oct 8, 2014

Vacation Day 1

No great things to share today. It was just a driving day. We headed out at about 9am this morning. Weather was perfect. Traffic wasn't too bad. We made it to Mineral Wells, WV at about 2:30pm. We've stayed at this hotel before when passing through. It's a nice drive from home and a nice drive to where we want to get tomorrow. Ohio is very uneventful to drive though. We only really stopped at a few rest stops and a gas station. Within walking distance from our hotel is a Cracker Barrel so we walked over and ate a late lunch. We got all checked in and relaxed. Now we are getting delivery of this fantastic little pizza place that's within walking distance too. It's really delicious. My mouth starting watering a few weeks ago when I knew we would be passing through. Thanks for traveling along with us.

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