Oct 24, 2014

Vacation Day 17

Today we went to North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. We had so much fun! Of course I made the worst mistake ever and forgot my camera today!! I was so mad. I had my phone but of course it's not a very good camera so I only took a few photos. This one came out really good. LOL

This aquarium is probably one of my favorite aquariums I've been to. There was a lot of interactive exhibits. We went to two different special presentations. One was about snakes. Mom of course didn't come far into the room for that one. She is terrified of snakes. I was really really proud of Jeremiah cause after the lesson we were able to pet the snake and he did right away. It was a rat snake and so pretty. The presentation was really neat. The other was about Sea Life and was on a DVD and we really learned a lot and was so thankful we sat through it. The aquarium had two sea turtles they were rehabilitating. Right outside that they had this really really amazing room where you play doctor on these rubber turtles...
It took you step by step of what they go through to treat the sea turtles. Jeremiah LOVED it. I loved it!!! haha. This really made the museum so amazing and fun. They also have a touch tank with sting rays and Jeremiah and me played in there for at least 20 mins. There really wasn't much other people around so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves most the time. Jeremiah loved the sting rays and I was up to my arm pit in the water to play with a shark on the bottom haha. We laughed and just had a blast. If we had an extra day in the next week I would go back. It was so neat....hopefully next time with my camera haha.

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  1. Wow! Cool! WE might carve some time out to go do 'something' down there tomorrow... Wonder what it will be? Hugs!


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