Oct 27, 2014

Vacation Day 20

Today we went to see another lighthouse. This is Bodie Island. The area was just beautiful. They had a really wonderful boardwalk that went to this gorgeous marsh area. We got to see crabs, fish, and lots of ducks. Since we were up in a look out tower we could see the fish swimming around. Then these ducks came over to the area and went fishing right in our view. It was really neat to see! On the way back out we saw this big dog and I asked the guy what kind he was. He was 96% wolf. He was beautiful! He had beautiful gold eyes too. We didn't expect all the fun here and a great experience.

Then we finally hit the souvenir stores. We had stopped at a few but didn't find any t-shirts our size. We stopped a few places and no luck. Then we finally stopped at the right place. We all got stacks of new shirts! Love them. I even found some tie dye OBX shirts. So happy!!!

We stopped and ate then headed back to the room. I needed to get our hotels booked for on the way home. We are going to take 2 nights so we can have 3 less than 5 hour days of driving. That makes it perfect cause any longer your bones start to get upset. Last night during the pay per view we had so much fun Skyping with Fred. What a neat technology. It was like watching the pay per view together. The pay per view was fantastic too so that is always nice. Skype is fun but I saw my wonderful hubby and my beautiful dog and I miss them both so much. It is Day 20 ya know. But we have 3 more days of fun planned here. Looking forward to that too. I also did some shopping for stitching supplies from 123stitch. They will hopefully beat me home so I have a new project to start when I get home (like I need that haha). I got a pattern a new friend from PALs was stitching called Seaside Stitches and I just fell in love with it. So I ordered it and can't wait to start it!!! Here is what it will look like...

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  1. We only went to Hatteras... I would have like to stop and see everything, but it was not to be! Glad you and Jeremiah did so much on your vacation!


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