Oct 29, 2014

Vacation Day 22

Today we went to the Wright Brothers Memorial Park. I was really expecting to be bored off my gourd. I'm just so not into flying. We did some of the outside stuff first and then went into the museum. I heard on the speaker they were going to be doing a presentation. We sat down to listen because I thought it would be educational for Jeremiah. I was surprised that I enjoyed it! Jeremiah did too of course. She really made it interesting and explained in it terms we could understand.

When we were done we went back down to Hatteras. We found a bunch of nice shells on the beach right by the lighthouse. Funny thing is there were a lot of crabs that blended in and almost got on my feet a few times. On the way back to the hotel I remembered seeing this neat house I just had to get a picture of...
I got out to just take a quick picture. There was a board with information on why it's here and stuff. I was giggling about how cool it was and noticed the door was open. Then my mom said she saw someone inside. This guy popped out dressed like an alien. I really enjoyed the giggle. Jeremiah had to jump out so we could pose for a picture. This is a Futuro house. The guys lives in a real house in a town nearby this is just an out of control hobby of his. It was really interesting and we had a nice visit. I'm so glad we happened to be in the right place at the right time. We seem to have that happen so often. Tomorrow is our last day here.

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  1. definitely off the beaten track! But so glad Jeremiah got to enjoy himself!!


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