Oct 14, 2014

Vacation Day 7

So much to blog about today. First off last night we got some storms. A lot of wind! Also a lot of rain. I had to put a towel by our door cause the wind kept whistling through the door. Got as much sleep as I could and this morning when I walked up to Jeremiah's side of the bed my foot splashed. Um that can't be good. We had water on the carpet from the wall to about 3 feet out. We figured it must have been from all the rain and went to eat breakfast. When we got back it was now 5 feet from the wall. So definitely not something to be ignored. I got on the phone and called about getting moved to another room. After some problems they finally got us a new room. The best part the view is a million times better! So even though it was a total pain it worked out for the best. The rain finally stopped and we headed out. We went down to Barefoot Landing a neat shopping area. They have this place called Dick's Last Resort. It's a really fun crazy place to eat. They poke fun of you and make you these dunce caps. We had a great time.

After lunch we decided to go somewhere we hadn't been before. It's called Alligator Adventure. I have no idea how many hundreds or possibly thousands of alligators they had. It was so neat. They also had some other animals. We had a fantastic time! There was also a place you could hold one and get a photo...
Jeremiah is still talking about that! It was so neat. The top of him was very rough but the bottom was so soft! It was a really neat experience. We also just had to pose for this picture...
We were really glad we went. Because of the storms it was really muggy and hot today. They are talking about severe storms tonight and tomorrow morning. So we decided to head back to the room and just stay inside for the evening. There was a bunch of fighter jets that flew over today and landed at the airport right here by our hotel. They were so loud! But they were really neat to watch. With our new fantastic view we finally spotted several pelicans. Then when I was watching for dolphins I saw a sting ray jump out of the water at least 10 times. That was awesome!! No dolphins spotted yet but it's okay after everything else that went fantastic today.

Tomorrow starts the PALs stitching retreat. I've already seen a few of the ladies arriving and getting ready. I have to admit I'm looking forward to picking up my needle again. It's been too long. Just been too busy having way too much fun!!


  1. I know I shouldn't, but I'm pouting... wish I was there! We went to an alligator farm in CA many many moons ago! It was fun and informative! Thanks for sharing your fun and interesting vacation! Hugs!

  2. I've never been to an alligator farm. Would be a neat experience.


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